Are eye creams a gimmick? Is it worth getting eye cream? Do you need eye cream? You must answer these 2 questions to find out.

Do I need eye cream?

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Do you need eye cream? I get asked this question at least 5 times a week.

It sounds like…

Cheryl, are eye creams a gimmick?

Are eye creams really necessary?

Is it worth getting eye cream?

Do I need an eye cream in my 20s? My 30s? I must need an eye cream in my 40s right?

So I’m super excited to be having this chat with you today. I know what I’m about to share is going to help you wave bye to tired eyes that give away the number of wonderful years you’ve spent on our beautiful planet earth.

Psst – please, please remember you are beautiful regardless of ‘experience lines’. Say it with me – I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful. All that I’m sharing with you here today is to help you age well and feel awesome.

Now my friend here’s the deal. The best way to answer the question – do I need an eye cream is to think of how ticklish you are 😉

There is science behind this I promise. Come see what I mean…

Are eye creams a gimmick? Is it worth getting eye cream? Do you need eye cream? You must answer these 2 questions to find out.

Do You Need Eye Cream?

It was raining. Not actually raining, but I can hear rain. A gentle stream of trickling, flowing water, the chirp of a bird and a hypnotic, meditative chant. The music designed to melt stress away as the magic-handed masseuse works her wonders on my shoulders.

An all-over body massage. I don’t treat myself to these often but this is a Groupon special and oh my word I’m glad for it.

But all of a sudden I have this urge.

It’s not an urge I’m expecting.

I’m having to control it.

Thinking about not doing it…  and doing it is all I can think about.

I want to twitch. Spasm. Yank my leg out of her hands and flick it about in the weirdest of feelings my body makes.

The tickles are engulfing me.

I want to giggle, squirm, writhe.

She’s at my feet and while it feels fantastic, my soles are having a super sensitive day.

Right now I’m as ticklish as a toddler and the feelings bursting from all of my limbs.

This my friend, is the best way to understand if you really need an eye cream. 

Because just like different parts of your body can be super sensitive, so too can the skin around your eyes.

Even if you don’t have a sensitive skin type, the skin here is your most sensitive. Your most ‘tickle prone’.

And eye creams (not all) are designed and adapted to how delicate your skin here can be.

The first question you must ask yourself when understanding, are eye creams really necessary for me is – do I have a sensitive, reactive, allergy prone skin type and is the skin around my eyes also generally sensitive and/or prone to redness and dryness?

If your answer is yes then yes you will likely benefit from a separate eye cream and no, not all eye creams are a gimmick for you.

But psst – you do need to be super careful when choosing one because not all eye creams are good eye creams.

Are Eye Creams A Gimmick?

Good eye creams are specially adapted for your delicate eye skin… which by the way is super delicate (probe to the tickle monster) because your skin here’s different.

Take a peek at this study quote to see how;

Signs of aging notoriously appear earlier around the periorbital area than in other parts of the face due to a unique combination of thin skin (the eye contour has the thinnest skin of the facial area), perpetual movements (over 10 000 blinks per day in addition to 22 muscles in constant motion), decreased amount of subcutaneous fat, and the lack (or extremely small amount) of sebaceous glands.J Cosmet Dermatol. 2019 Apr;18(2):530-538

My friend, don’t worry if this all sounds super gooky. You’ve got a scientist by your side now 🙂

Psst – periorbital means eye area.

I know eh, why didn’t they just say.

Your eye skin is;

  • Incredibly thin – so it can move with those 10, 000 blinks per day
  • Lacks fat tissue – by the way fat is super good for helping to plump skin which defends against fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moves a lot – dynamic aka movement wrinkles turn into static wrinkles quickly if you’re not supporting your skin health here
  • Lacks sebum making glands – meaning eye skin is prone to dryness – which if not sorted leads to inflammageing

All of these factors can lead to sensitivity.

Eye creams which are not a gimmick are;

  • Allergen-free (these come from essential oils)
  • Fragrance-free
  • Use only sensitive skin-friendly actives – i.e. the most gentle retinoids not retinol
  • Also include actives targeted to eye concerns like puffiness/dark circles

I highlight that last reason because this is the second key question you must ask yourself to understand, do you need an eye cream?

Do I have specific eye area concerns which are not targeted by other skincare serums I use?

The key two are;

  • Puffiness
  • Dark circles (it matters which colour these are i.e. red/pink, blue/grey, or brown because different colours need different skincare actives – I’m explaining more about this in AgeLock, click here to check it out.

Start anti-ageing skin the sensitive way with AgeLock.

And yes my friend there are eye creams and serums which have hyper potential to make a difference here. The frustrating part is, so many eye creams don’t contain them.

It’s like purchasing white chocolate when you want an ultra-healthy, high cocoa chocolate bar.

If you’ve ever felt like an eye cream isn’t working then it’s highly likely you’ve picked up a white chocolate eye cream.

Do I Need An Eye Cream?

Bottom line, do I need an eye cream? If you answer yes to either one of these questions;

  1. Is the area around my eye sensitive or often red or dry?
  2. Do I want to specifically target dark circles or eye puffiness?

Then yes my friend you do need an eye cream and eye creams are not a gimmick for you.

So which eye cream should you use?

I’m so glad you asked 🙂 and I can’t wait to share my eye cream choosing skincare library inside AgeLock with you. I don’t share this anywhere else.

All eye creams and serums Inside this secret library follow my perfect eye cream rules;

Psst – if you know what you’re looking for you can use these rules to choose your own.

  • Ultra-gentle and sensitive skin friendly
  • Contain only anti-ageing skincare actives which will not lead to retinoid side effects like redness, peeling, burning, dryness etc.
  • Contain at least one peptide from my well-proven anti-ageing peptides list
  • Are free from allergens
  • Do not solely rely on temporary effect actives which wash off i.e. mica which reflects light away to lessen the appearance of dark circles, or light blurring polymers like polymethylsilsesquioxane to temporarily fade away fine lines and wrinkles
  • [options for] also targeting dark circles and or puffiness – by using proven skincare actives
  • Contains soothing actives
  • Works as a full solution to effectively hydrate and condition your eye area – this sounds simple but is exceptionally powerful because dry and dehydrated skin is a scientific proven cause of inflammageing

I’m so excited to share my eye cream choosing skincare library inside AgeLock and I hope you’ll join me there.

How to anti-age your sensitive skin with AgeLock.

Do you use an eye cream right now? Come tell me which one you use in the comments below and I’ll tell you if it’s like white chocolate or dark.

Oh and psst – which friend of yours is always wondering do you need eye cream? Will you forward her this blog with my love? Thank you so much you wonderful lady 💛