How To Cleanse Without Stripping Your Face

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Cleansing is a minefield. FULLSTOP to that. Cleansing is something we do that ‘takes away’ from skin, it’s all about getting stuff off the face and onto its way down our plug holes. Traditional cleansers are not picky about what they take with them when they wander on down the plug-hole. These are greedy little guys who will take the ‘good with the bad’.

Cleansing is STRIPPING your face of its natural oils and super-secret skin protection, luckily there is a better way to cleanse skin!

Skin’s Secret Weapon Against The World

Skin has a secret weapon against the world. Without it we would be picking up skin infections like Brad Pitt attracts women! It really does save our skin and it’s when this secret weapon goes a bit wrong that we can start to suffer from dry, damaged and infected skin.

The secret weapon is our very own skin raincoat. It’s invisible to the naked eye, (most of the time!) and has the oh, so sexy name of sebum.

This secret weapon leaves its mark wherever we go, like a trail of breadcrumbs, almost always invisible until we press our hands against a window, or if we are reverting to our 5 year old self’s, why not go all out with a face plant. It’s that same ‘fingerprint’ we leave that is the life force KEEPER of skin, I really can’t emphasis how important it is to keep skin healthy. #SkinGODgeniusGURU

Why You Should Never, Ever Use A Face Wash Or Foaming Face Wash

Most ‘basic’ face wash formulas have a LOT of SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) in ‘em. This cleansing ingredient is VERY good at getting rid of whatever is in its sights. It’s so cheap and effective that it’s found uses in many other places, one of those is your clothes washing powder!

Cleansing agents like SLS are also responsible for the STRIPPING (not the fun kind!) nature of SOAPS. A good way to tell if something has ‘strippy’ ingredients in there is that it will foam, the more foam, the more skills as a ‘stripper’ that, that little bottle of liquid will have.

It is these cleansing ingredients that will take some of your skins ‘secret weapon against the world’ and wash it down the sink. The feeling of squeaky clean skin, is when your skin is dangerously lacking in its secret weapon and is why squeaky clean is not fun.

There are some cleansing options that have MUCH weaker amounts of these sebum stealers in ‘em. Newer cleansers like face wipes and Micellar water are 2 of these. Face wipes have a lot, lot less of well anything in there, they rely a lot on the action of YOU, getting all wipey-wipey with the cloth. That means they don’t need as many cleansing agents.

If you are a user of micellar water, then you might have realised it requires a few go-overs to FULLY remove makeup traces. It is mild because the cleansing agents are less ‘aggressive’ and there are much less of them in there.

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A Better Way To Cleanse

So, HOW can we cleanse better? How can we protect our skin’s secret weapon without ‘festering’ in our own dirt like an army ‘person’ belly crawling through mud.

I LOVE the answer to this because to quote that cute MEERKAT it is simples! There are ONLY 2 ways that things can dissolve away – ONLY 2! So anything on your body or face can either be taken off with water or with something oil based. That is the mission of any cleanser, get rid of stuff that’s water soluble and stuff that’s oil soluble.

Firstly we can all get water from the tap right, all face wash anyway requires a water-ing of the face pre-washing. So then you are left with getting oil-based makeup and any ‘grime of the day’ off your face. For that all you need is a cleansing oil or butter or gel that softly, softly BUT oh so effectively takes off makeup and grime without the possibility of stealing away lots of your natural skin protection.

The Law Of Sharing (Osmosis)

There’s that word again, the one we all had drummed into our heads at secondary school – Osmosis. Which really is just code for stuff liking to share all things equally. Sharing really is the building block of our biology and when something doesn’t share stuff starts to go wrong.

Using a cleansing oil or butter USES this rule of sharing to make SURE that your skin is never left without its fair amount of secret skin protection.

Do you remember the rule of osmosis? I always remember the analogy of orange juice on 1 side of a ‘semi-permeable membrane’, which is fancy talk for something that juice can soak into and through, so kitchen role! Or Cardboard! If you had really concentrated orange juice on one side of the cardboard and NONE on the other, eventually you would get the same concentration of orange juice on both sides. Not quite magic, but kinda #TrustTheScience.

WELL, this all relates to skin because if you use a cleansing oil or butter, then skin can never be ‘STRIPPED’, it gets to keep its clothes ON! It will never be without its fair share of protection because your skin’s protective weapon is OIL based in nature. SO using a cleansing oil or butter will mean STIPPING is just NOT possible. #Hallelujah.

Introducing A Cleansing Balm I Have Specially Been Formulating

I wanted to share with you guys today something I have been working hard on. I believe so STRONGLY in not using harsh cleansing agents that I have been formulating a cleansing balm of my own. It’s one that LOVES clean and LOVES skin.


Like the concept of simple, SKIN LOVING cleansing and quoting our friend Mr.Meerkat, this cleanser is simples in ingredients. It gets down ‘n dirty with skin whilst being SUPER caring, nourishing and protecting of skin’s secret weapon. This balm cleanser uses Shea butter, Apricot Kernel oil, Vitamin E and Colloidal (that just means super ground up, silky smooth powder) Oatmeal.

Shea butter and Apricot Kernel oil

Both GREAT natural cleansing agents as their natural makeup make them ideal at soaking off makeup and grime. These guys together make a non-oily, light balm than glides on and then off again with all the stuff you want to get rid of. Not only that but they are both packed full of great fatty acids and vitamins for skin. So there’s lots of sharing going on here!

The colloidal/super fine oatmeal powder

Which helps to make the cleansing oil non-greasy and SUPER skin soothing. Have you heard of taking an oatmeal bath to soothe skin? Well those ‘old-wives’ tales are based on SCIENCE. #WhoKnew. Oatmeal will ‘balance’ skin’s pH, this guy is super full of energy, and never gets ‘used-up’, so he just keeps on balancing skin. #HowDoesItDoThat.

Last but absolutely not least there is…

Vitamin E

A well-known antioxidant that helps to stop things from getting ‘old’, helps to stop skin from getting damaged by everything it has to protect itself against. It’s like a little red-bull drink for skin protection defences! #HowCute.

I have lots of samples of this cleansing balm that all my friends and family have been ‘trial-testing’, if you read this and thought ‘that is EXACTLY what my skin needs’, then head on over to the Honesty Facebook page and drop me a message. I have only a couple of samples left, and I would LOVE for you guys to test and tell me how you get on with this skin loving cleansing balm. Who doesn’t love a free sample ‘ey!

What’s your go to cleanser? Have you suffered from SQUEAKY clean skin?