My acne journey, acne story, healing from acne and perioral dermatitis - review.

Kristine’s Acne Journey: Healing from Acne & Perioral Dermatitis

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‘My acne journey’, 20 years ago Kristine started struggling with acne breakouts. Recurring swollen pimples around her chin and nose. She remembers her skin being so oily that her glasses would slip down her nose.

She was trapped in a constant cycle of treating and healing acne.

Then perioral dermatitis struck. Her doctor said it was just a mild case but even so, Kristine’s skin was getting really red and rashy… she tried a prescription cream to help clear it up but didn’t notice much of a difference – as soon as she stopped her skin just stayed red, she had tried to start the prescription cream again when her skin got super angry and flared up badly.

Last week Kristine told me – you were my last resort!

Fast foward 6 months to today and Kristine finally has calm, clear skin she feels happy and confident in. She tells me, my skin hasn’t looked and felt this good in over 20 years!

So what ‘science magic’ worked to heal Kristine’s acne and perioral dermatitis when nothing had worked for Kristine before – not even prescription creams.

Come take a peek at how as a skin health scientist, I work with women 1-2-1 to clear skin naturally – and oh heck yes, you’re going to see Kristine’s amazing progress photos too.

My acne journey, acne story, healing from acne and perioral dermatitis - review.

Healing Acne & Perioral Dermatitis Naturally

While I run an online Acne Clinic, 6 months ago Kristine had the extra complication of perioral dermatitis and so we enrolled her in my SkinCoach Me Pro program to target, tackle and heal both.

She rated her acne at a 6/10 and her perioral dermatitis at a 4/10.

And told me, In the past when I was treating my skin with things, it would get really itchy, now I just wash with water and use jojoba oil if I need a moisturiser. Before my skin was oily enough for my glasses to slip down my nose, but now it gets really dry.

This was my first alarm bell – because the fact is, dry skin can be a trigger cause of acne breakouts just as much as oily skin. It’s all a state of imbalance – a sign your skin barrier health’s struggling.

I thought it was likely products Kristine had used to help heal her acne, products that ultimately hadn’t worked, had actually ended up over-drying her skin, wrecking her skin barrier and causing her perioral dermatitis.

In the past, Kristine had tried products like Curology, Proactiv, Neutrogena and Clean and Clear.

She had been told by the dermatologist to stop her Curology prescription as she was seeing bumps and redness coming through on her chin.

Which made it my first priority to heal Kristine’s skin barrier and quickly before her symptoms could worsen. Not only would healing Kristine’s skin barrier help pacify perioral dermatitis symptoms immediately, it would also begin to build resilience in her skin that would help stop acne breakouts.

Here’s what Kristine’s skin looked like when we first started working together;

Acne and perioral dermatitis symptoms before.

The big takeaway: it can be so, incredibly tempting to reach for what I call ‘blitz it skincare’ to get rid of acne. I’ve been there myself – and it’s especially trapping if you see something working in the beginning – because then you use more and more of it and stronger and stronger strengths. You just want your skin to be clear.

The big kicker is most acne treatments which ‘get rid of spots overnight’ like drying lotions, almost always harm your skin barrier because they’re working against your skin’s natural biology. A strategy which can kill off acne bacteria quickly – this is why spots heal. But psst, this strategy also kills off all your good skin bacteria so your skin ends up struggling to be clear for good.

Blitz-it skincare can be a big trigger for conditions like perioral dermatitis.

Healing Acne and Perioral Dermatitis Naturally with Skincare

I set Kristine up with a personal skincare routine that was like a fluffy hammock to her skin. Repairing her skin barrier, replenishing her skin’s natural moisturising factors, and nourishing her good skin bacteria.

Kristine printed out my skincare routine and stuck it up in her bathroom cupboard. Within months Kristine was seeing her dermatitis going away.

Kristine told me I can see my skin has a better tone to it – my skin doesn’t seem as red and is now getting smoother.

This photo is taken just one month after Kristine started her new skincare routine (and also made some key food and supplement changes – more about those soon).

Healing acne and perioral dermatitis - one month progress photos.

You can see how much awesome progress she made in such a short space of time right?

There’s a mammoth reduction in breakouts. Her skin is calmer and redness has completely reduced.

I couldn’t wait to get Kristine started when she enrolled on my SkinCoach Me Pro program because I could already see big triggers for both acne and perioral dermatitis in her day-to-day skincare routine and diet.

To be super clear – this isn’t about Kristine being unhealthy in any way. Kristine was eating healthily when she first came to work with me. The big challenge is, what’s healthy for one person’s unique human biology, can cause acne and perioral dermatitis flares for another person’s unique human biology.

The key takeaway: eating ‘all the healthy things’ can actually cause acne and perioral dermatitis flare-ups.

At this point, Kristine also tells me she had no headaches or energy crashes over the last month!!!! Symptoms she had been struggling with for years.

Healing Acne and Perioral Dermatitis Naturally With Diet

Here’s a super important fact not many women know – every meal you eat impacts your hormone balance.

Let that big fact sink in for a moment – hormonal acne can be treated with natural changes to your diet. It’s incredibly exciting to realise you don’t have to go on the pill to get control of your acne.

I tell you this because when Kristine first started working with me she saw big hormonal acne flare-ups. Acne breakouts she could pin to certain times of her cycle.

How to heal monthly hormonal acne flares and breakouts.

We balance Kristine’s hormones naturally with simple food strategies and two carefully selected supplements – and as a direct benefit of these changes, Kristine sees her skin starting to be consistently clear for the first time in years. 

Before Kristine’s breakouts took weeks to heal, at this point, Kristine’s seeing breakouts healing in days. At the maximum, a swollen breakout was healing quickly and was completely gone in just 4 to 5 days.

Key takeaway: once you identify the root cause of your acne and perioral dermatitis you can see big improvements in your skin and quickly. Active breakouts and flares stop being a thing and then we move to the next step – healing ‘the grumbly skin leftovers’ i.e. redness, dark marks from acne breakouts and uneven skin tone.

Kristine’s Acne Journey

When we started Kristine rated her acne as a 6/10 and was having monthly hormonal breakouts – now she’s consistently clear!

When we started Kristine told me her skin type was oily, sensitive and dry – now she tells me it’s normal, calm, soft, supple and smooth!

When we started Kristine was having regular headaches and energy crashes – now she tells me I’ve had no headaches or energy crashes! I don’t even remember the last time I had a true headache – like the throbbing headache I used to get.

I asked Kristine how she feels in her skin now and she gave me one word – happy.

Kristine's acne journey, acne story, healing from acne and perioral dermatitis.

Kristine wants you to know…

Kristine's acne journey, acne story, healing from acne and perioral dermatitis - review.
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