what is Granactive retinoid? Spoiler alert, it’s a type of skincare active that can anti-age and anti-acne your skin. When you use it right. Come find out what is a Granactive retinoid here. #honestyforyourskin #antiageingskincare #granactive

What Is Granactive Retinoid? You’ll Never Forget After Reading This

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I get this question more than you know – what is Granactive retinoid? Because the answer hits hard on something I struggle with. It’s a huge part of me I sometimes try to hide. If you’ve been asking Google What is Granactive retinoid? What does Granactive mean? What is Granactive retinol? You will not forget after reading this blog. I promise you.

And I always deliver on my promises 🙂

What is Granactive retinoid? Spoiler alert, it’s a type of skincare active that can anti-age and anti-acne your skin. When you use it right. Come find out what is a Granactive retinoid here. #honestyforyourskin #antiageingskincare #granactive

What is a Granactive Retinoid?

Before I put my scientist’s hat on to explain this. Let me share a personal secret with you… I have THE worst memory for names. The worst.

As I put on my best PMA (positive mental attitude), I’m going to describe it to you as a highly efficient, highly selective brain shield 😂 it’s making sure I’m really going to be good friends with someone before my brain decides to store into precious memory space.

My hyper-evolved selective brain memory 😂 gets me into the most embarrassing situations. 

Like the time when… I’m walking with my partner Rich and our long-legged dog Ares down a beautiful, winter-frosted local Yorkshire walk. It’s lockdown and this is playtime. So many people are out. All we can do is walk, walk, walk and talk, talk, talk. And as the sun is shining we find a quiet calm. A comradery. Strangers wish us good morning, and we smile and say hi as I dare my partner to say ‘Howdy’.

…it’s playtime after all.

Then I see a face in a sea of friendly strangers. I recognise this face. Omgosh it’s my teammate I’ve played Tag Rugby with on and off for over 2 years. Hi Tom, how are you, it’s so nice to see you, you’ve not met my partner have you? This is Rich, Rich this is Tom.

… the first thing that rolls out of Tom’s mouth after an excited hello is… my name’s not Tom it’s Tim 😱

I’m in open parkland so there’s a strong option to run and hide. I don’t take it. I stand there and apologise like someone promised me a foot long chocolate cake to be brave.

I tell you this real-life drama of mine because it’s going to help you always remember – what is Granactive Retinoid?

Because my dear friend…

What Does Granactive Mean?

Granactive retinoid is a trade name. A name. It’s not fancy science. It’s a company’s name.

Like a parent calling their child after the father. You’ve got Henry, and you’ve got Henry Junior 😀

The company making Granactive Retinoid – well their name is Grant Industries. And they make active ingredients for skincare. In this case active anti-ageing, anti-acne actives – wahoo.

I bet you’ve already figured out ‘how they named their baby’ eh? You’re so savvy.

Gran – comes from Grant Industries.

Active – well that’s because this is an ‘active skincare ingredient’ – I’m explaining more about what Granactive Retinoid can do for your special skin soon :).

And, taa-daa – ‘Granactive’ is born.

But what about the retinoid bit eh?

what is Granactive retinoid? Spoiler alert, it’s a type of skincare active that can anti-age and anti-acne your skin. When you use it right. Come find out what is a Granactive retinoid here. #honestyforyourskin #antiageingskincare #granactive

What Is Granactive Retinoid?

What is a Granactive retinoid? You ask all the right questions my friend.

Retinoids are a family of skincare actives which can help to anti-age and anti-acne your skin. I bet you want to do at least one of those eh. Me too.

Retinoid is like a family name – so Henry Focker (do you remember that film? Which was your fav – Meet the Fockers or the 2010 sequel?)

There are lots of Focker’s in Henry’s family.

And there are lots of retinoids in the retinoid family too.

Granactive is just one child of the retinoid family.

[It’s great to have sibling support when you’re a Focker 😅]

What Is A Retinoid?

This is super simple. A retinoid is a type of ingredient which can bond to what can be called ‘vitamin A receptors’ in your skin. They’re scientifically called all-trans retinoic acid receptors (ATRA receptors). Fancy eh.

You want your skincare routine to love ATRA receptors and do some good chemical bonding with them 😉 because ATRA receptors boost your skin’s collagen levels and higher collagen levels in your skin plump out fine lines and wrinkles – wahoo.

Take a peek at this science quote;

Treatment of photodamaged skin with tretinoin [a type of retinoid] produced an 80 percent increase in collagen I formation.N Engl J Med. 1993 Aug 19;329(8):530-5

80%. That’s whopping.

Psst – don’t worry if that science quote sounds gooky. All it’s saying is skin that’s aged by sunlight gets fine lines and wrinkles fast but that if you use a retinoid, it can help reverse some of those fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, yes, yes.

Double psst – grab your free copy of my 5 Best Anti-Ageing Actives cheatsheet here to find out how to make fine lines and wrinkles reverse at super speed with beaming reversing lights and a roaring reversing bleep, beep, BEEP.

What Is Granactive Retinol?

This is a Tom/Tim moment 🙂 because Granactive retinol isn’t a thing. It’s a Tom who’s actually a Tim.

The deets are this…

Retinol is a type of retinoid.

And Granactive retinoid is also a type of retinoid.

Retinol and Granactive retinoid are sisters.

Calling something Granactive retinol is like when your nan calls you by your mums/sisters/aunties name.

It’s a brain fart 😂

If you want to know more (plus find out which is best), you’ll love this blog of mine – what is the difference between retinoid and retinol? 

What Does Granactive Retinoid Do? Granactive Retinoid Benefits

The exciting bit (!) If your skincare routine’s missing out on a retinoid, it’s going to make a huge difference to your skin health when you add the right one in. I’m here to help you choose your perfect fit retinoid in my anti-ageing video course AgeLock – it’s for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed by anti-ageing skincare and all the ‘best’ retinoid serum and skincare products out there.

Granactive retinoid has been shown and is proven to have all of these benefits;

  • Anti-age your skin (by boosting collagen production) – when used in a skin supportive skincare routine 😀 – get my free 5 Best Anti-Ageing Actives cheatsheet here
  • Reverse fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boost your skin elasticity for firmer, smoother, happier skin
  • Plump and youth proof you 🙂
  • Boost skin clarity and tone
  • Help take down breakouts and acne
  • Fadeaway dark spots, age spots and even your skin tone
  • Refine, reduce (yes really!) and minimise pore size
  • Balance your skin’s oil production and help prevent ‘oil slick’ by midday skin
  • And so much more

Bottom line – Granactive retinoids are great. If they’re right for your skin type, you should be using one.

Now’s test time my friend 😂 I’m giving you one sentence to explain to me – what is Granactive Retinoid? Tell me in the comments below.