How to stop concealer from creasing under eyes? I hear you. Concealer creasing can have you looking 10 years older (not 10 years younger!) These makeup artists have over 60 years combined experience in preventing concealer creasing. Here are their top tips. #honestyforyourskin #concealercreasing

How to Stop Concealer from Creasing Under Your Eyes: 4 Top MUAs Answer

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How to stop concealer from creasing under eyes. Isn’t it the worst.

Before we get there. I have a super embarrassing confession to make. Maybe you already know this about me.

I’m a huge reality TV fan. HUGE.

My brain thinks it’s even better than melt in the middle chocolate pudding.

So don’t judge me when I say – yes I LOVE The Bachelor… and The Bachelorette and Below Deck… and Married At First Sight (psst – Australia’s the BEST one 🙂)…

One day I’m sitting down to watch my favourite season ever. Andi Dorfmon – season 10 – The Bachelorette.

But instead of feeling like I’m watching an episode of Sex In The City – with me drawling over every beautiful ‘omgosh i want it too’ outfit choice. This episode is out of the blue and into the golden.

It’s the most hilarious date ever.

A full-on ‘what will you look like in 50 years time?’, head-to-toe makeover.

Granny clothes. Wrinkle-making prosthetics. Temporary ice grey hair dye. Heck, they even throw in a walker.

Yes, there are apps that can do it but when you can have the real thing… and then go on a hot date with a guy you fancy 😂

It was too funny. 

Andi’s in major, I just saw a ghost shock, as she opens her eyes and the mirror reveals her 80 year old granny look. Can you imagine?

I imagine it like that moment you look in the mirror (with bathroom fluorescent lighting – isn’t it the worst) thinking you’re looking like hot stuff and – OMGOSH what the – did I draw crows feet on my face this morning? Then doodle deep wrinkles around my lower eye lids just for fun? 😂

A moment which sends you on a mad Google for best concealer to prevent creasing, how to stop concealer from creasing under eyes, how do you keep concealer from settling in creases and lines? And why oh WHY does my concealer always crease?

I so get it. And today’s new blog, well, it’s inspired by a wonderful SkinCoachee of mine. She asked me these exact same questions.

And so I thought – let’s get the ultimate once and for all how do you keep concealer from settling in creases and lines? answer. Let’s ask some especially talented makeup artists.

MUAs with over 60 years combined experience in the industry.

Here’s what they want you to know my friend…

How to stop concealer from creasing under eyes? I hear you. Concealer creasing can have you looking 10 years older (not 10 years younger!) These makeup artists have over 60 years combined experience in preventing concealer creasing. Here are their top tips. #honestyforyourskin #concealercreasing

The wonderful Ivana and I get voice noting on Instagram and I absolutely love her answers to ‘how to stop concealer from creasing under eyes’. Ivana’s a London-based glamorous bridal MUA.

And I love her answer because she points out an exponentially important point.

In a way I had never thought of before.

As I hear her words I think – yes, yes, yes – omgosh ‘that’s the nail on the head’.

“…try to apply the concealer rather than all over your eye, which used to be a trend – rather focus in the corner and almost on the bone of the nose where it’s the most purple – try to focus most of the conealer there and whatever is left, blend out around the rest of the under eye – this will make sure that you cover the discoloration that is needed but you don’t add extra product that is not needed around the area that is not creasing.”

Did you see it?

That word. Trend.

In so many YouTube videos you get taught it. Heck, there’s even a dot technique and an under-eye triangle technique. Both of which have you putting under-eye concealer directly on areas of your eye that crease often.

But… it’s a trend. Not necessarily ‘the right way to apply under eye concealer’.

In fact, you might think of these tutorials as a ‘how to make concealer crease under your eyes’ masterclass 😉

A few days before I got voice noting with Ivana, she was leading a makeup masterclass and confesses – “this is still one of the #1 questions I get asked – everyone is still struggling with this.”

How to Stop Concealer From Creasing Under Eyes – Ivana’s Extra Top Tips

“…what I can always recommend is less is more.

Basically, I would always recommend if you have a really light concealer to always start with less and build up slowly rather than going straight ahead with crazy amounts of concealer that you can’t blend out and it just starts to crease right away.

Last tip is to not set concealer with a brush, it’s the biggest trick that I can recommend and it literally looks photoshopped, flawless and poreless and will stop creasing under your eyes, is to get a powder puff – you can buy them on Amazon – a really nice kind of a fluffy powder puff that you can really get anywhere – and to tap it into translucent powder or whatever powder you’re using but it needs to be a loose one – and tap the excess on your hand and then apply it on your under eye.”

How Do You Keep Concealer From Settling in Creases and Lines?

…and from making you have an Andi Dorfman granny date 😉

I was excited to hear Dani’s 3 top tips as I asked her this question.

Dani is a fashion and beauty makeup artist with 27 years of experience in the industry. 

Impressive eh.

And her work is so naturally, beautiful.

Dani’s 3 Top Tips for Stopping Concealer Creasing Under Eyes

“1- Choose a concealer for under eyes that is light in texture and not too heavy – in particular, light reflecting.

2 – Use your ring finger to gently pat the concealer in and make sure not to drag around the delicate eye area.

3 – Use some hyaluronic eye patches beforehand which will help plump and hydrate the eye area pre concealer use.”

Psst – if you want to look out for light-reflecting ingredients in your under-eye concealer, look for;

  1. Mica – it’s the most common
  2. Boron nitride
  3. Bonus – you can also get light diffusing/ or blurring soft-focus effect actives like polymethylsilsesquioxane
  4. Extra bonus – use a plumping or hydrating eye patch or cream which also contains anti-ageing actives to help prevent eye creases long term – wahoo – my free 5 best anti-ageing actives cheatsheet will help you get started – get your copy here.

How To Stop Concealer From Creasing

My friend, let me introduce you to the wonderful Madeleine, her Instagram makeup tutorials have me feeling like I’m a kid again, transfixed by watching my mum putting on her makeup.

Psst – Madeleine looks nothing like my mum and is more my age than my mum’s 🥰 but her calm style has me transported, transfixed and always wanting more.

[I mean I can pencil down watching Madeleine’s Instagram tutorials as ‘meditation’ – right?]

Here are Madeleine’s 3 top tips for how to stop concealer creasing under eyes;

“1) Priming skin is always key to making whatever base you put on look good – and it’s no different around eyes. If you use eye cream, tap it in to make sure it is evenly spread, then wait before applying concealer if possible – I usually try to give it 20 minutes so I’m not applying directly to anything very slippy (unless the concealer is very thick and needs that to work well).

2) A little goes a long way with undereye concealer, and the more you apply, the more likely it is to crease, so try to apply just a touch and pat it in to see if it’s enough. You could also add a colour corrector underneath if you need extra coverage without bulk.

3) Try adding just a whisper of powder to fix the concealer – and if it still creases, just tap away the bits where it’s collected with your ring finger”

Extra – I knew you might be wondering this 🙂 and so I got Madeleine to answer one last quick question for me – Do you recommend using eye cream/moisturiser or a primer to prep your under-eye area?

Answer“Eye creams or moisturisers” in fact Madeline confesses she rarely uses primers, “there’s enough faff and products involved for most people so if they can get away, so to speak, without a primer, I’d encourage them to.”

Psst – if you’re wanting to find anti-ageing actives inside your best priming eye cream or moisturiser, then be sure to grab your free copy of my 5 Best Anti-Ageing Actives cheatsheet here.

How To Stop Makeup Creasing Under Eyes

And to the wonderful Hannah who – yes you do recognise – from her full blog interview with me on ‘How to Hide Pimples’ – you can peek at that here if you missed it.

Hannah is a London-based makeup artist who works on everything from high fashion photoshoots to events like the likes of TedX. 


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I love a good TedX – I so recommend their days – I’m headed to my second this year and with these top tips – even though I’m in the audience, I know my under eyes will be as spot-on as the speakers 😉

Here’s what Hannah wants you to know about how to stop concealer from creasing under eyes;

“There’s a few things that need to be considered. It’s likely that too much has been applied, or the product itself is too thick to go under the eyes.

As the skin is thin under the eyes and we show a lot of facial expression in the eyes, heavy product applications will always crease. Some people can get away with it more than others, so you need to look at your own anatomy as well.

For me I naturally have dark circles and an indentation (always have from when I was young, even with lots of sleep and hydration), the muscles in my face are quite strong too, whatever expression I make, so if I wear thick makeup all these lines start to appear.

…it’s the same around the eyes, if you have physical puffy bags, and deep indent lines then a shadow is always going to be created. Try to use eye brighteners instead of the concealer you might use for spots, they contain light reflecting particles so they better bounce light off so it gives an illusion of brightening the area.

Then you can always add a LITTLE amount of a thicker concealer in that first quarter area where it tends to be darker for extra oomf.

Use a translucent fine powder to set, I use one that has the same brightening technology in it. A foundation powder will again be too heavy, so don’t use that as an under eye setting powder.”

And you my friend are sorted. They’ll be no Andi Dorfman granny dates for you from here on out… well… unless you choose to. I mean – they do sound kind of fun eh. 

If you have any extra questions about how to stop concealer from creasing under eyes drop them in the comments below 🙂

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