ALL you need to know about ZINC in skincare. The 4 awesome things Zinc does for skin... PLUS were to find Zinc in skincare and food!!

Why You Need Zinc In Your Skincare

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Zinc could be your new skincare BFF. This little skincare ingredient has a lot of good to give your skin and you don’t have to break the bank for to get this skincare lovely into your skincare regime! #winner! Have you heard of Zinc in skincare? Do you know what it does for skin and when Zinc in skincare is your absolute saviour? Here is zall you need to know about Zinc in your skincare and where to find it!

ALL you need to know about ZINC in skincare. The 4 awesome things Zinc does for skin... PLUS were to find Zinc in skincare and food!!

The Awesome Benefits Of Zinc For Your Skin

Right now you are probably thinking, huh? Zinc, that’s a metal right, how can you put a metal on your skin? And why would you want to? Unless it was a diamond encrusted gem ‘eh ;). I might just be about to rock your world (in a good way!) our bodies love metal,  and without these ‘essential metals’ our bodies cannot do a lot of things. Which is sometimes where our skin shows we are lacking in one of these goodies.

There is one metal you will absolutely of heard of, and how essential it is for good health. Without this one, your heart cannot pound even if it saw Brad Pitt walking down the street let along if you didn’t have that kinda stimulation around! This heart and bone health goodie is called Calcium. Calcium is a metal. Say what! That’s in milk right? Yes. Calcium is a metal and we get a good swig of that by drinking milk, eating beans and green leafy veg!

Zinc For Skin Healing

ALL you need to know about ZINC in skincare. The 4 awesome things Zinc does for skin... PLUS were to find Zinc in skincare and food!!

So what does Zinc have to offer skin? Zinc has 4 main skills. The first – SKIN HEALING! Cue Marvin Gaye! Zinc helps our skin to regenerate, HEALTHILY! This is like the difference between telling skin to do something and giving skin the 1001 page manual on exactly how to heal. Situation 1, skin might get there but slowly AND clumsily (think complex flat pack furniture without the instructions!), situation 2, Zinc tells skin exactly what to do and it glides back to healthy like it were a ballerina performance of Swan Lake! These skin healing super powers are why Zinc can help to clear lots of skin conditions, here are a list of 11 skin conditions treatable with Zinc.

Zinc For Spot Fighting

ALL you need to know about ZINC in skincare. The 4 awesome things Zinc does for skin... PLUS were to find Zinc in skincare and food!!

Checking down the Zinc CV, we get to SPOT SOLUTION and ACNE FIGHTER! Big words that Zinc can abso-zinc-lutely back up!

Have you heard of the wonders of Vitamin A for acne? This shizzle is clinical trial tested and Proved. [Also known as Retinol, Retinoic acid, Retin-A, Tretinoin… and a load other brand names. You really only need to remember that ‘Retin’ bit to know there is Vitamin A in there]. Here is the thing, Vitamin A is essential to spot free skin, BUT, Vitamin A cannot work it’s magic without help. #YouCantDoItAllAlone.

I bet you already guessed what that helping hand is called? It’s Zinc. Zinc LOVES vitamin A and Vitamin A loves Zinc. See without 1, the other is ‘missing a part of itself’, how romantic! That means it can get-on with life… BUT without sparkle! One ingredient without the other just works way less efficiently. Put the both together and it’s like getting your skin ‘bounce’ back. They ‘power-on’ together to do awesome skin things.

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Zinc For Oily SkinALL you need to know about ZINC in skincare. The 4 awesome things Zinc does for skin... PLUS were to find Zinc in skincare and food!!

Zinc in skincare is also awesomely awesome for oily skin types. Zinc helps to REDUCE OILYNESS in your skin.

If you have an oily T-Zone, first take pride that your T-Zone will be the best aging out there, because oily skin ages WAY better. And next if you do want to calm that ‘zone’, head for a Zinc skincare treat.

Zinc is like a lollypop lady’s STOP sign to sebum (the oily stuff on your skin), because oily skin types make lots of sebum, using Zinc in skincare can get sebum production back to normal.

Zinc For Sun Protection

ALL you need to know about ZINC in skincare. The 4 awesome things Zinc does for skin... PLUS were to find Zinc in skincare and food!!

Phew! That is a lot of skills for Zinc in skincare. Zinc’s final skill is to PROTECT from the SUN! Zinc puts up a lampshade to protect your skin from damaging sun rays. Most sunscreens will contain a couple of other sunshine protectors as well as Zinc. Nicole stumbled over Zinc’s HUGE list of skin loving skills when she used ‘SUNSCREEN (!) to clear her spots’.

5 Awesome Zinc Containing Skincare Products – Make Healthy Skin From The Outside

1. Suodcrem

This is the VERY first ‘Zinc in skincare’ treat that I ever used and let me tell you, ONE overnight dose of this made the BIGGEST improvement in my ‘then’ cystic spot prone skin that I had EVER seen. It really felt like skincare magic.

Sudocrem hides in the babycare aisle as its most well known as a nappy-rash healing cream. The original is the POT of paste Sudocrem, and it is fully loaded up with over 15% Zinc oxide! This is a REALLY thick paste, and my best tip for using this is to literally ‘ghost’ up your face (it’s a white cream!) with Sudocrem as if it were a face pack. Leave this on for as long as you can before bed, and hell, sleep in it too!

Sudocrem gets a WHOPPING 4.3/5 star rating from fellow spot sufferers on, AND If you need any more convincing that this pot of Zinc is ‘THE BOMB’, Into The Gloss outted this beauty first aid staple in a recent Sudocrem review.

2. La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray

I am a BIG fan of keeping skincare simple and La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray, does JUST this. It has ONLY 3 ingredients. Water, Sodium Chloride and Zinc Sulphate! This is a no-nonsense EASILY used spray that is AWESOME for oily and spot prone skin types!

Sudocrem is a bit like your chunky knit sweater, you know it’s there and it’s best used in the evening, unless ITS Halloween in which case, ghost right up for the whole day! Serozinc is your fine knit sweater, you can use this whenever you feel like it, this one requires no planning, it’s your spontaneous Zinc spritz. You can use it before makeup, during the day and as a toner in your night-time routine.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out these Serozinc reviews. The beautiful beauty blogger Kate shared the ‘OVER-NIGHT’ changes from using serozinc, can you believe Zinc works this quickly, this is a skincare ingredient to love, if it does work quickly for you, then you KNOW you’re skin is lacking in Zinc! Ruth over at ‘A Model Recommends’ also uses Serozinc as a quick fix facial cleanser, scrap the micellar waters, this is Serozinc cleansing for oily/irritated/blemish prone skin!

ADD SEROZINC TO YOUR BEAUTY CUPBOARD: Serozinc used to be available in French pharmacies ONLY. I can happily tell you that this skin treat has now ‘gone viral’ (it’s just that good!) and is easily available through Boots and Feel Unique.

3. Simple – Zinc containing skincare

If you are looking for Zinc on a serious budget, then Simple have a whole ‘Zinc in skincare’ range. There are also some targeted spot treatment creams which pack in ‘complementary’ ingredients for saying ‘oh NO you don’t to spots.

GET SOME ZINC IN SKINCARE AT THE SUPERMARKET: Simple is super easy to find, you can multitask the hell outta this one and grab with your shopping at Tesco and lots and lots of other supermarkets!

4. Origins – 10 minute rescue mask

Zinc is the 3rd ingredient in this Origins mask. That is awesome because it means there is 3rd MOST of this ingredient in there. This is the SPA version of the Sudocrem mask. It also has spot fighting Salicylic acid in there which with its awesome skin softening and exfoliating powers will make YOUR skin feel all yummy!

PUT YOUR FEET UP AND GET YOUR SKIN ON: You can grab Origins at Feel Unique and Boots [where it gets a 5 outta 5 star review!]

MORE: ‘How to choose the BEST exfoliate for YOUR skin’

5. Pai – Copaiba and Zinc Moisturiser

If you like ALL of your skincare ingredients to be SKIN YUMMY, then this Pai Copaiba and Zinc moisturiser is perfect for you! As well as the skin lover of Zinc, there is Hyaluronic acid [crazily skin hydrating!] AND a blend of fruit waters + lactic acid which softly soften and brighten skin.

All these ingredients are really WELL chosen and this is a sure easy way to blitz moisture + a dose of zinc into your skincare routine.

GET SOME ZINC IN YOUR MOISTURISER: You can grab some Pai [not the apple kind ;)], directly through

Get Zome Zinc In Your Diet – Make Great Skin From The Inside

Phew, so now we have our product fix (!) time to move on to ‘eating well for good skin!’.

There are 3 ‘biggy’ ways that we can make better skin, number 1 is using awesome skincare [we blitzed through that with the zinc!], number 2 is to eat what your body needs to make awesome skin from the inside out. and finally by looking after yourself and feeling good, stress triggers all sorts of hormones that have a BIG impact on skin. Let this be your reason for SPA time, you absolutely deserve it #SelfLoveIsAllowed!

Munching down on a ‘healthy skin rich’ diet is your best bud when it comes to great skin. Skincare is awesome for treating the top layers of skin, but if you want to treat the CAUSE then you have to get right to the bottom of skin. Think of it like licking out the yogurt pot! When you use skincare, it’s like mixing in honey with the very top yogurt layers. Awesome concentrated yummy treat for the first few mouthfuls. Eating for good skin is like having that honey on the bottom of the yogurt pot, which when it comes to skin, GROWS healthy, radiant and glowy, ‘give the foundation a miss’ skin!

How To Incoporate Zinc Into Your Diet

Feast your eyes on these 26 foods that contain high levels of Zinc from Bembu. Zinc is found in lots of different places from Spinach (remember Popeye the spinach eating sailor? #FlashBack!) to Beef, Shrimp, Flax seed and Kidney beans. Those are the top 5 foods in the 16 food list. Bembu also recommends a really simple cheat way to add zinc to ANY meal, just sprinkle a few flax seeds on top!

How To Eat A Zinc Rich Diet As A Vegetarian

Are you a Veggie? Go you! When it comes to Zinc in food, some of those 26 food are definitely OFF the list for you my lovely. Check out this Zinc in food factsheet for Vegetarians. This is a good read, as some common veggie ‘go-to’ foods can actually stop your body absorbing Zinc. Foods like nuts, legumes and brown rice contain Phytic acid, this makes it harder for Zinc to be best bud’s with you. It’s like your dad sleeping outside the door when your boyfriend stays over! If you are vegetarian you may need to eat more Zinc than a non-veggie to make sure you are getting a good Zinc dose.

How Much Zinc Your Should Be Eating – Your Rda

To be totally CLUED up on Zinc in your diet, get your read onto the recommended daily allowance [RDA] of Zinc. There are a LOT of different recommendation’s for diet, but these are the RDA’s which are widely accepted by nutritionists. The National Institute for health, have summarised all there is to know about Zinc in your diet into this awesome Zinc in your diet fact sheet. The RDA for an adult women is 8mg and for a man 11mg, there is also something called the upper tolerable limit, which is basically means, the most the average person can take without side effects. This is a great dose to take if you have suspicions you could be Zinc deficient because your body is just not very well practised at absorbing it, and needs topping up! The upper tolerable limit for Zinc is 50mg for women and men.

IF YOU WANT GUARANTEED ZINC: Try adding a Zinc supplement to your diet. You can grab Zinc citrate which is really well absorbed by the body at Natures Best and Zinc Gluconate through Holland and Barrett.


Do you use Zinc in your skincare? Are you getting enough through your diet? Tell me your Zinc stories.