At this very moment in time, we're educated to believe 100% of whole foods are 100% healthy. Follow a clear skin diet based on this rule and you're extremely likely to make your acne worse - especially if you love fruit. FAQ: Do bananas cause acne? Do bananas help with acne? Are bananas good for your skin? Let's get you answers dear skin savvy...

Can Eating Bananas Give You Acne?

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How crazy is this – not all whole foods are healthy foods. Insane. Just because a fruit is natural, unprocessed and as Mother Nature intended us to have it – does not mean it is a healthy food we should eat every day. What a mind-bend ‘eh.

At this very moment in time, we’re educated to believe 100% of whole foods are 100% healthy.

Follow a clear skin diet based on this rule and you’re extremely likely to make your acne worse – especially if you love fruit.

….and no dear friend, this isn’t your skin purging. Switch to a clear skin diet for acne and you should not see your spots getting worse.

FAQ: Do bananas cause acne? Do bananas help with acne? Are bananas good for your skin?

Let’s get you answers dear skin savvy…

FAQ: Do bananas cause acne? Do bananas help with acne? Are bananas good for your skin? You cannot get rid of acne with only skincare, you need to fix your diet too. Get your acne diet started the right way by using this step by step guide.

Do Bananas Cause Acne?

Every natural fruit you eat is a mixture of lots of different ingredients. Just like you’re a human, made up of a heart, liver, gut and brain, bananas are a fruit made up of fibre, minerals, antioxidants and natural sugars.

The fruit family have these ingredients in different amounts – which is what makes them unique – and perfect for different things.

You wouldn’t send your tallest friend to live in a cottage ‘eh, but you would send them to represent you at basketball.

Out of all fruits, bananas are known for being a potent source of – potassium, dot, dot, dot… and sugar.

Sugar dear friend, is the devil to an acne treatment which works. Eat too much of it and you will make your acne worse. Here’s the story…

Are Bananas Good For Acne Prone Skin?

Your acne is an inflammatory skin condition caused by a collection of sticky skin oil and dead skin cells trapped inside of your pores. When your skin makes more oil, acne gets worse. When your skin makes less oil, acne can get better.

Bananas may not be good for your acne-prone skin because they can cause your skin to make more oil. AKA if you have a combination or oily skin type, eating bananas daily may likely be making your skin type worse.

Here’s the deal; Bananas contain a lot of natural quick-release sugar and when you eat foods like these a chemical cascade is kicked off – one which ends in your skin making more oil.

You eat a high sugar food –> your body releases insulin plus insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) –> IGF-1 stimulates your sebum glands –> your skin gets oilier –> your acne risk goes up.

Pssst! IGF-1 is a hormone with more and more proven links to acne. 

This study showed that the amount of IGF-1 in a person’s blood directly correlated with the mean amount of sebum their face made.

…and this study showed IGF-1 levels in adult acne patients are significantly higher than in people who don’t have acne.

Do Bananas Cause Acne?

Imagine eating a homemade chocolate cake, a shop-bought chocolate cake and a chocolate cake from a Michelin star restaurant. Would they all taste the same? Would one be yummier, richer, more chocolaty than the other?

You will hear very different answers to the question do bananas cause acne for this exact reason – not all bananas are the same.

The reason bananas may be bad for acne is because a lot of bananas are high sugar.

We know this because of something called the glycemic index and the glycemic load index. The glycemic index measures how quickly a food’s carbohydrates break down into blood sugar and glycemic load balances this against everything else in the food to look at how quickly your body will react to it – aka how hyper you’re going to feel.

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Let’s get you some context dear skin savvy….

Glycemic index (GI) goes from 0 to over 100 with;

  • Low GI foods ranking between 0-55
  • Medium GI foods rank from 56-69
  • High GI foods rank from 70-100

Glycemic load (GL) on the other hand goes from 0 to over 20 with;

  • Low GL foods rating from 0 to 10
  • Medium GL foods rating from 11 to 19
  • High GL foods rating from 20 and over

Now look at these figures* and see what you think;

Type of Banana Glycemic Index Glycemic Load
A banana from South Africa 70 16
A banana from Canada 62 16
An unripe banana from Denmark 30 6
An unripe banana from USA 42 11
A ripe banana from Denmark 52 11

*Figures taken from International table of glycemic index and glycemic load values: 2002.

Are Bananas Good For Your Skin?

What did you think my friend? Can you see how one banana can be very different to another? How an unripe banana has a lot less sugar than a very ripe one? How the different places bananas come from have a huge effect on sugar content?

Google for the GI or GL of a banana and you’re very likely to get an average figure from all of the above – which is sneaky ‘eh. Because you could believe you’re eating a low sugar, won’t cause/aggravate acne fruit, when instead you could actually be eating a high sugar, can aggregate and flare your acne fruit.

Most bananas have a medium GL and in my opinion, are best avoided for clear skin eating. Why? Because the science proves it and because I’ve seen them be a direct cause of acne breakouts in my Acne Warriors – see their amazing acne transformations here.

Can Bananas Cause Cystic Acne?

A common reason why bananas may be recommended as good for acne or cystic acne is because they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients and acne is an inflammatory skin condition.

The trouble is – quick spikes in blood sugar are also inflammatory and psst, can cause your skin to make more acne-aggravating sebum.

When your pores have more sebum, more dead skin cells become trapped and more acne-causing bacteria are fed dinner. The more this happens, the more bacteria breed and the stronger your skin’s reaction – aka you’re at risk for developing cystic acne.

Do bananas cause acne? While eating one banana a day is not likely to be the only food-based cause of your acne, it may likely be aggravating your acne.

Don’t make the mistake of replacing one sugar-rich fruit for another. Grab my free starter, Yes, No, Sometimes Acne Diet Cheat Sheet here, now.

There you have it my friend, the full-stop answer to do bananas cause acne. Come chat with me in the comments below, how often do you eat bananas? Have you tried avoiding bananas to get clear?