Should You Stick or Twist Your Skincare?

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Do you have a beauty shelve worthy of the ‘skincare gambling addict’ tittle? Does your head leave your body like ‘rubber man’ when your feet promptly walk you past a beauty shelve?

Welcome to the club!

Torn between loyalty and excitement of skincare newness. I tell you ladies, it’s a struggle especially with the likes of Birchbox around town.

Should You Be Loyal?

Is loyalty rewarded when the candy store is now the size of a small country?

Situation 1: Sometimes your skin changes and that’s just A-OK. You can stretch out the time you have to enjoy with your newly found skincare love. When the time comes, it comes.

Situation 2: Beauty product evolution. Your favourite potion, gets a make-over (its formulation changes!) and it just don’t do-it for you no-more.

Situation 3: There’s a new kid on the block. The grass is looking greener and you’re tempted. There’s only one way to find out

Situation 4: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Take a break and when you come back, your skin seems to love it even more than before.

Know what to return to. It’s great to try new things, but don’t forget old faithful.

Should You Use The whole range?

Read a shampoo bottle and you’ll find the asterisk exception to the claims, “when used with xx conditioner”. Sales spiel or truth? Thing is, it’s just not good business to recommend using someone else’s products, so to prove their claims, it’s their own conditioner they test with. Shampoo is a stripper, conditioner is a giver. This is why most shampoo claims are backed up by conditioner use!

What works for your hair, might not for your face.

That specific brand of Argan hair oil transformed your tresses? There’s now a whole Argan oil candy store.

Here’s where some major savvy skills are involved. You gotta know what’s working for you. Is it the organic and natural ethos ingredient selection, or is it just 1 ingredient specific to that lotion?

Process of elimination is helpful. Get to know what’s in your beauty products, create yourself an INCI cheat sheet. Snap the ingredients list of anything that causes you skin irritation/spots/redness and get to know the commonalities between them! It’s easier than it sounds, the more you look at the ingredients, the more you remember them. if your ever in doubt, just tweet me!

Should You Stick With ONE Brand?

This boils down to trust. The magic ingredient of which no relationship can exist without. Have you built a healthy 2-sided relationship with the brand? Do you trust them to hold up their side of the deal? Like the one hit wonder of Gangnam style, is there that ONE smash-hit product that does it all? The question is, do you trust the rest of the range?

It’s ok not to.

The moisturising powers of cocoa butter might be great for your body. Who says they have to work best for your face too? Variety is the spice of life and all that! On the other hand. It’s not often you come across what looks like the foundations of a GREAT friendship. One where you share the same values. That’s something to cling onto like GOOSEGRASS!

No-one Wants to be THAT Flaky Friend

In truth, you need to stick with a product for several weeks, maybe a month or 2, before you can say that it works. Or before it can end up in the trash. *Disclaimer* If your bursting out in a rash, of course STOP. That’s not something to push through.

Sometimes there’s a rebound before you settle in. The sign of a good facial? Spots – huh. If you’re not a regular facial lady, then those special juices can trudge up gunk sat deep in your pores. It’s like the spring clean, everything gets pulled outta those cupboards, things look a hell of a lot messier before order is restored!

It’s also a good idea to change 1 product at a time so you know for sure which is responsible for that skin glow #finally!

Finally… Remember to Glow From Inside

Something we can forget as skincare junkies. Skin needs good food from within and out. That means eating, drinking and sleeping well too. #SleepingPro.

Are you a stick or twist kinda gurl?