How to Have a Relationship with Oily Skin

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My no.1 beauty lesson learned

Treat oily skin WITH oil! It sounds completely counter intuitive, but if your skin is super dry, then it compensates by making more oils (sebum) to try and hydrate itself. If your skin is really dry then the lucky ones (and yes you read that right!), will get very oily skin. I say lucky as it means you will age well – your skins is trying to protect itself from damage by making protective oils (sebum). 


But why the face?

How is it possible to have a super oily T-zone or face, but skin everywhere else has never even come close to your faces level of oil/un-even skin tone/insert grievance here!



4 Reasons why your face ‘Tells it ALL’

1) Most exposed – all day every day

There is not one other part of your body that you would leave out in sub-zero temperatures (well some of us would, balaclava really doesn’t suit me – ha!) other than your face, geez even the hands get gloves!

2) We touch it all the time!

Ever noticed if you play with your hair a lot, it gets super oily? Well the same concept applies for your face. You might not even realise how much you do touch your face!

3) We put the most beauty products on it!

I am 100% guilty of this one, I take such good care of my skin in every other way, THEN I slap on a load of concealer, foundation, powder and expect it not to notice! I also get caught in that cycle of using a spot fighting face wash to get rid of breakouts, which then dries my skin and causes more oil and therefore more spots!

4) Wind (not that kind!)

Think of the wind as literally blowing the moisture away from your face, helpful when you’ve come back from a long run, but not so much for your normal non-sweaty state! The same goes for air conditioning (offices are the worst!). The rest of our body usually has something to protect it (also known as clothes), but not our poor little faces!


My (NEW) little secret!

I have binned that drying spot fighting face wash, in place of oil cleansing! I must admit it is not an off the shelf oil lotion, but a blend I have made myself – the main ingredients are Hemp, Evening primrose and Rosehip oil. All I do is wash my face with water (and water only) – that gets rid of any water soluble nasty’s, then take a couple of cotton pads with a little of my oil formulation and use like makeup wipes. This gets rid of any oil soluble nasty’s and also conditions the skin! 
3 Tips for oil cleansing

1) Only before bed

So you have to let these beauties sink into your skin, which for me at least means I use them only before bed. There wouldn’t be any point in trying to apply makeup straight onto a layer of oil, it would just slick right off your face again. Moving onto tip 2…

2) Add a thin layer of moisturiser

What helps those oils sink in, is to add a thin layer of moisturiser over the top of the oil and it will pull all those precious oils deep into the skin. Don’t try and rub in the cream, just apply it liberally all over – almost like a face mask and leave it to sink in.

3) You can make your own

A lot of the oil cleansers you can buy off the shelf are formulated with lots of cheaper ingredients. These ingredients prolong shelf life but don’t do much for your skin, or could be considered texturisers that sit on top of your skin. Making your own means you can choose an oil which is right for your skin. For oily skin I would recommend Hemp, Rosehip and Evening primrose oil. Almond oil is also a safe bet, it is good for most skin types and you can even find this at the supermarket.

So I have given up fighting my skin and accepted it for who it is, it is behaving much better now (I hope it’s like training a dog – haha), It is by no means perfect, but we now seem to have a mutual agreement. 

What about you? Have you tried oil cleansing yet? Any other well learned ways of dealing with an oily complexion?