Why you should check the weather before choosing skincare.

WHY YOU SHOULD CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST BEFORE CHOOSING YOUR SKINCARE PRODUCTS… PLUS which switches your should consider for different skin types!

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Take yourself back to the last time you went on holiday… or the next time you will *excitement!!*. If like me you’re in the UK, you might be a little obsessed with the weather, I mean it’s like our FAVOURITE small-talk ‘ey! ‘Bit cloudy today, feels like forever since I saw the sun’, obsessionally checking the 5 day weather forecast for the weekend to check if our lucks in and we should plan a road-tip to the closest beach!

Mostly we think about the weather to plan.. well.. just OUR LIVES! The weather also has a HUGE effect on our SKIN!

Have you noticed that when the WEATHER changes, so does your SKIN! We could start using it as our new, super intuitive weather station! It is a great idea to be prepared with different skincare for the different weathers skin gets to enjoy. Ever felt like your skin type has changed, well this is why...


By keeping a careful eye on the weather we can begin to predict skin mood-swings. It’s like knowing that you get super grumpy if you don’t have at least one little square of chocolate after a meal to signal, desserts done, meals gone and now you have one HAPPY tummy! That’s the kinda pre-planning that you can use to get super savvy with your skincare routine. Hear that next week the UK is set for ‘record-breaking temperatures with high humidity’ (aren’t we always *wink wink*), well that’s the kinda info you can jump on to pre-change your skincare routine so that WHEN (…? Or IF) we get said heatwave, your skin is already prepared! #Skinspert


HUMIDITY is huge! That’s the little numerical percentage that tells us how much water is in the air ALL around us. It makes a huge impact on pretty much the ‘IDEAL’ of GOOD skin = hydrated and full of moisture! That’s the kinda skin that fends off wrinkles AND plumps out our lovely smile lines like bob was our very own uncle!

General rule: High humidity is GREAT for dry skin. Low humidity is GREAT for oily skin.

One of the 3 (yes there really are ONLY 3!) ways you can moisturise is to use something called a humectant moisturiser which is like a MAGNET for water. This humectant/water attracting moisturiser is like the chocolate to your chick flick, one cannot exist without the other, they are inseparable! Basically this water magnet pulls water from the air onto and into your skin AND keeps it there! #Bonus. This means these moisturisers are SUPER effective when its humid (and not so much when your somewhere dry – and actually a lot believe that in dry weather using a humectant moisturiser can actually DRY out skin, as it pulls water from deeper in the skin, to the surface, drying it out in the long run! #toptip)

Humectant moisturisers are ones that contain HIGH amounts of BUZZ ingredients like Glycerine (most common), and Hyaluronic acid (fast becoming the most famous and sought after #TaylorSwiftOfTheCosmeticWorld).

The Sun/How much you are planning on dating it! We all have our very own LOVE AFFAIR with the sun, some like it hot, others like it out but cool, we all like to say hello to it, some a lot more than others *ahh smiles!*. Before I drift off into imaginary sun lounger moments with my very own cocktail waiter (.. too late?), lets get down to WHAT the sun can do to our skin, how we can prepare and protect.

The sun GIVES us vitamin D – yum! The sun also makes our skin dryer, think of it like a puddle disappearing in the heat. It ALSO thickens up our top layer of ‘dead’ skin in an effort to protect us from too many rays. AND we couldn’t forget, the sun gets our skin making that brown pigment (melanin) which gives us a sun-kissed glow.

General rule: A little bit of sunshine is GREAT for oily skin. Dry skin needs some added care to keep in tip-top shape when you’re hitting the sun lounger!

If you are a spot sufferer or an oily skin sufferer, you are probably thinking #HellYES and ‘why can’t I just relocate to a sunnier place, my skin is GREAT on holiday!’. That’s because acne and oily skin are skin types that find it harder to ‘shed skin’/turnover skin or more technically ‘renew skin cells’. This leads to blocked pores which leads to spots. The sun gets those skin cells turning over faster AND because it dries skin, that oily skin LOOKS less oily because the oil is getting put to use as your skin IS dryer.

It’s blowing a GALE here! The wind. Take yourself back to the last, crazily windy day you had… remember the feeling after you got home and it was like ‘AHHHHhhhhh, and rest’, you really felt like you had put your ALL into that day and had that nice feeling of having ‘done something’ and been a bit physically exhausted… or TOTALLY! Well wind gets a bit like that on your skin too… the wind blows moisture and hydration away from your skin, which means it has a drying effect anywhere it reaches. That’s exactly the same for the AC in your car or home AND the reason why planes can cause havoc with skin even before you get to your holidaying destination… BUT NO longer NOW you know that will happen and can pre-prepare like you where channelling THE hyper-organised ‘Monica from friends’ version of yourself.

Temperatures rising. The hotter it is the more we channel the just-stepped-outta-the-shower look. #JustCantHelpIt. All that sexy sweating means that anything sat on top of our skin or in the very top layers, gets pushed back out again. Think bathing in body butter BEFORE you went to the gym. If your in this kind of climate you want to avoid moisturisers that have heavy ingredients in them (so cheats guide is avoid anything which looks thick) and ANYTHING that has occlusive ingredients in them (those are the ones that sit on top of skin), things like paraffin, mineral oil are common skin-sitters.


The weather will have a BIG effect on skin hydration. That’s from the outside-in. It ALSO has effects from the inside out, that’s where it helps our bodies make vital vitamins like vitamin D. We need a bitta sun to make us healthy, we were born to bask occasionally *wink wink*.

The sun can also affect our hormone balance, think of this on the extreme end of the spectrum where some suffer from ‘SAD- seasonal effective disorder’, and their bodies find it hard to channel happy because of lack of light/sunshine which impacts the bodies chemistry (things like hormone balance). Sun can make us happy and relaxed which in turn effects skin because of the hormones that go with those feelings!

So to cut to the chase – weather can make skin more hydrated OR less. It can also get our skin glowing, by helping our bodies get a good vitamin dose and by making some happy hormones!


Oily skin types will find very sunny climates OR dry climates GREAT for skin. That’s because skin will get a bit dried by the climate and THEN, hey presto (!) that oily skin gets put to use to keep skin moisturised AND hydrated. In these kinda places, oily skin becomes normal skin.

Skincare switches’ you may want to consider: Change the oily type skincare for normal as the climate is MUCH more suited to your skin.

Oily skin types will get exaggerated like putting a capital O on, in humid and hot/less sunny-more muggy conditions.

Skincare switches’ you may want to consider: You may want to UP the use of the exfoliating acids your use, or get a good zinc-facial spray to keep oil under control. Basically you probably have the right skincare to take already, you might want to use a bit more of it or top-up with an added extra.

For normal skin types it is simples. If you’re in weather that makes skin a bit dryer, go for dry type skincare. If you in weather that makes skin more hydrated or sweatier, go for skincare aimed at slightly oily skin-types or water based ointments/serums.

Dry skin types will find humid climates GREAT! Also less direct sun-basking would be the cherry on-top! These kinda climates make your skin slip into ‘normal skin-types’ shoes and dance around while sprinkling glitter dust! Now you can predict what your skins going to do, it might be time to get in some special skincare for that weather change.

Skincare switches’ you may want to consider: Those extra intensive moisturisers which have become your ‘turn-too’ for dry skin, may start to make your skin oily and you may even start to get some spots. You could use much, much less of your normal skincare, OR pick up a skincare treat aimed at a normal to slightly dry skin type.

The irony is, weather changes can make dry and oily skin more like normal and normal skin more like dry or oily! Time to get your chat-on with your different skin type friends and grab their secrets for your next amazeballs skin holiday *wink wink*.


Have you guys experienced a skin type switch with the weather OR on holidays?