Is it Time to Breakup with Your Favourite Beauty Products?

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Favourites are our staples, our go to’s, our reliable’s. It’s that moment when you have a spot breakout pre date night or it’s the first flip-flop wearable day of summer and you need to get those feet in presentable condition. We KNOW our go to products because after years of searching we have found something that works for us!
BUT have you ever experienced (and I say this with that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach), when that go to product doesn’t work for you anymore? Have you blamed yourself? Beginning to sound like a self-help book here!

I remember the years it took me to find a deodorant that worked ‘for me’, the first one was called ‘Mum’ (do you remember it?), then it stopped working ‘for me’, then I moved onto  ‘Sure’ roll-on, which was great, used that for years and then again one day it just stopped working.

It’s not you it’s me
My first thought when products stop working is that my body has changed. Usually going through a period of denial, yes I have just realized I follow the ‘7 stages of grief’, I remain loyal to my trusted product hoping that it’s just a blip.

Actually it’s NOT me, it’s you!
Companies are continually changing their formulations for personal and beauty care products. Sometimes this is done to make that new ingredient claim on pack, sometimes it’s to make the formulation cheaper and other times it’s driven by new regulations. You’ve probably already guessed the later 2 reasons are not usually promoted to us as buyers of the products, so we would have no idea the formulation has changed, but sometimes as a result it’s less effective for us!

When Sure deodorant stopped working for me, it was around the same time they started making a 48hour claims on pack. To this day I am still not quite sure who needs their deodorant to last 48 hours?
Is it all over?
Do you have to breakup and accept your love affair is over with your favorite beauty product? For the moment a ‘break’ may be recommendable, but there is something you can do! Unless you tell someone about it (ok, I could definitely write a self-help book!) nothing can be done.
Cosmetic and personal care companies spend millions on understanding their consumers, and guess what – they also put a trusty phone number on the back of each product so you can give them constructive feedback. If they get enough of the same comments, then they may make the decision to reverse the formulation change!