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You what? Co-wash? Washing with company, o’ hello? Is it a new chain of car washing? Kinda catching ey… yo, yo, yo to the co-wash. Co-washing has been around for YEARS, but it’s only recently begun to rise to fame in the world of beauty.
 Have you heard of a CO-WASH?

What The Hell is a Co-wash?

Co-washing is a cunning abbreviation of conditioner washing for your hair. It’s when you SAY NO to the POO (shampoo) *fully accepted abbreviation*. One that absolutely deserves a little giggle, go on let it out!

It’s like skipping main course and heading straight for dessert, the yummiest part right? That is pretty much the theory behind why a co-wash can do wonders for your hair. One of my favourite sayings, “shampoo is a stripper and conditioner is a giver”.

Does it Actually Work?

Like breaking a habit, it feels uncomfortable when someone tells you to spoon dessert with a fork or drive a left handed car and not a right. Wow, that is a mission, a mission of giggles for the number of failed attempts to reach for the gear stick on the passenger door – oops!

Shampoo is like face wash for your hair. They share ALL the same similarities when it comes to ingredients and job description. As strippers they are mostly about removing stuff like oil and dirt and sending it on its way down the plug hole. #ByeBye

The catch is, we need some of that oil, is like our waterproofing and without it were calling in the builders to fix the ‘leaky roof’. Guess what the builders tool of the trade is? He’s back, its Mr.Grease!

The more oil that’s stripped off our hair, the more oil the builders think they need to put back. That’s why really strong shampoos can make your hair greasier. Funny ey, cause you’d think a weaker shampoo would make your hair greasier by not removing all the grease. Ages ago, I had a Toni and Guy POO (just TOO funny!) the one you can get from Boots, normally I can just about get a full 2 days in before its looks like I’m trying to achieve the J-Lo scooped back pony tail circa 90’s. I didn’t get to the bottom of this bottle as I had huge oil sprinklers going off in my hair by day 2, turns out the Toni n Guy POO is a bit of a beast! #Muscleman

Co-washing works by being a super, super, crazily mild shampoo, something along the lines of a cream cleanser for the face. It’s kinda confusing right, how can a conditioner, be a shampoo or even a cream cleanser for your hair? Sweat not lovelies, that why you got your science GEEK friend here to walk you through this shizzle.

Condition is a giver, so it’s like a moisturiser, it has a lotta ingredients which are giving your hair a big shiny present with a bow on top. Like any kinda cream, its got things that hold the water and the oily stuff in the bottle together, saving you from having to vigorously shake like your playin’ with a shake weight – have you seen those? It’s those ingredients that can act as crazy mild cleansers. That’s because they can ‘have relations’ with oil AND water, they aren’t picky, and anything that can do that will WASH you of dirt and oil.

Why Theres a Co-wash Revolution

Co-washing is HUGE for people with naturally curly or textured hair.

Normally hair gets moisturised and made all glossy by sebum (oily stuff) that your scalp makes, it’s like a mother hen feeding its flock. Hair with lots of lovely texture makes a little assault course for the mother hen, and it’s like trying to spread butter on a Ryvita slice.

What that all means is textured hair can get dryer than straight hair and on the flip side of that, is why polka dot straight hair #jealous can get oily, quicker.

Co-washing helps sufferers of dry or frizzy hair as it doesn’t take away as much of hairs sebum as shampoo would. It’s not greedy, it’ll leave a slice of the cake for you too. #ChocolatePlease

Co-washing is the ‘it’ girl of the moment because of the whole sulfate free, SLS free thing going on. We are all getting curiouser and curiouser about what it is we are actually lathering up with.

Should You be Co-washing

Co-washing is great for so many different things. Dry or frizzy hair is a definite yes to the CO. Dry, irritated scalp, that’s another yes to the CO. Is your oil-less hair window shrinking and shrinking, the more you shampoo, the more it shrinks? That’s another yes to the CO.

If you are over-cleansing your hair, a co-wash can be a perfect weekend break from the POO! It’s the space you need to make the heart grow fonder and get back on track with the shampoo. #HairCounselling

How to Co-wash

First there’s pre-selection, ‘because we’re worth it’! To use conditioner as your co-wash, you wanna look for one which is silicone free, that’s anything named at the end with an –one, so dimethicone, cyclomethicone. For these guys, your hair is like the bar they just don’t wanna leave, so they don’t. Using this as a co-wash means build-up, which means looking like a Seal. Suits them, its just not for us land frequenting folk *wink wink*.

Taking a dollop of conditioner go ahead an’ give yourself one of those Toni n Guy scalp massages #Heaven! Bring out the big guns for that massage an it’ll make sure the conditioner has time to ‘do its thang’.

Like all things that work it’s easy to get over excited and need physical intervention! #DontTakeMyCandy. Co-washing is like cake. YUMMY and even good for you (thanks endorphins) when you have it once a week. Co-wash is not your everyday pair of jeans, it’s your super spangly skinny ones that go with THOSE skyscraper heels.

The Demi Co-wash

Okay, so I’m not actually sure this is a ‘thing’, but it definitely works for me. Mixing it up a little bit condition your hair FIRST and follow up with a little shampoo. Less frizz, more moisture and shine! #YESyesyes

If you have straight hair and you’re just looking to ween down the shampoo a bit, this is your gal.

Are you a co-wash pro or now tempted to dry a demi?