Help! How Do I Buy THE BEST Skincare For A Friend?… without having to get a boring gift card

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You LOVE skincare ‘eh, that’s why you’re here 😉 you’re thinking – what gift can I get my friend that I know they’ll love? And because you and your friend share a ton in common – you have one huge head start. You love skincare = you know your friend will love a skincare gift.

BUT (!)

Hold up my friend.

There’s so many places to slip up. Imagine this…

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It’s present opening time. Hooray. You’re handed a beautifully wrapped gold parcel with a matching, hand-tied bow on top. You’re excited. It’s THE box that’s been consuming your thoughts for days. Just what’s inside? It shakes without jiggling. It’s small enough to be luxuriously expensive and it’s from your friend who just GETS you. This is going to be good.

Excitedly tearing through the paper… and the 2nd layer… and the 3rd layer because #YourFriendIsAJoker. You suddenly glimpse sight of a small orange pot… what does it say? You glimpse closer and you see the words…

“Brazilian bum, bum cream” – for a firmer, rounder looking derriere.

You said what!?

Is my butt not firm enough for you already?

You’re telling me I have bum sag?

I mean, I know we’re close – hand holding I could be up for, but butt cupping!?

Yikes right – there’s so many places to go wrong with skincare gifts and skincare gift sets.

Challenge #1; You want to get an actual present – not have to settle for a boring skincare gift card.

Challenge #2; Skin’s so crazy personal ‘eh and really, you don’t know your friend’s skin intimately – and you definitely don’t want to get a skincare gift that says – here you have a problem, let me help you fix it. Heck no my friend. Instead you want a gift that says, I love you, you are special and here’s something that’s going to make you feel it. Yessa.

Challenge #3; Skincare gift sets, the pre-made kind, sure they look pretty, but there’s almost always bits your friend doesn’t need/doesn’t want/will never use (!) Plus they’re kinda non-specific, like a one-size fits all – tries to do everything but ends up doing nothing. Basically like multi-tasking fail 101.

Know this my friend – you are THE BEST for thinking so thoughtfully of your friend. They are lucky to have you in their life. You are epic. And to match your epicness, I’m here to sort you out. Below you are going to find 7 of the best skincare products to gift REGARDLESS of skin type.

These say;

  • Hey there beautiful, I think you’re pretty darn special
  • Here’s a little love in a tub hug from me
  • I want you to feel as fab as I know you are – me time is here, you can’t dodge it this time 😉

P.s. these 7 cover a multitude of friend types. You have the friend who’s an absolute skincare junkie gift, the friend who needs ‘me time’ gift, the little thinking of you/stocking filler gift, the friend who’s a nurse/is always washing her hands/works with her hands gift, the gift for a friend who’s always on the go – how does she do it?

Just take a quick read of the “This Gift Is The Best Skincare Gift For;” section under each 7, to in 1 minute be sorted with the best, ever gift for your friend.

Are you ready? Let’s get to this…

Psst; Need to know before you do – many of these best skincare gifts contain fragrance, while this is an ultimate list of best skincare gifts for any skin type, if your friend has hyper-sensitive skin, then please be cautious. I’m talking more about why this list of best skincare gifts almost all have a gentle scent/added aromatherapy soon. 

1. Best Skincare Gift; Pixi Glow Mist

This Gift Is The Best Skincare Gift For; Your friend who’s always on the go and would love a quick pick me up skincare treat to make her feel GREAT.

Make it the best, most thought through skincare gift set by pairing with; A Pixi Lip Icing here.

Price/budget; £16 + £12 if you skincare gift set it.

Skincare mists my friend – they are amazeballs for when you need an ‘Ahh and breath moment’ and also amazing for an on the go, quick sort me out.

Pixi is a bit of a cult skincare brand, so if your friend’s also into skincare, she will LOVE this.

Extra fun bits to know; 

  • Pixi glow mist contains the all-star B vitamin – niacinamide. Dear skin savvy, if you’re going to have any active in your skincare – make it this one. It’s a multi-tasking graduate, genius.
  • A bee-hug in a bottle. Also with propolis extract – it hydrates, soothes and conditions.
  • It’s going to help make your friend get dewy glow whether she likes it or not 😉
  • It contains 13 natural oils, plus skin identical hydrators, plus hyaluronic acid – bonus.

Buy it now.

2. Best Skincare Gift; The Chemistry Brand Extreme Hydration Complex Hand Treatment

This Gift Is The Best Skincare Gift For; Your friend who’s a nurse/works in a lab/is a doctor/works with her hands/washes her hands a lot.

Make it the best, most thought through skincare gift set by pairing with; The Chemistry Brand Pocket Size Triple Function Hand Cream.

Price/budget; £18.99 + £8 if you skincare gift set it.

A brand no-one knows about but which is oh-so-thought-through. These bottles contain powerful actives. Best described like finally, finding THE ultimate chocolate fudge cake, in the cutest little store, down a dead-end alley where no-one apart from you is ever going to discover it. This is more than just a skincare gift, this is a special sharing of skincare secrets. Oh yes my friend.


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Extra fun bits to know; 

  • Ever heard of The Ordinary skincare? Guess what? The Chemistry brand are made by the very same company – DECIEM. You can see why these products are so awesome eh.
  • When they describe it as a protective glove for hands, they really do mean it! Here’s the science thing – when you wash your hands a lot, you remove their natural protective coating aka their skin barrier. Some parts of your beautiful bod need extra care and attention aka an invisible glove hand cream.
  • Your friends going to feel and see the love from this gift asap – “Expect results immediately, in 24 hours and in 10 days with continued use” – DECIEM

Buy it now.

3. Best Skincare Gift; The Chemistry Brand Glow Oil

This Gift Is The Best Skincare Gift For; A friend who you think needs all over body pampering and who loves an all over golden glow.

Make it the ultimate, most thought through skincare gift set by pairing with; Hylamide Glow Booster – don’t forget your friend’s face 😉

Price/budget; £20 + £20 if you skincare gift set it.

The Chemistry Brand really are that good that they’re making this best skincare gifts for a friend list – twice (!) Not only are both these products packed with fabulous actives which have proof they work – they’re also going to be making your friend feel super special and pampered. All-over, body love.

Extra fun bits to know; 

  • Glow oil contains “invisible” golden prisms which instantly make skin golden and shimmery.
  • The glow oil is like no sunless tanner your friend will ever have experienced before – because of the ultra specific active it uses (erythrulose instead of DHA) the tan colour is so far away from that you’ve been tangoed kind. DHA = orange/brown, erythrulose = brown/red.
  • Psst; most sunless tanners use alcohol to make their formula absorb in quick – but this is super bad for your skin health, this formula has zilch in sight, plus contains incredibly powerful antioxidants. Told you these guys were the bomb (!)

Buy it now.

4. Best Skincare Gift; Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

This Gift Is The Best Skincare Gift For; The friend who needs a surprise pick me up/thinking of you skincare gift/stocking filler skincare gift.

Price/budget; £5.99

As the spice girls would say – when 2 become oneeee.

A lot of the time 2-in-1 skincare/makeup gifts try to do a bit of everything and end up doing a bit of nothing. Like those 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner bottles it’s almost law that you must take from over night hotel stays. You have to have them… and then never use them 😉

These Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm’s are oh so different. They’re rich in colour and packed with a goodness punch for your friends lips.

Looking awesome. Feeling awesome. Your friend is awesome.

Extra fun bits to know; 

  • 6 shades to choose from – hibiscus is a fabbie
  • With lanolin – this is tested as better than Vaseline at skin conditioning and p.s. Vaseline, in the eyes of science considered THE gold standard.

Buy it now.

5. Best Skincare Gift; Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Moisture Body Oil

This Gift Is The Best Skincare Gift For; Your friend who needs some serious me time – especially when pairing this with the skincare gift set extra below.

Make it the ultimate, most thought through skincare gift set by pairing with; Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil Stocking Filler

Price/budget; £35 + £10 if you skincare gift set it.

This is going to make your friend’s skin feel divine.

Recipe to follow;

1 candle lit bath with Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil

Cafe del Mar chill out hits.

A classic book 50 Shades Of Grey.

30 minutes of me time.

Super glorious massage in of Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Moisture Body Oil.


Extra fun facts;

  • Your friend can be queen of her bath because – did you know? Rose is the queen of all flower oils – super luxurious and not a scent you’ll smell everywhere because #gold.
  • Contains so much your skin needs and loves – ceramides, phospholipids and 2 specific antioxidants which are mega-powerful – tocotrienol and oryzanol. Psst; tocotrienol is a newly discovered form of vitamin E and it’s studied to be about 40 to 60 times more fabulous at its job.
  • Vegan friendly.

Buy it now.

6. Best Skincare Gift; Rituals The Ritual Of Sakura Shower Oil

This Gift Is The Best Skincare Gift For; A busy mum in need of an injection of uplifting feel good in the morning shower, or relaxing wind me down, in a gloriously indulgent evening shower – if you can’t make ‘me’ time, take ‘me’ time. Or if you’re buying for a cousin/younger family member – huge upgrade, replacement for those Impulse gift sets they’ve grown out of 😉

Make it the ultimate, most thought through skincare gift set by pairing with; Rituals The Ritual Of Dao Shower Oil.

Price/budget; £8.50 + £8.50 if you skincare gift set it.

Now usually (and if you’re a long time reader of Honesty) then you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of fragrance in skincare – BUT – when it comes to skincare gifting, this is my one major exception. Skincare gifts are little luxuries and nothing says not-often-experienced indulgence like an aromatic experience in the shower. Think Herbal Essences rain-forest but way classier.

This is intense, forget yourself, teleport your shower to a Maldives spa – shower oil.  You’re essentially gifting your friend the ability to jet set by teleportation, in the blink of an eye #holidaytime. You are the best friend (!)

Extra fun bits to know; 

  • There truly is power in aromatherapy – some science studies – testing specific fragrances are finding scent can even lower blood pressure – wow right. In science words – “sympathetic nervous activity increases, physiological arousal decreases and emotional alleviation occurs”, Huzzah.

Ref; Jin, Z., Li, X., Zhang, Q. et al. For. Stud. China (2009)

  • Get your friend a massage without anyone ever touching up your friend’s shoulders. It can be done! Studies are showing, specific fragrances can have measurable muscle relaxant effects. Crazy and amazing eh.

Ref; Chemical Senses, Volume 30, Issue suppl_1, January 2005, Pages i248–i249

Buy it now.

7. Best Skincare Gift; Eve Lom Cleanser

This Gift Is The Best Skincare Gift For; Your friend who is an absolute, 100% through and through skincare addict.

Make it the ultimate, most thought through skincare gift set by pairing with; Not needed – this is already the ultimate gift for any devote skincare addict in your life.

Price/budget; £55, there’s also an extra larger/extra value for your pound option at £75 here.

If your friend’s a can’t peel me away from Sephora kinda gal then she knows – cleansing matters. More than moisturising. More than serum-ing. More than being first in line for a meet and greet with Father Christmas Matt Damon. This Eve Lom beauty works in the best way – by using oils to cleanse your friend’s skin – and that is awesomesauce amazing because your friend’s (and your) skin’s top layers are oil based. Ever gotten dry, crinkly skin from swimming or staying in the tub too long? That’s because water’s eating up your skin’s natural oils and it gets dry and damaged without them. Kinda like trying to make hummus without olive oil or a birthday cake without frosting.


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Extra fun bits to know; 

  •  Remember how we chatted earlier about lanolin being the special sauce of great skin condition? Well this Eve Lom cleanser contains a couple of different types which A) gives great skin condition and B) makes them fab at cleansing just the right amount and then washing away. Sorted.
  • My best science of skincare tip (!) You only, truly need to cleanse skin once in PM – makes this pot last extra long plus keeps skin extra healthy.

Buy it now. 

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Now over to you. Which of these skincare gifts/skincare gift sets are you getting for your awesome friends? Torn between a few or have questions? Come let me know in the comments below…