How to tan faster and darker quickly. I’m a scientist and it is possible. These 3 how to tan faster hacks work. The first one’s going to shock you crazy.

How to Tan Faster. How to Tan Quickly. These 3 Science Hacks Work.

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Can you have it all? Can you tan fast with less sun damage? Glow like a golden goddess without ageing like a pug. They’re cute and all but… 😉

Spoiler alert – how to tan faster is not a myth. You really can tan faster and quicker. And yes, this can help prevent sun damage. Ironic eh.

Truth be told – beautiful sunshine is just like anything else. Its poison is in its dose.

On one hand, tanning can be a sign of healthfulness – and that’s because your skin’s just made vital vitamin D – yay. On the other hand, tanning can be a sign of dangerous skin damage – and that’s because UV light is a well-established carcinogen.

Isn’t it crazy to see it written like that.

So dear friend, if you’ve been wondering how to tan faster or how to tan quickly aka how to golden goddess without ‘pugging’ later in life, then you are in exactly the right place.

Because today I have 3 lesser-known, ‘how to tan faster’ science hacks which work. Wahoo. I’m so excited to share these with you, so let’s get going shall we?

How to tan faster and darker quickly. I’m a scientist and it is possible. These 3 how to tan faster hacks work. The first one’s going to shock you crazy.

1. Tan Faster By Tanning Every Other Day

Isn’t this one a beauty. Tan quicker by tanning less. It’s ridiculous sounding… and proven by published science papers. #MindBending

This science hit our bookshelves in November 2018.

Ok, so what the heck’s going on here eh?

Think of it like this. Can you remember the last time you multi-tasked? Maybe Love Island’s on TV and you have the ASOS app open on your phone 😉

Can neither confirm nor deny this was me last week 🙂

[Love Island spoiler alert] As you’re scrolling through 1, 634 pairs of ‘slouchy mom jeans’ you’re ‘blacking out’ at recoupling (!) you’re in, you’re out, you’re in, you’re out and then all of a sudden – what the heck? Toby’s now sitting next to Abigail. You rewind like a caffeine-fuelled Craig David and zone in… only to have your ASOS basket expire 😱

You know it eh. Multitasking is myth. It doesn’t work. It makes everything slower.

And this is exactly why tanning every other day is a mind-bending how to tan faster hack. 

Because as your skin’s absorbing sunshine, so many vital biology changes are getting kicked off.

And some of them have the same ‘boss’.

Take a peek at this study quote below. And don’t worry if it sounds like science-gook, I’ve got your back and I’m de-gooking for you after 🙂

Skin sun exposure induces two protection programs: stress responses and pigmentation, the former within minutes and the latter only hours afterward. Although serving the same physiological purpose, it is not known whether and how these programs are coordinated. Here, we report that UVB exposure every other day induces significantly more skin pigmentation than the higher frequency of daily exposure, without an associated increase in stress responses.Mol Cell. 2018 Nov 1; 72(3): 444–456.e7.

Phew – it really is gooky eh.

Notice that bit in bold?

It’s telling us when the sun’s hitting your skin, your skin’s activating two really important ‘programs’. Just like on a computer. One is helping to anti-stress your skin – think of it like handing your skin a chocolate bar.

The other is helping your skin to make tan aka pigmentation.

That’s the how to tan faster pathway. The one we want to activate more.

But because the chocolate pathway and the how to tan faster pathway have the exact same boss (shown later in this science paper) – one’s always getting left out.

This boss absolutely has a favourite employee and this one’s the gal who hands out chocolate bars.

I mean she would be my fav too 😉

Bottom line – if your skin’s stress response is being continually activated every day sunshine, then that how to tan faster pathway, the one which makes more pigment – isn’t getting switched on as much.

Boom – this is how to tan quicker by tanning every other day.

And p.s. you can also help support your skin’s anti-stress response (aka speed up its work) by using anti-ageing antioxidants – come get your free copy of my 5 Best Anti-Ageing Actives to get started now

2. Tan Quicker By Using Tan Accelerators

This is a clinically proven how to tan faster hack. Wahoo.

And it’s really simple. Put a cream on your skin that contains a tan accelerator (not a sunless self-tanner) and you can soon be tanning faster and quicker. Plus your tan can be longer-lasting. Basically, you’re about to become a golden goddess quicker than all of your friends 😉

Now here’s the deal. Your skin has a rate-limiting step when it comes to making tan aka your skin making more pigment.

A rate-limiting step is like needing to get you and 10 of your friends from home to town with only one pedal bike.

That one bike’s only taking one friend at a time.

It’s ‘limiting the rate’ of how quickly you and 10 friends are going to get to town.

But now imagine 10 bikes appear. Awesomesauce eh.

10 bikes mean you and 10 friends get going together. At the same time. Wahoo.

This is exactly how tan accelerators work – they give your skin more bikes.

Because tanning has an extremely well known about rate-limiting step.

And it’s the conversion of an amino acid your skin has called tyrosine by an enzyme your skin has called tyrosinase.

When you’re out dancing in the beautiful sunshine (please send some my way), your skin’s level of tyrosine goes down. And so your skin can’t tan as quickly or as fast because it doesn’t have enough ingredients.

Some effective tan accelerators help give your skin more of these starting ingredients aka tyrosine – here’s an example.

Other tan accelerators give fuel to that enzyme called tyrosinase – kind of like supplying them with a double espresso shot – they suddenly get a heck load of energy.

And this means your skin tans faster and darker.

Some examples of tan accelerator actives include;

  • Adenosine triphosphate
  • Riboflavin
  • Isochrysis galbana extract

Psst – big watch out if you have hyperpigmentation prone skin – Isochrysis galbana extract is included in The Ordinary’s “B” Oil – see how here it’s on my list of tan accelerators? It’s shown to accelerate tanning and to cause your skin to make more melanin – you don’t want this to be happening on your face if it’s hyperpigmentation prone.

Tan accelerators and activators can either give your skin;

  • More tyrosine
  • ‘Caffeinate’ tyrosinase aka your skin’s melanin (aka skin pigment aka tan) making pathways
  • Do both of the above together

This helps your skin tan faster, quicker and darker because it;

  1. Increases your skin’s melanin content – this means darker skin pigmentation
  2. Accelerates tanning during sun exposure

Boom – how to tan faster hack number two – use a tan activator or tan accelerator with proven ingredients. And don’t worry my friend, If you need help choosing a product that contains a proven tan quicker active that’s perfect for your skin type, come book in with me for a skincare review.

3. Tan Quickly By Using Tan Supplements

Okay, okay. So laying all cards on the table here – this how to tan faster hack is a wee bit more controversial.

That’s because there are two kinds of tanning supplements;

  1. One’s which contain ingredients that make your skin go orange – like how if you eat too many carrots you’ll look like you’ve been Tangoed 😉
  2. Tan supplements that contain Tyrosine

The second group is super controversial because they’re not approved by the FDA and there’s some question about their safety. They’re also not proven by studies to help you tan faster.

So if you’re wondering how to tan faster and want to try a supplement I would stick with group one.

These tan supplements contain actives with strong potential to make your skin get more orangey… which mimics what your skin’s own pigment can do.

Basically, you’re adding more pigment to your skin.

Imagine you’re making a carrot cake but the natural carrots only turn your cake creamy orange. Now you’re reaching for the concentrated orange food dye and boom – bright orange carrot cake.

Tan supplements are like adding in a drop or two of food dye.

And they tend to contain pigmenting antioxidants like;

Psst – these actives are all from the same family – and they have the ‘family name’ of carotenoids. Here’s a how to tan faster tan supplement that’s based on them.

Oh and they can also help you channel golden goddess without looking like a cuddly pug later in life – that’s because – and I bet you’ve guessed this already eh 😀 they’re anti-ageing antioxidants.

Double psst – make sure to download your free copy of my 5 Best Anti-Ageing Actives to keep pug wrinkles for pugs. Click here to get it now. 

And there you have it my friend, my 3 must know how to tan faster hacks. Which one shocked you the most? And have you tried any of these before? Let me know in the comments below. 

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