Why does my acne keep getting better and then worse? Why do acne products stop working? Does your skin get used to products and stop working? Can skin become immune to acne products?

Why Do Acne Products Stop Working?

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Why does my acne keep getting better and then worse? Why do acne products stop working? Does your skin get used to products and stop working? Can skin become immune to acne products?

“I’ve tried acne treatments like Epiduo in the past, it was very harsh but helped for a while then stopped working”

“I don’t know what my skin needs and I hate that my expensive skincare routine does not seem to be working very well”

“Looking at my skin leaves me feeling frustrated, angry and stressed. I feel like nothing I try works for more than a few months

Is your acne journey feeling like a rollercoaster, with moments of improvement followed by frustrating setbacks? I hear you my friend. 8 years ago, I was right where you are now, struggling with never-ending breakouts and feeling embarrassed by my skin. Wishing I could hide behind a mask.

Today I’m clear and confident because I now understand the root causes of my acne. I’ve finally broken free from the constant cycle of treating and healing.

I want the same for you today 😊

So come take my hand as I reveal why acne products stop working. Yes, it’s not just you, many acne products can bust breakouts big time for 2 to 3 months, and then come month three, it feels devastating as acne comes back even worse than before.

Here’s your first step to consistently, clear, calm skin 🙂

Why does my acne keep getting better and then worse? Why do acne products stop working? Does your skin get used to products and stop working? Can skin become immune to acne products?

Why Does My Acne Keep Getting Better And Then Worse?

Imagine right now you feel hungry. Your body’s giving you all the signs, your stomach’s gurgling, you’re dreaming of chocolate (my normal 😂) and it’s hours past breakfast.

You reach for a snack – maybe one of those fancy Graze boxes of lime and chilli nuts – delicious.

But then 20 minutes later you feel hungry again. So you eat an apple. Then another 20 minutes later you’re munchies are back with a vengeance. What the heck’s going on?

Food’s not fixing your ‘hunger’ – so you try something new – you grab a high glass of chilled spring water.

Taadaa – craving fixed. Turns out you were thirsty, not hungry.

Food was not your ‘cure’, water was.

But see how food did ‘fix’ your craving for a teeny-tiny amount of time?

Acne skincare can do the same. Acne skincare can clear up breakouts seemingly overnight… for a few months and then acne comes back way worse.

That’s because most acne skincare works against your skin’s natural biology.

Psst, drying lotions and acne skincare full of alcohol are top culprits.

Can Skin Become Immune To Acne Products?

Your skin needs to be hydrated and healthy to naturally stop acne bacteria from overgrowing – and to heal quickly.

When you dry out your skin, your skin health plummets and you create a playground for acne bacteria.

For example, when you’re drying your skin, you’re majorly upsetting your skin’s acidity.

Recap: your skin has something called an acid mantle, it helps keep your skin healthy, hydrated and prevents acne bacteria overgrowing. Wahoo.

Drying acne skincare increases your skin’s pH levels which guess what, studies show…

As skin pH rises, resident bacterial flora undergo a change: population and activity of P. acnes… increases as the action of antimicrobial peptides diminishes, predisposing the epithelium to infectionJ Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2017 Jul; 10(7): 33–39.

Don’t worry if this sounds like complete gook. I’m right by your side.

Translation: As your skin gets less acidic (which happens when you use drying acne skincare) acne bacteria (aka p.acnes) love it and they start partying on your skin… this new alkaline skin pH also prevents your skin’s natural antiseptic qualities which makes it easy for acne bacteria to infect your pores and boom – you get a breakout.

You’re doing amazingly taking in all of this science 🙂

And psst, my science proven acne healing diet can help acidify your skin pH when it feels like your skin’s become immune to acne products, grab your free copy of my one-page acne diet cheatsheet here.

Why Do Acne Products Stop Working?

Acne products often stop working because rather than working with your skin’s natural biology, they’re actively reducing your skin health to dry out breakouts fast.

You see clearer skin for a few months, then come month three it feels like you’re back at step one, heck, this time it even feels like your acne’s worse than before.

Psst, if you’ve ever seen this type of advice, ‘…why do acne products stop working? Because your skin may have developed tolerance to the active ingredients and it may be time to increase the concentration of actives’.

Be cautious – this is rarely the case.

Drying lotions are an obvious vampire to your skin health, but actives like salicylic acid can be sneaky assassins.

Can My Skin Become Resistant To Salicylic Acid?

Salicylic acid is an active I like for helping to heal breakouts – however, it’s extraordinarily common to be overusing and over-relying on salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is an exfoliating ingredient with mild antibacterial benefits. Salicylic acid products also have low pH levels – usually about pH 3.5 which is a big helper for re-acidifying your skin so acne bacteria can’t party. Yay.

Science also knows…

Acidic pH of stratum corneum is essential for optimal functioning of the natural barrier system of the skin. A shift in the normal skin pH and, in turn the barrier dysfunction, predisposes the skin to several inflammatory and infectious dermatoses, including acneJ Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2017 Jul; 10(7): 33–39.

Translation: the skin you can see is like a raincoat protecting deeper layers of your skin, but when pH rises, your raincoat gets holes in it – you now have a leaky skin barrier that lets acne bacteria into your skin easily and deeply – boo.

Now here’s where the tables turn.

Salicylic acid is an exfoliant.

Exfoliants strip away layers of your skin’s protecting raincoat – taking away a few can be a-ok.

Your salicylic acid products can feel like they stop working when they begin to work against your skin’s natural biology.

I bet you’re already seeing how this happens eh – you’re so savvy 😀

A goodie turning bad – salicylic acid can take away too many layers of your skin’s raincoat, making your skin leaky and easier for acne bacteria to ‘infest’.

Why do acne products stop working? In this case your acne products have stopped working because you’re overusing active ingredients, it’s time to take a step back.

Psst, I know exactly how tempting it is when you’re seeing a new holy grail acne treatment working. It’s life-changing and only natural to want to use the wonderous solution all the time. That’s why you must understand how each skincare solution works so you can get clear and stay clear. I show you how to create a supporting, acne-healing skincare routine inside my online acne-healing video course, Acne Warrior.

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What To Do When All Acne Treatments Fail?

Can I share a secret with you? I was stuck in a constant treating-healing cycle for years before I finally got clear. I thought skincare would be my cure. I was convinced.

I could see these angry, red breakouts on the surface of my skin, so I was searching for the holy grail solution I could apply to shrink. All I wanted was to feel confident and in control again.

What I overlooked is this fact I now live by: breakouts are like icebergs. 90% of their mass is below the water your skin.

Meaning yes, your skincare routines are important, but what’s most important is to identify the root causes of your acne hiding deeper inside your biology.

And it’s what I show you how to do in my online, science-supported video course, Acne Warrior. Join me to break free from the constant treating-healing cycle you’re stuck in. I can’t wait to be your guide. Check out Acne Warrior and see my amazing client transformations here.

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