HOW TO MINIMISE PORES… PLUS the ingredients which are your minimizing friends

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Pores are like mini-belly buttons all over your skin. Your body has them pretty much everywhere and they are the functional sinks of our skin. Like all things functional we prefer to cover them up like a built-in washing machine or a craftily hidden air freshener.

Can you actually minimise pores? Well lovelies, lets take a look at minimise vs. shrink, what you can do to get pores looking less 'grand' and more wall flower.

*imagine.. or think back to the last time* you were by the bathroom sink, washing your hands and caught by your reflection leaned into the mirror to inspect your skin a little closer. Trying to get a better look at that blemish or those pores, you flip the mirror to the extra-large magnifying side and OMG how big are my pores?!!???!!!

Now *imagine… or think back to the last time* you walked in on a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend leaning their face so close to the mirror they might as well have been pressing their faces against it like a 2-year old blowing raspberries on the window. I mean who do we think has extra magnifying eyes that are going to be 1cm from our skin?

So before we get into the detail of how to minimise pore size let me just say, Hey! You ARE beautiful and your skin is great… really, truthfully, trust me, the only people who are going to get close-up ‘n personal like your squishing your face into the mirror are the ones who love you regardless of pore size. It’s not like you ever over hear people gasping, ‘OMG did you see her PORE size, they were friggin’ massive’. They really aren’t as obvious as you think #StepAwayFromTheMagnifyingMirror


1. You can’t shrink ‘em

Think of the pores on your skin like your bellybutton, it’s a hole that is what it is. Sure if your weight changes then the skin will stretch and you temporarily have a change in size, but there isn’t a chemical or treatment or magic wand that can shrink pores. They were made to fit you and that is just what there gonna do. But here’s the thing…

2. You CAN stop pores getting bigger

You know the way that you get a new bra, and you’re supposed to make sure that it sits on the tightest clip as its only gonna ‘bag’ over time and get less stretchy. Well that’s kinda the same for pores.

The thing that can make pores ‘bag’ or bigger is excess skin oils, dirt or grime, and dead skin cells that your face hasn’t managed to get rid of. There are really simple solutions to this that will stop you from having PORE nightmares!

3. You CAN make them ‘look’ smaller

Likelihood is that you can only see your pores because they looks like a ‘black-head’ or not quite a black-head but there’s definitely something in there that isn’t your natural skin colour.

As pores are pockets they like to collect things, you know, old receipts, spare change, chewing gum. The handbags of our faces. You look inside a handbag that’s packed fulla stuff and it looks huge, you look at one which is empty, and you can’t even see how big it is.

Like being in a dark room, if it’s all the same colour there ain’t no telling how large it is, heck you might even be in space!

Keep pores clean of gunk and they’ll blend into your face like they were Harry.P with his invisibility cloak.


The one and only rule you need is to keep skin clean and stop things from collecting in your pores. There’s some great skin ingredients to help you live by this!

1) Ingredients that help skin ‘shed’

One of the arch-enemies of a clean pore is dead skin. If it sits in your pore for too long, it breeds bacteria like there’s no tomorrow and it all just gets messy.

Skin can have too much ‘glue’ which keeps it together and that prevents dead skin from leaving your face. It’s just too sticky! To help skin shed, you just need to get rid of a little gluey-ness. Weak acids weaken that glue and let dead skin wash off your face.

INGREDIENTS: Salicylic acid, AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acids), Glycolic acid, BHA’s (beta hydroxyl acids), Allantoin, Urea.

2) Ingredients that have antiseptic effects

Remember that when skin dies, bacteria appear, its uncanny how they know. An antiseptic is like 007 to bacteria and germs. #POW

Skincare with an antiseptic in there is going to stop bacteria from feasting on your dead skin. Choose a cream or wash with one of these goodies and you’ll be saying game over to their faces.

INGREDINETS: Zinc, Tee tree, Witch hazel, Willow bark extract, Cetrimide, Chlorhexidine gluconate (found in Savlon).

3) Let Zinc work its magic

It gets a whole title just to itself. There’s a lot of studies to show zinc works wonders to reduce the amount of oil your skin makes. Less oil, means less stuff to cause a traffic jam in your pores.

One of my first blog posts was dedicated to raving about the magical powers of Sudocreme, a zinc based cream.

Zinc can also be taken as a supplement by mouth, so there’s a couple of choices to get your zinc levels back to fighting fit levels.

4) Ingredients that suck!

Gully suckers for your face. This is exactly how these lovelies work, they absorb ‘grime’ or excess oil from your face, they pull at it and they inflate with all the stuff you want to leave your skin.

A typical face gully sucker would be your drying clay based face mask. You lather it on, and as it ‘set’s’ it pulls from your skin. You might ‘ave noticed that when you apply one of these, IF you have an oily T-zone, it usually dries much more slowly here or it still looks ‘wet’ when you wash it off. That because after all the watery stuff has evaporated, the kaolin is sipping up your excess oil, which will make it look wet still.

INGREDIENTS: Kaolin, Fullers earth.. anything that says ‘Clay’, Oatmeal

Seeking out these ingredients in your skincare will help you achieve super clean pores which ‘fade into the background’, like NEYO was singing it straight atcha!

What’s in your pore minimising skincare diet?