NO guilt chocolate

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NO guilt chocolate
 I cannot even begin to explain how much of a chocaholic I am, this week I had a French lesson and my tutor put a glass of chocolate raisins in front of me – they lasted about 5 minutes, I don’t even like raisins that much! I felt so rude, but when it comes to chocolate, ‘My name is Cheryl Woodman and I am an addict!’

I have decided to no longer feel guilty about this and here is why…


1) Chocolate reduces your risk of heart disease
This has been scientifically proven, so it’s really like taking medicine, one chocolate a day keeps the doctor away? Or 5? Really I can eat more if needed! There is a catch here, it’s the cocoa solids that contain the substances that are healthy (flavonoid antioxidants), this means eating high cocoa solids chocolate.
2) Chocolate makes you feel good
Chocolate contains a chemical called Phenylethylamine which makes your brain release dopamine when you eat it, this is one of those chemicals which will make you feel good… and I definitely do post chocolate gorge!
3) It’s basically a nut
And nuts are healthy for you! Well here’s the thing, when chocolate is made from the cocoa bean, the cocoa fats and the cocoa solids are separated out, then depending on the type of chocolate being made, they are mixed back together at different ratios. So white chocolate is just cocoa fats, milk chocolate has cocoa fats and a little bit of solids and dark chocolate has what it says on the label (70%, 75%, 80% and up, up you go). I have gone as far as 100% cocoa solids chocolate – but I’m not a fan of this one (it’s really bitter!). Anyway the point is the cocoa solids are good for you, it’s the cocoa fats which you don’t want too much of. My cheat is hot chocolate – lots of cocoa solids, less fat.