3 science proven ways to help get rid of pesky spots on forehead. It's the little ones which get stuck to skin like sticky weed.

Spots On Forehead Won’t Go Away (!) Why You Have Them & How to Get Rid

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Spots do not have to be big to be a pain in the butt. Forehead spots are some of the most pesky.

They stick to you like the shopping ads which keep flowing into your news-feed on Facebook.

Or the man in a bar you said no to but who in a Hitch-esque moment thinks no actually means I’m playing hard to get so when I say no I actually mean yes try harder. Where’s Hitch when you need him eh!

Spots on your forehead are like sticky weed.

Or like good for you vegetables which have a magical attraction to staying in your fridge.

You can get and have spots on your forehead even when you don’t have acne.

Oh yes my friend spots on your forehead like to fly solo.

Question is;

What causes spots on the forehead?

What does it mean when you get pimples on your forehead?

And most important question…

How do you get rid of spots on your forehead?

As Taylor Swift would say; are you ready for this?

3 science proven ways to help get rid of pesky spots on forehead. It's the little ones which get stuck to skin like sticky weed.

Spots On Forehead Won’t Go Away; This Is Why You Have Them…

Aka the bit you need to know to understand how to get rid of spots on forehead. Find the cause – you got your solution. Sorted.

Fact; Your forehead is an area of skin which can be hyper excited.

It’s hugely effected by;

  1. Hormones
  2. The time of day – your skin has clock cells
  3. Stress – which impacts hormones
  4. Food – which (massively) impacts hormones
  5. UV light – It’s the 1st place to strike
  6. Hat wearing – aka acne mechanica – if you’ve been wearing something that rubs here – stop now

And when any of these things pounce you – they change your skin’s natural balance.

Your forehead is part of your skin’s T-zone. An area of skin which is most excited by hormone change.

When hormone change happens – your forehead in general loves to make more sebum aka skin oil.

Usually this sebum is imbalanced.

…and in this imbalanced state it can push your skin into a condition called follicular hyperkeratosis. Aka your skin is getting thicker inside your pores and it’s not shedding properly.

This is perfect food for forehead spot bacteria.

Forehead spot bacteria chow down.



…and boom – forehead spots.

This can cycle round and round like you were hosting a spin class of Olympic winners.

What you need to do to get rid of pimples on your forehead is figure out what’s driving them.

Aka turn the music down so your spin class starts slacking.

Or the AC off so it’s too hot and sweaty to work hard.

Or – you’ve got this my friend – confiscate those bikes now. Oh yes. Here’s how.

Spots On Forehead; What You’re Eating Could Be the Cause

My friend – I get it – what you eat can feel so detached from spots on your forehead. How could it be the cause? It’s so easy to believe. And also super tempting to believe. If you don’t believe it – you can be free to eat anything and everything.

The fact is; what you eat changes your hormone balance. Crazy quick.

Puberty gets your hormones spiking.

What you eat gets your hormones cycling.

Up, down, up, down, up, up, up, down, down, down.

It goes on and on, over and over and the more it happens – the more likely you are to get skin pimples like spots on your forehead.

The 2 kinds of food which play most with your hormone balance are foods which have a monster sized impact on your body’s insulin release.

These foods are known as high glycemic index foods or insulinotropic foods. 

Pro-tip; not all insulinotropic foods are high glycemic index (GI) foods. Some low glycemic index foods can cause big spikes in insulin release even though they’re low GI.

Basically what this means is some foods are sneaky. Health foods which aren’t so healthy.

Grab your free copy of my one-page acne diet cheat sheet here to find out which health foods can cause acne – following this can help make forehead spots disappear. Get your free copy here.

Psst, a lot of these acne diet foods will not be what you expect.

Bottom line: Food can play with your hormone balance > hormones like insulin and insulin-like-growth factor (IGF-1) makes your skin more oily, especially your forehead > which then makes the skin inside your pores thicker and clingier > which feeds spot bacteria > which causes you spots on forehead.

Double psst, Diet is not a quick fix but it is long lasting and oh so worth it.

How to Get Rid of Spots On Your Forehead; Keep That Oil Off

Acting like you’re allergic to skin oil is one of the best ways to help get rid of spots on your forehead.

Here’s the deal;

Remember how we said when your forehead gets oily that the oil your forehead is making is imbalanced? And that it causes your skin cells to act funny?

It’s like making your Olympic athletes do a spin class with bendy wheels.

Stuff just doesn’t happen how it’s supposed to.

The kind of oil your skin is making is a trigger cause of your forehead spots.

And while you get your diet working to stop that excess and imbalanced oil from being made – you’ll want to keep excess oil off your skin.

The best way to do this > oil blotting papers.

Stock yourself up. Use them as needed. Job done.

Bottom line; Imbalanced sebum/skin oil can force your skin into a state of follicular hyperkeratosis > your pores get blocked with thickening dead skin cells > spot causing bacteria eat them > spot causing bacteria breed > boom you get spots on forehead.

Spots On Forehead; Stop UV light Causing Them…

Spots on your forehead – what do they mean? Well my friend they could mean this – UV light is making your skin oils comedogenic aka pore blocking.

UV light is seriously high energy.

It causes all kinds of chemical reactions to go off.

One of these has to do with your skin’s sebum.

When a major ingredient of your skin’s sebum – squalene – gets pushed into a playhouse with UV light – this ingredient comes out the other end;

Squalene monohydroperoxide.

It’s super comedogenic.

…and the less antioxidants your sebum naturally contains – the more likely this is to happen.

Psst, this is diet again.

So, so important.

How do you get rid of forehead spots?

Use an SPF of at least 30 every day – as your forehead is prone to spots I recommend this one.

Bottom line; UV light can make sebum go off > it turns squalene into squalene monohydroperoxide > this ingredient is pore blocking and can be a sole cause of forehead spots.

Dear skin savvy in the making these are 3 extremely valuable extremely easy to do ways you can help stop forehead spots being like sticky weed. Say no – push them out. You have the power.

Now come ask me your spots on forehead questions that are still teasing you. Call me Hitch and I’ll be there…