The Lazy Way to Moisturise

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When I get into a routine of moisturising, I love how silky my skin feels, problem is I am just too lazy! All nicely relaxed from a shower or bath, it’s the last thing on my mind – plus it’s just too cold once I’m out!

Well I have a little secret, and a cheap one at that!.. Almond oil, you can literally get this at the supermarket, it’s even cheaper in the ‘world foods’ section. Add half a shot glass to a bath.. and then comes the best bit.. relax.. do NOTHING!
I love almond oil (if you have a cream with this in, it will be called “prunus dulcis oil”), it is packed with goodies for your skin including Vitamin E and is really easily absorbed.
There are 2 things a cream tries to give your skin – water and oil. The oil will help to lock in some of that water, this is called occlusive moisturisation. If you left just water on your skin, it will evaporate faster than it’s absorbed, this is faster in the winter as the air is drier. Our outer most skin layers are not actually very good at holding onto water (which I can vouch for when down the gym!), so it is important to use oils and butters to ‘condition’ the skin.
This treat for your skin, is similar to those “moisturise in the shower” creams that have started creeping onto the high-street.
If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

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