The ultimate Revolution Skincare review. Choose the best Revolution skincare products for your very special skin type. Bookmark this cheat sheet for a go-to guide of best revolution skincare products split by skin type and skin concerns.

Revolution Skincare Review; The Absolute BEST Products For Your Skin Type

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Exciting, exciting, exciting! Revolution Skincare – it’s the NEW addition to the budget skincare which works family. Because spoiler alert – most skincare actives are pretty, crazy cheap. In fact – it’s the bottle and label printing which is usually THE expensive bit (!)

My friend, we’re talking less than £6 for a 0.5% retinol serum.

Under £10 for a CBD oil.

£5.95 for a 10% niacinamide serum.

To put that into context – a super popular brand (Paula’s Choice) charge £41 for a 10% niacinamide serum.

And because that Paula’s Choice serum is only 20ml vs. Revolution Skincare which is 30ml – it’s a shocking 10 times MORE expensive.

While Paula’s Choice use a whole host of partnering actives – and their formula is good – that price difference makes active skincare with huge potential to work, a whole lot more accessible/tryable/loveable to a whole lot more people.


In fact the most dough you’ll pay for any Revolution Skincare product is £12 – and that’s rare (!)

But – where do you start?

Active ingredient skincare can be shockingly hard to understand.

Because rather than looking for a serum which shouts anti-ageing with big, bold lettering on the label – instead you’re going to find a 0.5% retinol serum.

Instead of I will soothe your skin like I’m singing a lullaby serum, you will find a CBD super serum.

Instead of I will help iron away crow’s feet and fine lines like I’m a GHD straighter for your face serum, you will find 10% matrixyl serum.

There’s some code deciphering at work here. And you my friend can consider me your code decipher-er 😉

In the next 2 to 5 minutes we will have you sorted with THE BEST Revolution Skincare for your very special skin type and super specific skin needs. That’s because down below you are about to find a must bookmark cheat sheet of the best Revolution Skincare split per skin type and skin concerns. The ultimate way to get started with budget skincare which works.

Right-O my friend, let’s get to this shall we?

The ultimate Revolution Skincare review. Choose the best Revolution skincare products for your very special skin type. Bookmark this cheat sheet for a go-to guide of best revolution skincare products split by skin type and skin concerns.

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Revolution Skincare VS The Ordinary

Before we dive into skincare heaven, it’s worth taking a few moments to confront the especially super obvious question for anyone who’s used OG budget skincare brand The Ordinary. What makes Revolution Skincare different?

Quick recap if you haven’t heard of The Ordinary skincare – the bottom line is this – they’re pretty much the founders of/first uber successful line of cosmecutical budget skincare… aka skincare with actives ingredients in percentages which work. Like having a 10% cocoa chocolate vs. a 70% cocoa chocolate. The Ordinary skincare AND Revolution Skincare – they’re the 70% cocoa kind.

Here’s how Revolution Skincare are different;

1. There’s a whole load more fun here. While The Ordinary are ‘clinical’ Revolution Skincare are like what would happen if you crossed a doctor with a TopShop stylist. This means some Revolution Skincare formulas are not for everyone – for example, some Revolution Skincare products use small amounts of fragrance and essential oils, plus colourants. The Ordinary skincare do not. They are 0% here.

2. Revolution Skincare have ‘IT girl’ ingredients. There are some super specific actives I haven’t seen ANY other budget-skincare-which-works brand use (to date) – we’re talking trending actives like CBD oil, colloidal silver and CICA.

Psst – get your beautiful bum on my free 7-days Get Great Skin Started e-lesson course to find out which skincare actives are the absolute best for your unique skin type and skin concerns – join for free here.

3. Revolution Skincare are a heck load more approachable. Let’s face it, The Ordinary skincare can be intimidating – it’s why I create The Ordinary skincare routines for people like you – who feel confusion bombed about which products to use and what order to mix them in. Revolution Skincare use some names which are at first sight, gettable. While The Ordinary skincare has a Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA serum, Revolution Skincare has a Dark Spot Corrector Serum.

4. There are some Revolution Skincare products I wouldn’t recommend you use. If you were ever in doubt whether sponsored content tells you the real deal – here is proof. Some of Revolution Skincare formulas miss the mark in my skincare formulators eyes. That’s because of simple ‘faux-pas’ like using a lot of alcohol in their revolution quinoa night peel. How can you tell? Alcohol denat. is the first name after water on the ingredients list. It’s a no from me. All of the formulas I’m recommending you here are free from these FP’s and therefore have best super potential to do awesome things for your skin.

Revolution Skincare Review

Now’s to the juicy stuff my friend. The moment we get to find out which carefully selected Revolution Skincare products are THE ONE’s for you.

Quick tip; If you have a combination skin type and your main skin concern is acne or spots, do that control+F keyboard thang and type in ‘combination’ – It will in 0.00000001 seconds flat, bring you to the best Revolution Skincare for combination skin. Wahooo. Then do the same thing for the word ‘acne’ and bingo. Sorted.

In this guide you are about to find out the best Revolution Skincare for;

  • Acne/spot prone skin
  • Oily/combination skin
  • Age concerned/First signs of ageing skin
  • Mature skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry skin
  • Dull, dehydrated skin
  • Dark marks/uneven skin tone/hyper-pigmentation/acne scars

Ready to get your Revolution Skincare routine sorted? Let’s get you that 70% cocoa chocolate dear skin savvy…

Best Revolution Skincare for Acne/Spot Prone Skin

Skincare to make you boss of your acne (!) Here’s the thing with acne, spots and pimples, we know it’s caused by key biology changes in your skin.

Changes like;

  • Your skin becomes more oily and that oil aka sebum is stickier and prone to clogging pores
  • Your skin’s trapped in an inflammation cascade (basically like a waterfall that won’t turn off) – this is why you see pimples as red, raised bumps.
  • Your pores aren’t exfoliating properly – us scientists call this hyper-keratinization

Skincare which helps to reverse and rewind like Craig David, can help you battle away acne, spots and pimples. And here’s actives which can help you do it;

Why these actives work;

Niacinamide – hero of everything with a capital E. Niacinamide’s specifically fab for acne prone skin as it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-redness plus some science studies show it has potential to reduce sebum production while others show it can help to reduce microcomedones aka the foundations of a spot.

Zinc or Zinc PCA as you’ll see it on the ingredient list – both the Revolution Skincare 10% niacinamide serum and the 15% niacinamide serum contain zinc PCA. Zinc helps reduce how oily your skin is. Huzzah.

Kaolin (found in the charcoal purifying mask) helps ‘suck up’ sebum – it’s not going to reduce the amount of sebum your skin’s making, but it can help refresh your skin for sure. This is not to be overlooked as science shows us the type of sebum acne prone skin makes, aggravates skin and helps to trigger hyper-keratinization aka your pores stop exfoliating so well.

CICA aka Centella Asiatica – soothing god. Will help reduce redness and inflammation of acne, spots and pimples.

Salicylic acid – exfoliating active which is especially dissolvable in oil aka can get deep into your pores – where acne is born.

Best Revolution Skincare for Oily/combination skin

The key to healthy skincare for your oily/combination skin type; steer clear from skincare with lots of alcohol – it’s drying and will temporarily make your skin feel fab. Super addictive. Then, alcohol high skincare does this, it eats away your skin’s natural barrier (think of it like the walls of your skin house), making your skin’s battery health bar plummet. Yiksey (!)

Instead, here’s the secret – you want oil balancing skincare. Not oil devouring skincare.

Best Revolution Skincare for the job (all free from high amounts of alcohol denat.);

Why these actives work;

Niacnamide, zinc PCA and charcoal (see the acne/spot prone skin section above)

Green tea – you’ll find it as Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract on the label – known to help stop your skin converting androgens into up to 10 times more potent androgens, and you guessed it my friend – androgen hormones cause your skin to pump out the oil like they were firefighters at an Inferno.

Mattify boost – contains an ‘elastomer network’ – aka Cyclopentasiloxane with Polysilicone-11 which can help absorb excess sebum – think of it like tiny little fibres of abosrbable oil blotting sheets inside your skincare.

Best Revolution Skincare for Age Concerned/First Signs of Ageing Skin

Aka experience lines my friend. Be loud and proud about them, and also know it’s A-OK to age gracefully with fine line reversing skincare. It is not a contradiction – why wouldn’t you look after yourself eh. Skincare which helps anti-age or age protect your skin is doing one of 2 things;

  1. Helping to protect your skin’s collagen and elastin proteins from damage
  2. Boosting your skin’s creation of collagen and elastin proteins

These guys are like the scaffolding network to your skin and when they get damaged/harden/toughen or aren’t replaced enough – your skin gets ‘dimples’ – what you’re seeing as fine lines.

Knowing this makes it super simple to find age protecting skincare which works – that’s because you now know what an age protecting active needs to do i.e. protect or boost collagen and elastin.

Best Revolution Skincare for the job;

Why these actives work;

Copper peptides – ever grow blue crystals as a kid? Copper is the reason why they were blue (!) You’ll find copper in basically every cell of your body (but in tiny amounts because 1) you don’t want to look like a smurf and 2) in large amounts copper is toxic) – copper plays a super important part in skin healing and collagen health and renewal.

Glycolic acid – an exfoliating active which can also help boost your skin’s collagen production. Hooray.

Matrixyl (a peptide) – love peptides for the first signs of ageing as they’re especially sensitive to skin and skin similar – these guys boost and protect collagen health. Matrixyl has been specifically studied as being fantastic for helping prevent and reverse crows feet aka the experience of having smized through life.

EGF aka epidermal growth factor – Crazy fact; When EGF was first discovered – it won a noble prize (!) Not too shabby ‘eh. Bottom line; EGF helps your skin to act younger and healthier. Points a waggly finger at skin cells and says rest break is over, do this, now do that, now this – you have everything you need – no excuses.


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Best Revolution Skincare for Mature skin

What’s the difference between mature skin and skin that’s age concerned/has those first signs of ageing? It’s all about potency here. Plus direct action to boost precious collagen and elastin levels inside of your skin. You want to be looking for the post-person, not the mail. You want actives being delivered right to your skin’s front door. And you want them to be ones which are THE most well proven. Here’s that list my friend…

Best Revolution Skincare for mature skin;

Why these actives work;

Retinol – considered THE gold standard in anti-ageing, this active is a kind of vitamin A which has been proven over and over and over again to help reduce wrinkles, boost collagen production and iron out fine lines. Not bad benefits eh.

Bakuchiol – the new and natural retinol – that’s also light stable aka can be used in AM too.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – collagen booster (!) did you know without vitamin C your skin would literally fall apart? It’s called scurvy. Give your skin more vitamin C and your skin gets collagen making like it just came back from a spa break, is dripping in rejuvenation energy and ready to cook up collagen as if it tasted like chocolate cake. Oh yes.

Peptides/matrixyl – perfect for mature skin that’s also sensitive (see section on age concerned/first signs of ageing for more info on benefits)

Best Revolution Skincare for Sensitive skin

Eek – this is where Revolution Skincare really stand out, because if there could be just one ingredient for sensitive skin – it’s going to be cica aka centella asiatica.

Pro-tip – some drugstore skincare that’s called cica cream/paste/balm, doesn’t actually contain centella asiatica. Yikes right. The drugstore brands which do this, are aiming to get you associating their product with the soothing, calming and healing benefits of cica/centella asiatica – while their creams might do just that, it’s a big no-no from me. A bit like me telling you this block of brown cubes, wrapped in golden coated foil paper – is chocolate, when actually it contains 0% cocoa but instead a chemical which presses all the same taste-bud buttons on your tongue, as chocolate. It tastes exactly like chocolate but it doesn’t actually have cocoa… or any of the fab antioxidant benefits that come from it.

Wherever you see cica on the Revolution Skincare range, you can rest safe and easy that it does contain centella asiatica – the soothing herb with history.

If you have sensitive skin, you’re going to love Revolution Skincare vs The Ordinary and that’s because while The Ordinary skincare have some formulas that are uber sensitive to skin, they’re lacking in products which specifically use actives that help calm sensitive skin. Revolution Skincare aren’t.

These are the best Revolution Skincare picks for your sensitive skin my friend;

Quick note; All of these are 100% fragrance free – that means free from ‘parfum’ and free from essential oils.

Why these actives work;

CICA aka centella asiatica – which naturally contains 3 super soothers known as asiaticoside, asiatic acid, madecassic acid – it’s a star of ayurvedic medicine, which can be super controversial – mostly because ayurvedic medicine can be along the same lines as ‘old wives tales’. But guess what, sometimes old wives tales turn out to be 100% truth, we just didn’t yet know the science reasons for why they work. Centella is one of those herbs with truth. It’s super soothing, healing plus collagen boosting (anti-ageing) – and science now knows why.

Bisabolol – the bit of chamomile that makes it calming, healing, soothing and more. Complete love for sensitive skin.

CBD aka cannabidol – IT ingredient of the moment. It’s potently anti-inflammatory aka great for helping irritated and redness prone skin.

Aloe vera – this is what us scientists call a polysaccharide – it’s the same thing as hyaluronic acid and depending on how big the polysaccharide molecules are depends on whether it form a protective hydrating mesh on top of your skin or absorbs in an hydrates deep down. Usually contains bits of both (!)

Copper peptides – Anti-inflammatory, helps to re-create ideal skin health.

Best Revolution Skincare for Dry skin

I’m excited to share this list with you (!) Mostly because of 1 product. A product which contains an active ingredient in pure form. One which is like trying to find a needle in a haystack in the skincare world. Aka it is ridiculously rare to find. And here we’re finding it in a budget skincare pick. This is 100% awesomesauce.

As you have skin that’s dry, you have skin that’s lacking in a magic active called essential fatty acids. These are skin oils which your body cannot make. So how does it get them? Your amazing, mind-boggling beautiful body, get’s them from the food you eat. Food goes in, gets digested, nutrients are absorbed from your intestines into your blood stream and then transported to every living cell in your body. Huzzah.

Skincare which helps care best for your dry skin, replaces these essential fatty acids plus helps form a new, protective skin barrier, allowing your own to heal up underneath.

These my friend are the best Revolution Skincare picks for your dry skin;


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Psst; skin that’s dry, lets in more irritants and extras. That’s why it can also be dry, red, irritated and sensitive – some of the above picks like the Revolution Skincare CICA balm are also anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Why these actives work;

Linolenic acid and linoleic acid (found in Revolution Skincare Night Restore Oil) – the one I’m super excited to share with you – yessa – these 2 actives together are THE essential fatty acids your skin needs. Now usually you can find these in natural oils like hemp seed oil (why it’s always recommended for dry skin) and evening primrose oil – but – these natural oils don’t contain essential fatty acids as the individual building blocks aka linolenic acid and linoleic acid.Instead they contain ‘fatty acids’ – these are like 3 molecules of linolenic acid being held together by a book spine. The 3 linoleic acid molecules are the pages of your book and the hardcover is the binding glue. Can you see where this is going my friend – your skin needs to break down the binding glue before it gets at those essential fatty acids. There’s evidence your skin can do this – but in small amounts. Finding these pure actives in your skincare delivers the magic active straight in. Studies show fat free diets make skin dry – and that when linoleic and linolenic acid are put onto skin – dry skin heals. Yes to that.

Glycine Soja Oil (found in Revolution Skincare Night Restore Oil) – contains natural actives called soy phytosterols – these guys can help repair a broken skin barrier.

Squalane (found in Revolution Skincare Night Restore Oil) – skin similar version of a major oil found in human sebum called squalene – helps condition and nourish skin.

Extra; Almost all the picks on this best Revolution Skincare for dry skin list also contain shea butter or cocoa butter or coconut oil or hemp seed oil – these are fabilishous for nourishing dry skin.

Best Revolution Skincare for Dull, Dehydrated skin

Not a skin type but instead a temporary skin condition. For best care of your skin it’s super important to know whether you have dry skin or whether your skin is temporarily dehydrated. Dehydrated skin needs water based formulas full of actives which can trap, lock and vault water into your skin. We’re talking banking security standards here 😉

Face masks can be a fab pick for dehydrated skin that’s also combination/oily. And this my friend is one of those skincare niches where Revolution Skincare stand out. Because they have a heck load of face masks. These are treatment products that can give your skin a boost as and when it’s needed. This is vs. adding in a new product to your routine that your skin just doesn’t need 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month.

The best Revolution Skincare picks for your dehydrated skin are;

Why these actives work;

Hyaluronic acid – another IT girl ingredient, it’s naturally found in your skin and here it swells up with water aka plumps your skin plus locks on to water molecules and traps them inside.

Glycerin (contained in super high amounts in Revolution Skincare Warming Gel Moisturising Face Mask) – you’ll find this active in almost any kind of water based skincare, that’s because it’s fantastic at hydrating skin… and it’s also pretty cheap as far as hydrating actives go – this Revolution Skincare pick stands out because glycerin is 1st on the list, meaning there’s most of this in the evolution Skincare Warming Gel Moisturising Face Mask. An exciting treatment product for your skin.

Honey – it works exactly like glycerin (!) ever noticed how honey is stickier if you get it on your hands? Well you only feel it as sticky because honey molecules have locked onto water molecules. Crazy eh.

Oatmeal – love this active – soothing/calming/healing/pH balancing – plus it also contains polysaccharides aka actives which can help seal your skin barrier and lock in water.

Best Revolution Skincare for Dark Marks/Uneven Skin Tone/Hyper-pigmentation/Acne Scars

Here’s the dealiO with uneven skin tone/hyper-pigmentation/acne scars/dark marks – they are areas of skin where your skin cells are suddenly over making melanin. That’s the pigment which gives your skin colour. The cells you have which make melanin get over activated/frazzled when;

  1. They get stressed by UV light.
  2. They get stressed by pollution particles – note – pollution particles have been specifically linked to dark marks/sun spots/liver spots on cheeks.
  3. They’re activated by skin damage like spots/acne breakouts
  4. They’re over activated by hormones – it’s why for some people the pill or pregnancy can cause dark skin marks.

First stop – we know why uneven skin tone/hyper-pigmentation happens. Phew. Which means we also know how to help reverse it. We do the opposite of what our skin’s doing to make it. Think of it like sending your melanin making cells on a spa break. They’re frazzled, spinning around in a multi-tasking whirlwind and need some r&r to hit that shiny gold re-set button with a… sledge hammer (!)

Here’s some skincare from Revolution Skincare that’s going to help you do just that;

Psst; there are lots of other actives/products which Revolution Skincare make which can help you reverse dark marks, but these 2 are THE ones  with best potential to show you fab results.

That’s because they contain these actives;

Vitamin C as sodium ascorbyl phosphate (in Revolution Skincare Dark Spot Corrector) – this active also sometimes has the brand name of STAY-C 50. How covert eh. It’s brightening and gets in the way of your skin making melanin. It’s a protected form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which means it’s a load more stable aka more love/active for your skin.

Vitamin C as ascorbic acid (in Revolution Vitamin C Super Serum) – vitamin C is known for lightening and brightening skin – here it’s in the OG form as ascorbic acid aka the form which a heck load of skin studies have been completed on.

Niacinamide (in Revolution Skincare Dark Spot Corrector) – also known as vitamin B3. Studied to help brighten skin aka reduce dark spots.

Ferulic acid (in Revolution Skincare Dark Spot Corrector) – potent antioxidant found in plants which gets in the way of your skin over making melanin.

Wow. There you have it my friend. The best Revolution Skincare for your very special skin. Do you need help pulling together a Revolution Skincare routine? Come ask me your questions down below…

Oh and p.s. got a friend or BFF looking for budget skincare which works? Gift them the link to this blog.