Learn How to Diet for Healthy Skin, Find the Best Foods for Acne, Design a Clear Skin Diet that Works.
Come Find Out How…

Ever wondered how to get healthy skin naturally at home?
How to keep skin healthy and clear? What foods to eat to help clear acne?

Finding the best foods for clear skin can be a minefield. Some fruits are like eating candy while others are the best fruits for skin. Some good for your body foods are actually bad, pimple causing skin foods in disguise. Some kitchen cupboard staples can cause acne, worsen breakouts and aggravate hot, red inflammation.
Bottom line: Some bad for skin foods dress in good for skin disguise – superhero when they’re actually supervillan.

What most people believe is healthy can be silently waging war on your skin.
But not for you…
Because you my friend are here reading this.

I have been following the Clear Skin Diet plan for about 6 weeks now and have seen a massive difference in my skin. I still incorporated every so often some dates (not in the plan) and vegan ice cream (not in the plan) to which I saw my skin react badly to those foods. I can now see which foods make my skin react and which foods keep my skin balanced. I feel following this plan has allowed me to be more in control of my skin rather than having to constantly react to a break out. I really recommend this to anyone struggling with hormonal acne. FIX WITHIN before spending all your money on serums!!! Thank you for your help Cheryl.
Alice Logan, UK

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Testing new anti-acne skincare like crazy with no real skin change. I mean Jeez, sometimes you even feel like skincare's making your skin worse - how is that possible?
  • Constantly waking up with spots, blemishes and new acne mountains. Call in the Guinness book of world records because skyscraper Vesuvius just appeared #BeenThere.
  • Being in a constant see-saw of bad skin to goodish skin. When all you can do when your skin's goodish is worry when your next bad skin episode is coming - or know it's going to be exactly the day before date night/an important work presentation/interview.
  • Having no clue why skincare just isn't making positive skin change for you. Oily skin, combination skin, acne, spots, blackheads, blemishes, pimples - they only budge the teeniest bit after using skincare, then return with revenge after.
  • Knowing that diet and lifestyle have big effects on your skin but being 100% confused as to where to begin. Or even finding conflicting information or super-hard-to-stick to changes you just don't have time for.

If you're nodding yes to any one of these truths you're 1000% in the right place.



Truth is focus on skincare products and you touch only the surface of what is skin deep. If you want clear, glowing, acne-resisting skin, you need to do something differently, now.


Take a moment and imagine what it would be like to...

  • Have control over your breakouts. To know if you follow simple rules for a few weeks before a big event/interview/date you can be sure to put your best skin forward.
  • Finally experience clear skin days which last. Your skin has found itself, gone to diet yoga camp and come back a changed person.
  • Feel confident from the inside out. Ditch your concealer, high converge foundations, oil balancing powders, red patchy skin colour balancers and feel 100% more confident because you know the reason you're getting attention is because you have something fantastic to say, not because your chin's having a breakout competition.
  • Have skin which knows how to look after itself. No nanny monitor needed. No constant pulling & tugging of aggressive anti-acne skincare products. No see-sawing of good-bad-good-bad-good-bad skin.
  • Wake up and see skin which is getting better. Goodbye morning spot counting sessions, hello clear skin mirror love. Great diet is safeguarding your skin.

It could all happen for you. I know this because it's already happened for me.

By following 12 simple & very effective clear skin diet rules.

  • Principles founded by science.
  • Which are easy to follow.
  • Which are ready, waiting and step-by-step laid out for you.

Let me introduce you to your 2 Week Clear Skin Meal Plan.
Step by step nutrition for helping heal your skin from the inside out.

Feed skin from the inside out: A downloadable how to anti-acne diet eBook with a step by step 2 week anti-acne diet meal plan. With you wherever you go, easily accessible on your tablet, phone or computer, at home and at the shops.

Clear direction on no-go acne causing foods including easy to make substitutes. These are linked up in the pre-made shopping lists. You can’t go wrong!

49 approved anti-acne diet recipes in 1 place. Your clear skin diet recipe book ready and waiting to be used. You can mix & match to make your own yummy anti-acne diet plan or follow the already planned 2 week clear skin meal plan.

Get answers to commonly asked acne diet questions. Does eating fat cause acne? Does chocolate cause acne? Do sweets cause acne? Be empowered to change your diet knowingly.

Take anti-acne diet control. Easy to understand, friendly and usable scientific guidance for how to tailor a unique to you clear skin diet.

Printable Yes, No & Sometimes food lists. Learn about the best foods for acne plus the best foods to avoid for acne.

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What people are saying...

“If you want clear skin this 2 Week Clean Skin Meal Plan is for you! The plan is easy to follow and full of valuable information and links to delicious and healthy recipes. A lot of research has gone into this plan and it shows the dedication and knowledge of the author. Highly recommended.”Bev
“The changes in this diet plan have changed my skin forever. I can’t thank you enough. I used to feel horrible about my skin. I had huge red angry spots all over my jaw line and the way this plans changed my eating has cleared my skin like no skincare ever has.Natalie
“I have to say that I’ve found so many good and healthy recipes within this little booklet, truly it’s given me a mass of inspiration and I’m sticking to the meals as each one is so tasty and full of goodness. Thanks for creating this and offering it at such a good price too. Amazing :)”Rowena
“I started following your Acne diet and got the cookbook since January 19. Wow, my skin got so much better. Thanks very much for that. I never knew diet is the solution. Now I would rate my acne severity on a scale of 3 only if I have to break the diet when I am travelling which I do often, and once a while I go out for dinner. Otherwise I believe I will follow your diet plan as my lifestyle.”


No.1 mistake: Adding just 1 or 2 best foods for acne to your diet.


Truth: The best clear skin diets are about what you don't eat PLUS what you do eat. You'll be surprised about some of these NO list foods.


The Girl/Scientist/Clear Skin Conqueror behind your eBook...

“I’ve personally felt the emotional impact of suffering with a seemingly never ending skin concern. It made me feel rotten, upset, ugly and utterly frustrated. I’d walk into work meetings only to feel like all anyone could see of me was the gigantic Vesuvius sized acne cysts and my incredibly oily T-zone. How could anyone take me seriously when I looked like a spotty pubescent teenager?”
Cheryl, Founder of Honesty For Your Skin

I get it. Your skin affects more than just the way you look… it affects how you feel inside, it affects your confidence, it affects your life.

After speaking with medically trained experts, a doctor and a pharmacist who told me, ‘I’d have to accept and live with it’ as a scientist I decided to take matters into my own hands. I researched until my eyes could read no further. I dove into dermatology textbooks, hungrily absorbed and searched for the latest scientific research papers and investigated trials of skincare ingredients. I became a skincare expert.

And… with educated changes to my diet and skincare, I finally kicked butt to acne and oily skin.

Since 2015 I’ve been making it my mission to help others refind happy skin. I’ve been featured in Top Santé magazine, written for The Huffington Post, Interviewed on BBC radio and won 3 awards for skincare formulation (yes, I’m a skincare formulator too!).

It’s my mission to share with you everything I know about getting clear skin and keeping it.

And when I say everything I know, I don’t just mean – this worked for me I think it’ll work for you, instead I mean – this is what science says can help your acne/spots/blemishes/blackheads/oily skin therefore this is why you should do this.

My 2 Week Clear Skin Meal Plan eBook is a super-condensed summary of what science says can help you get clear skin & keep it.


Skin is the largest organ you have... and right now it's crying - help me, you need to make change.


What your 2 Week Clear Skin Meal Plan covers...


12 Most Important Clear Skin Diet Rules
Solidly grounded in science, you can use these to adapt your 2 week clear skin meal plan as another option to following it step-by-step.


49 Clear Skin Recipes
Fit for any lifestyle changes. Quick 5 minute fixes to I have an hour to make an insanely yummy dinner options.


Yes & No Go Foods List
Simple and printable cheat sheets for a healthy skin diet.


Step-by-Step 2 Week Clear Skin Meal Plan
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & desert options pre-planned with a ready to go shopping list.


Allowed Cheats
Advice & guidance on the best ways to alter your approach to a healthy skin diet - ones which work for you!


How to Clear Skin Diet for Life
What to do once you've completed 2 full weeks of clear skin dieting plus how to craft a unique to you clear skin diet for life.

Let Food be Thy Medicine...
Hippocrates knew a thing or 2 'eh.


Got Clear Skin Dieting Questions?...
If you can't find the answer below, email me here.

Absolutely. Your 2 Week Clear Skin Meal Plan contains 49 mix and match recipes for all occasions and dietary needs. A large majority of these are vegetarian/vegan or vegan adaptable.

Your 2 week clear skin meal plan also contains a pre-made, step-by-step clear skin diet menu for 2 weeks. Fish and eggs are included in this menu, however can be switched for a vegetarian meal from the mix and match meal list.


Are You Ready to Start Making Positive Change to Your Skin?