Why its Time to Breakup With Your Spot Treatments

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In today’s modern world we ALL suffer from spots. It might be the odd visiting spot a month, cyclic chin breakouts (I’ve been there – damn hormones!) or mild/moderate/severe acne.

It’s no longer taboo.

As grown women picking up a Clearasil, Freederm or Witch bottle used to be *CRINGE*. The bottle of blue liquid somehow shouted – BAD SKIN, bad skin! as we ran to the self-service checkout. #spotshame, but no longer! Spots mean we work hard, we are under a little stress (but that’s ok, we thrive on it!) and to be just plain honest, we like to party hard too. Oh, and there’s hormones, which love to switch-it-up when we are being busy bees. With all that going on, Spot treatments become a safety blanket. We reach for them to clear a MAJOR breakout, they then remain in our routine as we side-step the past skincare trauma. Because history should NOT repeat itself. ESPECIALLY when it comes to date night spots!

Sound familiar?

Well it could be time to take a break from spot fighting skincare.

Bad Guys Means There HAS to be Good Guys Too

… it’s just the rules. Think of any self-respecting Hollywood film and for every bad guy you’ll find their counterpart good guy. Its classic Good cop, bad cop.

Take your memories back to probiotic yummy drink adverts. There to bring you millions of GOOD bacteria. There’s bad cop bacteria, and there’s good.

Our skin has a natural ‘Flora’, which is science talk for – there’s living stuff that needs to be there. The ‘Good’ guys.

Spot treatments are a bit like letting off a bazooka when you need a sniper. They do not evaluate before they attack. That means good and bad guys are gunned down in ‘action’!

It all leaves skin a little confused, lack lustre and in ‘WAR’ mode.

When is it OK to Get The Bazooka Out?

HUGE breakouts occur at the worst times. It’s like an un-written rule of skin. Big event, well we best get ready! – Damn you spot causing bacteria’s!

If spots are running wild on your face, it’s a sign the bad bacteria’s are winning. We need to enlist a little help for the good guys. This is the time to blitz with the spot treatments.

The trick to be mastered, get to know when you skin has made ‘The turn’. You’re on the downhill and it’s time to let you skin regain control of the journey to rebalance.

Signs That You Should Break

The most common spot treatment ingredient – Salicylic acid. This beauty is what we call in the laboratory a, ‘bacterioside’. It kills bacteria. It’s also going to *putting very proper scientific voice on* ‘increase skin cell turnover’, plainly known as it exfoliates some. This stops pores getting clogged by dead skin – bacteria’s breeding ground.

Bacteria killing skills and exfoliation are good for when NEEDED. Is there a triple underline function?

Spot treatments are not the most balanced of individuals. This is why they will eventually cause skin woe with long term use.

So what are the signs? Glad you asked!

1. Dryness. OR the ‘do not speak his name’ of the skincare world, dryness interrupted with oily springs by midday!

2. Lack Lustre You might be spot free (well almost! As close as it comes), but skin is just not looking good. You’ve lost THAT dewy glow.

3. It’s Stopped Working. Like a true addict, you need more and more to ‘reach that high’. It stops working, you get all the side effects, with no benefits.

It brings us to our knees, we shout WHY? Feel lost. Proceed through the 7 stages of grief. Realisation is the moment we know it’s time to work with our skin and put the spot treatments down.

Spot Treatment Addiction

Addiction, associated with HARD drugs. But spot treatments? It’s pretty much the same.

The tough bit. With addiction comes rebound, things get worse before they get better. Think of it like going ‘sugar-free’, you’re going to meet with some headaches, some serious cravings and hunger-pangs like you never had before. It’s all worth it, once you’re out the other side – healthy bliss awaits.


The holy grail of skincare. Weening yourself off the spot treatments, lets your skin re-join its journey to balance. You can pick back up the moisturiser and maybe lean on the spot treatment once every 3 days for some up- keep.

Maybe you ditch the spot treatment completely and make sure you have a good ‘manual’ exfoliation in replacement. This is great for treating the cause of spots – blocked pores.

Balance is the key to long term skincare bliss. It’s like eating from all the food groups.

 Have you ended up in spot treatment rehab? Did you make it out the other side?