The magic and fast working spot treatment, that not many people know about!

Magic Spot Solution

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I thank Chloe Sims from ‘The Only Way is Essex’ for this tip! I have suffered from spots ironically not as a teenager, but more as an adult. It seems stress, hormones and air conditioning all set my skin off.

The magic and fast working spot treatment, that not many people know about!

At one point I even consulted a pharmacist as I was getting so fed-up, they were pretty un-helpful telling me there was nothing I could use to help, it was what it was and there was nothing I could do about it. At best he offered a benzyl peroxide face wash, which I brought but never used. Like a lot of acne targeted products its aim is to ‘dry out’ your skin, Benzyl Peroxide in particular can also be used to bleach hair. I didn’t fancy trying this one out on my sensitive skin!

Trapped in a vicious skin cycle of too oily, too dry, too oily, too dry – Chloe Sims rescued me. During an episode of TOWIE (my guilty pleasure), she recommended Sudocream to a friend suffering from acne. At the time I thought ‘oh yea’ another product claiming to help but likely making it worse in the end.

Well… a couple of weeks later in Boots, I was desperately searching the shelves again for a solution product, and remembered the recommendation. Being pretty cheap I thought there was no harm in trying.

When I opened the cream ready to put it on I did not expect the ‘paste’ I found and felt very strange about lathering my face in it. It doesn’t really rub into your skin, so I used it a little like a face mask in the evening and went to bed! I woke up in the morning and COULD NOT believe the difference, how can skin change so quickly?

Well I have been using on and off as my skin needs ever since and have NEVER looked back.

Why does it work? Our hero ingredient is Zinc. It speeds up our skins healing process helping us to fight the spots. There is also evidence it reduces the amount of sebum production therefore helping in the long term too. The zinc itself acts as a catalyst, this basically means it helps to promote the processes that help our skin stay healthy. It’s like using a hair dryer to speed up drying your hair, or cranking up an oven to cook food faster.

Thanks to Chloe for this one!