Today dear friend I have information you will rarely read elsewhere. Tips on how to close pores which have scientific standing aka these tips have published, scientifically relevant papers saying yes - this can work, yes pores can close, yes it's possible to shrink your pores.

How to Close Pores: Is it possible to shrink pores? [Hint: Yes]

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Today dear friend I have information you will rarely read elsewhere. Tips on how to close pores which have scientific standing aka these tips have published, scientifically relevant papers saying yes – this can work, yes pores can close, yes it’s possible to shrink your pores.

Which is 1000% crazy because visit pretty much anywhere else on the internet and you will read: Pores cannot be shrunk, pores can only be minimised.

Aka you can only ever make pores look smaller – like clever cover-up or a hip balancing fishtail dress.

Newsflash: you can shrink your pore size.

But word of warning: Your pore size will not shrink overnight. The 2 how to close pores tips I’m about to share with you require commitment.

Think of them like gym training – with a lot less sweat (!)

One is a home remedy.

The other is a specific active ingredient you must find in skincare.

Ready to learn what most places on the internet won’t tell you about how to close pores? Keep scrolling my friend…

Today dear friend I have information you will rarely read elsewhere. Tips on how to close pores which have scientific standing aka these tips have published, scientifically relevant papers saying yes - this can work, yes pores can close, yes it's possible to shrink your pores.

How to Close Pores: What Makes Pores Big

To understand how to close pores you first need to understand what makes pores big. You need to get inside your skin’s pore making recipe and remove a key ingredient. Like taking yeast out of your bread mix. No yeast, no rise. No X, pores shrink.

Here’s the deal, in 2016 researchers found there were 3 major clinical causes which can make your pore size big;

  1. High sebum excretion – aka having an oily or combination skin type
  2. Decreased elasticity around pores – aka if you don’t protect skin against ageing your pore size can get bigger
  3. Increased hair follicle volume – every pore you have grows a hair, the bigger it is, the bigger your pores can get

Inside every pore you have there’s a hair follicle and a sebum gland aka a gland which can pump out oil. Imagine your pore like a suitcase. When there’s a normal amount in your suitcase it’s flat. When there are 10 pairs of shoes, 5 coats, strappy tops, bikinis and jumpers (just in case it snows or suns – it can only happen in Canada ‘eh) your suitcase bulges. The more you put in, the bigger it gets.

And the more you use it like this, the saggier your suitcase fabric becomes and the easier it is for you to stick more stuff in and make it bulge bigger.

Can you see what’s been happening to your pores?

Good news is, do something now and you can help shrink pores back.

Can You Really Shrink Your Pores?

…don’t just take my word for it dear skin savvy – published study data is proving it. Published study data shows do this and your pore size will get bigger, don’t do this or do this instead and your skin will get less oily aka your pore size will shrink.

For example;

  • This study shows people who have high levels of a specific hormone (which is extremely frequently triggered by diet – more on this home remedy soon) have larger pores
  • This study shows people who fasted (aka avoided certain foods we’ll talk more about soon) have an average 40% reduction in sebum levels
  • This study shows when you apply certain creams to skin pore size can shrink

Every clinical factor which can make your pore size bigger can also help you close pores. Do the opposite thing to what’s making each clinical factor happen and you take the yeast out of your pore size equation.

Aka you make a change which will make your skin less oily.

Aka you start using skincare which can increase the elasticity of your pores.

Aka you do something which has the knock-on impact of making your hair follicles smaller.

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How to Close Pores Naturally

Full disclaimer: shrinking your pores naturally will take time – however closing your pores naturally is a long-term solution which can’t be undone quickly (!)

Here’s what scientists know;

Sebum glands can be stimulated aka turned up by diet.

That when you eat sugar, high glycemic index foods/insulinotropic foods – hormones get released.

That when a hormone called insulin-like-growth-factor or IGF-1 for short is in high concentration a person’s skin becomes more oily and pore size gets bigger.

Your diet has huge impact on your skin.

People realise it less because diet is cumulative. Plus not all bad for skin foods are obvious – some look healthy.

Ever done this…

Eaten a healthy breakfast and lunch but gone crazy wild on white pasta plus dessert for dinner?

Or replaced your go-to chocolate bars with sugar high fruits?

Or added in 1 new and trending health food but not got rid of standout every day offenders?

I’m holding my hand up right there with you my friend.

Diet can be a minefield.

The changes diet can make to your pore size plus oiliness of your skin is significant – but you have to commit to get there.

What we know;

Hundreds of studies are linking high glycemic index foods and diets with increased sebum production, large pore size and acne.

Here’s how you make use of these learnings aka how you close pores naturally;

You eat a diet full of yummy foods with low glycemic index.

You avoid insulinotropic foods i.e. foods which don’t have a high glycemic index but which still cause lots of insulin hormones to be released.

You commit to these changes for 90% of what you eat.

How to Close Pores With Skincare

A how to close pores tip from the outside-in. How crazy is this – your skin is a vital organ. If you don’t have skin – you can’t live. And on the flip side skin’s also the only vital organ you have direct access to i.e you can rub a cream in and that cream can act on your skin’s biology.

How that cream acts on your skin’s biology is 100% dependent on what’s in the cream you’re using.

And if you want a cream which can help shrink pores – you want to be using a cream with superstar skincare ingredient vitamin A aka retinol.

Here’s what we know: clinically available retinoids like tazarotene and tretinoin are studied to reduce facial pore size.

Isotretinoin (13-cis-Retinoic acid) is the most potent inhibitor of sebum production.The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 2016, Facial Pores: Definition, Causes, and Treatment Options

Warning: Retinoids can cause skin to become dry. It’s a known side effect.

Which guess what – is extremely likely to be because retinoids reduce sebaceous gland size, decrease proliferation of basal sebocytes, suppress sebum production by up to 90%, inhibit sebaceous lipid synthesis and prohibit the progression of sebocyte differentiation.

Phew – what a mouthful ‘eh.

Bottom line: Retinoids do everything which will make your skin release less sebum aka they do everything which can help lead to shrinking of your pores.

They really do – because not only can retinoids decrease sebum production, they can also increase your skin’s elasticity. Remember – take away a trigger of large pore size and large pores struggle to happen – aka without yeast your bread’s struggling to rise.

Get yourself started with one of these retinoids now;

How long do retinoids take to work? You will need to be using a retinoid for many months before you see significant impact on your pore size. Studies testing retinoids have shown a reduction in pore size after 12 weeks of everyday use. A reduction which will continue to get better, the longer you use it.

Also know this – when you stop using a retinoid, some benefits can reverse i.e. an increase in your skin’s elasticity. If you’re serious about how to close pores you will need to commit to both diet and skincare changes – but don’t worry once you get going you won’t even think twice about them. As Nike would say – just do it.

Now come chat with me. Which how to close pore tip will you be acting on first?