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Hair Hero - coconut oil
Well, I thought this hair hero was a little secret of mine, but it seems from just joining the blogging community, fellow bloggers like ‘The Sunday girl’ and ‘Makeup savvy’ have discovered it too!

A couple of years back, lathering oil into your hair may have made you run in the opposite direction! But since the dawn of brands like Moroccan oil, they are now our best friends!

Here’s the little secret… COCONUT OIL! It is the VIP of oils when it comes to hair, when you compare it to other oils used in the hair industry, like mineral (derived from petroleum) and sunflower (from sunflower seeds), it is the only one which can penetrate the hair shaft actually having an effect on the hair condition. Here is the difference between coconut oil and other ‘well known hair oil brands’ which will cover your hair in silicone materials like cyclomethicone or dimethicone. I am not against these ingredients, they can make your hair feel great, but coconut oil can go one step further and help the overall health of hair.

coconut oil for hair

Each individual hair strand is like a feather, it has lots of other ‘hairs’ (known as cuticles in the hair industry) coming off of it. When all of these hairs sit flat your hair looks super shiny. When they are ruffled your hair will look dull and un-healthy. The aim of most hair care products is to encourage all these little hairs to sit flat. I still haven’t found 1 product that can do this for me (any tips?)… other than the GHDs, I try and use these just on the top of my hair to reduce damage!
Water retention in the hair is not a good thing (the opposite rule to pretty much any other part of our body), this is because it causes the hair fibre to swell and makes all the ‘hair cuticles’ stick out. Think of that episode of Friends (‘The one in Barbados’) when Monica’s hair expands to 3 times its size! Hair in this ‘humid’ state is much more susceptible to damage, so if you brush it you will cause more split ends and breakages.
This is where the beauty of coconut oil comes into play, it can penetrate into the hair shaft where it will improve condition and stop water from entering, therefore reducing swelling, breakages and dull looking hair. There is even a published paper to prove this! In the study they use a really small amount, about pea size on 1 section of hair – so adjust this accordingly. Its recommended to apply this the night before you wash your hair, and can even be used as a post wash leave-in conditioner too (this bit helps reduce breakages from brushing and stick down all those stray hair fibres). 
Bring on the beautiful hair! Especially good if you’re trying to grow your hair, it’ll help keep it healthy!