How to minimize your pores. Make the magnifying mirror your new best friend with these 5 failsafe pore minimizing changes. Plus 1 may just actually shrink yours – yes it’s possible. Come find out all.

5 Failsafe Ways to Minimize Your Pores

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Your pores are like volcano pots – they’ll always be with you but sometimes they’ll be in hibernation, sometimes in simmer mode and sometimes in full on volcanic explosion.

Have you been asking yourself;

How can you minimize pores? Can you really shrink pores? Why do I have big pores? How can I reduce pores on my face? What is the best treatment for large pores? How do I stop my addiction to the magnifying mirror?

Then do not worry my friend, today I have 5 failsafe and not so well-known ways to minimize your pores plus one which can actually have a measurable shrinking effect. Something us scientists don’t usually like to say is possible.

Are you ready to put your pores back into hibernation mode? Then come make these 5 changes as part of your pore minimizing skincare routine now…

How to minimize your pores. Make the magnifying mirror your new best friend with these 5 failsafe pore minimizing changes. Plus 1 may just actually shrink yours – yes it’s possible. Come find out all.

1. How to Minimize Your Pores: Use Retinol

While you might feel like you want to permanently get rid of your pores, trust me dear friend, having pores is a very, very good thing. Think of your pores like sprinklers – green grass with sprinklers stays green, green grass without sprinklers goes brown and dies.

Your skin’s the same.

You skin needs hydration and the oil your pores makes, helps keep your skin’s hydration locked in.

Pssst! Quick scientific factoid: oil and water don’t mix, so water trapped under oil, isn’t going anywhere.

When your pores are in volcanic explosion mode aka they’re looking so big you feel like you can see more pores than skin – your skin’s sprinkler system is set to high. Retinol skincare can help you dial it back down.

What causes enlarged pores on your face? Overactive oil glands found deep inside your pores. When these oil glands make more oil aka sebum, your pores swell. Shrink your oil glands and you can also help shrink your pores.

Retinol aka vitamin A is very well-known to reduce your skin’s oil production. In fact, suddenly developing dry skin – from a lack of skin oil – is a very well-known side effect of using retinoids.

Can you really shrink your pores? While most skincare can only help minimize pores, using retinoids can also actually help shrink your pores – crazy ‘eh.

2. How to Make Your Pores Smaller: Get Your Blood Sugar Under Control

What you eat has huge effects on your skin. Eat the right yummy stuff and your skin will be clear and great. Eat the wrong yummy stuff and your skin will bring you all kinds of skin hell.

Skin studies are linking a hormone known as insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) to large pores and oily skin.

IGF-1 is a hormone your body releases when you eat a lot of sugar.

But on the quest to minimize your pores, it’s not just sugary foods or snacks which can give your body sugar or sugar highs.

It’s also foods like some fruits, white bread, white potatoes, white pasta, crisps, pretzels and more.

Aka foods that get broken down into sugar real fast.

Why do I have big pores? Very potentially because you’re eating a lot of foods which are causing you extremely quick changes to your blood sugar.

How to minimize pores naturally; Follow a diet with lots of complex carbohydrates, fibre and healthy fats. Want a step by step tutorial? Find out more about my Younger You nutrition course here.

3. How Do You Minimize Pores: Use Oil Balancing Skincare Actives

Skincare can have great effects on your pores, when you use the right kind, with the right concentration of active ingredient.

Whether the skincare you use, works, has a lot to do with whether the actives in your skincare can get to where they need to be – to work. Luckily, your pores are open pots meaning skincare designed to help minimize your pores has a fantastic chance of doing exactly that.

2 actives well-known to help balance or reduce the amount of oil your pores make are;

Niacinamide in particular makes a great choice because not only can niacinamide help reduce your pores oil output, it can also help your skin make moisturising ceramides.

This dear friend means perfect balance. Aka your skin will not see-saw from oily with large pores to dry as the desert with small pores.

How do you minimize pores? Use oil balancing skincare with active ingredients like niacinamide.

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4. Pore Minimizer: AHA/BHA Exfoliants

Another very common reason for big pores is dead skin plugs. Imagine stuffing a build-a-bear cuddly toy with more and more fluffy white filling. You could have a just squishy and perfect for cuddling build-a-bear, a firm and will always have perfect posture build-a-bear or a my seams might burst at any moment build-a-bear.

When your pores are so full of dead skin they might burst at any moment – they’re going to get bigger. 

Plus – dead skin loves to coat itself in oil and this dear friend is blackhead central. When your skin’s oil and dead skin cells are exposed to air for too long, like in your pores, they go black or technically – they oxidises. The reason blackheads look black. And when your pores look black – they’re going to look bigger.

The best way to help stop dead skin plugs making your pores bigger is to help this skin exfoliate itself before having the opportunity to begin a long-term relationship with your pores.

While physical exfoliants can help, they’re not going to work on the skin inside your pores. For this reason liquid exfoliants are best, specifically liquid exfoliants containing a BHA like salicylic acid. BHAs love oil meaning they’ll swim at top speed into and inside all areas of your oil filled pores.

How do you minimize pores? By preventing dead skin cells from clogging and enlargening them.

Help minimize your pores now; Choose a max strength 2% salicylic acid leave-on liquid exfoliant.

5. How To Minimize Pores: Use Sun Protection Daily

There are 2 reasons why using sun protection every day of your year will help make your pores appear smaller.

Firstly, sun protection can help prevent your skin’s oils from going off/oxidising aka you help stop blackheads also known as beacons which scream hi – I’m a pore come look at me, now!

Secondly, you help prevent ageing sun damage. When your skin’s aged by sunshine, supportive proteins in your skin, ones like collagen get destroyed and when they’re destroyed your skin goes lazy or in dermatologists’ words – gets lax, or in human speak goes saggy.

In fact using sunscreen every day of your year is one of the very best things you can do for your skin – not only is sun protection the cheapest anti-ageing cream available, it’s also a superpower for skin cancer prevention.

How to minimize your pores: Use sun protection every day, even in winter and even if you’re indoors all day because ageing UV light is around you 365 days a year.

Do you now have your pore minimizing skincare routine sorted? Which of these 5 ways to help minimize your pores will you be acting on? Have a few more questions you’re in need of answers to? Come chat with me in the comments below…