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If you live in England (like me! Hello fellow Englander!), then you probably don’t get your back out too often! ***PAUSES FOR SYMPATHY***. It is nice to know that if there is a sudden heatwave ALL parts of us are ‘strappy top ready’ oh, yes that’s what I’m talking about. #ReadyForTheBigReveal

The back is one part of us that needs a little extra love ‘n attention to be the BEST version of itself. Spots or Back Acne can be caused for really, really simple reasons that are fixable QUICKLY. If your back sometimes throws a tantrum, then here are some tips ‘n tricks for you my lovely.

Tips for back acne and spot sufferers



Does your conditioner ‘get on like a house on fire’ with your back? Hair cannot absorb much, it’s as waterproof as a duck’s feathers. Most of the products we use on our hair including conditioner leave a coating in place that makes the hairs super soft and caressable! Imagine a chocolate fondu, hair is the strawberry to the chocolate pool of ‘conditioner’. What would life be without a chocolate analogy?

The coating left on our hair also ends up being brushed off onto our backs, it just likes to share ya’ know! It is TOO kind.

This is one reason why your back can be greasier than the rest of your skin, it gets an extra bit of ‘moisturisation’ from your conditioner. Whatever’s in your conditioner is custom made for your hair, it might not be the answer to a back free of spots.

*IMAGINE* Rubbing a super heavy, butter-like moisturiser onto acne prone skin. One that you might use to get your feet into ‘summer condition’. You’d be asking for trouble ey. WELL unwittingly we are doing this, especially when we use leave in conditioners, and especially for those with SUPER LONG tresses’.

PRO-TIP: Cut back on the leave in products, and for MINIMAL conditioner residue try a DEMI-WASH, you can read more about that on, “what is COWASHING and should you be doing it?”.

Do you use a lot of ‘fixing’ hair products, hairspray, gel… My most valued attribute in a hair spray is its ability to hold my hair like my scalp is the artic and it just froze over! I am not one for a ‘touchable feel’, hell I just spent 30 minutes curling my tresses I want to KNOW they are in it for the long-term!

To cut the fluff, hair spray is plastic in a load of really evaporable solvents (like alcohol).

So there’s 2 bits to this, the alcoholly (new word!), solventy (and another!) part, well that can be DRYING for skin, it takes away the naturally protective layer our skin has and leaves it unbalanced like a circus clown rolling around on the ‘big ball’. Then there’s the plastic part, if you get some of this on the skin, its like putting a plastic bag, covered in glue all over your skin. To ‘avoid suffocation’ get some target practise in!


Are super hot showers your thing? Long, hot showers.. who doesn’t love ‘em! Thing is they could be giving you back acne, if you are a sufferer try taking cooler showers. A ‘hotty’ makes your skin loose its cool and it all gets un-balanced. Hot water gives your skin a ‘steam clean’ that’s worthy of a QVC advert. It gives the squeaky clean feeling that is an over-cleanse warning, beacon, SHOUTING, STOP, put your hands in the air and step away from the loofa.

If you want to know more about why hot showers could be giving you back acne then take a look at skincare mistake no.1 in “16 common skincare mistakes YOU could be making”.

Do you love a good lather? Do you suddenly become the BISTO granny of the gravy world when picking up the shower gel? Well using TOO much shower gel could be giving you back acne and spots. Soap suds are not your friend when it comes to keeping your back clear of spots.

The second ingredient in MOST shower gels is sodium laureth sulfate, if you check-out your ingredients list it probably reads, aqua and then sodium laureth sulfate..!

Well this guy is a known irritant. The way it irritates skin is by breaking down the skins natural defences and anything that does that makes skin ANGRY! Like so angry it gets all red in the face and is just waiting for that final prod to ‘loose-it’.

Angry skin is capable of all kinds of things, one of which is spots and back acne!

PRO-TIP: Look for shower gels that don’t contain SLS, ‘balance me’ do a great moisturising shower gel, or look for a shower gel where SLS is lower-than-low on the ingredients list. Lower it is, the less there is in there #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner.


If you suffer from facial acne or broke out in hormonal spots on your chin most of us have an armoury of treatments to turn too. We want to put our best face forward, so what about putting our best back forward? Sometimes the back gets neglected because we can literally put it behind us and pretend it’s not beginning us for help. Well no-one likes a whiney winger, so here’s how to make a simple fix.

If you have spots on your back, switch your shower gel out for a face wash that contains witch hazel or salicylic acid or tea tree oil. Something that’s a mild antiseptic and makes it less cushy for back acne! AND so you don’t un-do all your hard work on the facial-back washing front, make sure you washed your hair FIRST, or even got your neck in that hairdressers bowl position, that stops all the soapy water from running down your back, are you comfortable? Err yes of course! ERM I mean NO, what the hell kinda angle is this sink at!


Here’s the thing you might not know, washing powder contains a HUGE amount of that irritant ingredient we just spoke about – SLS. SLS is a ninja ingredient that gets everywhere! Seriously if you’re taking a chill in the shower, gander at your bottles and you’ll see what I mean.

If you use a hefty scoop of washing powder, there’s likely to be a residue of this guy left on your clothes. I told you, it likes to get everywhere *wink wink* and it’s not one to turn down a free ride!

However hard we try not to, we all end up ‘putting our back into it’ at some point in our day! It’s like the gym instructor somehow snuck into our office #Time2PlayHide&Seek. The back takes a lot of rubbing from our clothes, so it’s a prime target for SLS transfer.

SLS=IRRITANT which can = back acne and spots!

PRO-TIP: Use less washing powder, it’s not as if we work in a building sight right! OR try out a more sensitive washing powder and see how that goes.

Just remember you are AB-FAB even with back ance or back spots. These tips ‘n tricks are so you can show your back a little more love, and that SELF-LOVE is all you need lovely!

Do you get back-ne/back acne or back spots? What back spot fighting tips have worked for you?