SkinCoach: Terms & Conditions…


The below terms and conditions are accepted between Honesty For Your Skin Limited and the SkinCoach consultee (you);

  1. The advice given during a SkinCoach consultation is not designed to replace advice from a medical professional i.e. a dermatologist. It is not diagnostic and does not replace an in-person examination and agreed upon course of action.
  2. The SkinCoach consultation does not create a duty of care whether express of implied between Honesty For Your skin and the SkinCoach consultee.
  3. All products advised for purchase should be patch tested before use. Skincare products should be used as per on pack usage directions.
  4. You must check with a doctor/medical professional should you have underlying health conditions/concerns/medications which may be effected by skincare products.
  5. The information and/or advice given during a SkinCoach consultation is not intended to replace medical care.
  6. Honesty for Your Skin Limited and all of its officers, directors, consultants, agents and employees specifically exclude all responsibility for any liability, risk, damage, loss, expense, claim or personal injury which is incurred as a result, directly or indirectly, by the use and application of any material, advice or skincare product recommended.
  7. Your use of our SkinCoach consultation service shall be governed in all respects by the laws of England and Wales.
  8. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified medical professional with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.
  9. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Honesty For Your Skin and its managers, directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, and affiliates, from any and all third party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, legal fees) arising from your use of SkinCoach consultations or your breach of the terms and conditions.
  10. All 1-2-1 sessions included in an individual purchase of ‘SkinCoach Me Pro’ must be used within a year of enrollment unless pre-agreed.
  11. These terms and conditions can be varied, modified or removed at any time by Honesty For Your Skin without prior notice to you.