WHAT CARROTS CAN DO FOR YOUR SKIN… Plus which skincare products to find them in!

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You might of read the title of this post and thought, has she gone CRAZY? Carrots in my skincare, I know there’s a ‘juicing’ trend happening, but is she serious? It sounds wacky, I know, but wait till you hear what carrots, or better said, a specific part of carrot can do for your skin! #DontUnderEstimateTheHumbleCarrot

Did ya know, carrots in skincare are YUM for skin. They have some awesome powers for making healthy, young skin!!WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THE CARROT?

There are so many skin lovers that fly waaaaay under the radar, but are RIGHT In our faces. Carrot, most likely to be found taking up a humble place on your roast dinner plate? It’s not the star of the meal, but it can be the star of your skincare! If there is ONE quote that the carrot in our diet lives by, it has to be, ‘Carrots will make you see in the dark’! Did it make you chomp down enthusiastically on the carrots? Maybe not, I mean who needs to see in the dark, that’s what lights are for *wink wink*. You might not be keen on carrots to help you see in the dark, and that is oh so fine (!), but after reading this post you might be rushing to find carrots in skincare AND hell even eat a few more! #WhyNot

That age old tale of carrots help you see in the dark, is actually TRUE.. you’re not going to develop super power strength night vision, [ahhhh!] but if you do find it hard to see in the dark, then carrots get your night vision back to normally awesome! Carrots are awesome for eye health, that’s because of 2 ‘hell-yes’ ingredients in ’em. Vitamin A and Beta-carotene.

So carrots are great for seeing in the dark, but we are talking about skin here! What do Vitamin A and Beta-carotene do for skin? Why the heck do I want to search for carrots in skincare? I hear ya! The suspense is worth it I promise! Drum roll… these 2 super ingredients are both antioxidants AND anti-agers!!! #HolyMoly, those are 2 words that could convince anyone to carrot loving!


So glad you asked, these are ingredients to get excited FOR! Vitamin A is clinically trial PROVEN to treat problem skin types AND to take years off your skin age. For Vitamin A it all happened by accident, we had NO idea it could reverse wrinkles, it was all about getting rid of spots. Next thing ya know, everyone trialling the acne drug, suddenly started getting bazillions of ‘younger-looking’ skin compliments and SOME friends and family weren’t sure if there had been some kinda doppelganger switch!   … ok, you got me, maybe not that last bit, but you got the picture!

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Beta-carotene also gets the nickname of pro-vitamin A. You brain box you, you’ve already got this haven’t you! Beta-carotene gets broken down by your skin and made INTO vitamin A. See, it’s a ‘PRO’ at that #CorneyJokesAreTheBest.


After all that antioxidant and anti-aging excitement, how do we find these carrot folks, vitamin A and Beta-carotene in our skincare? If you are a die-hard carrot lover, then you can absolutely find carrot oil and juice and extract in skincare, you can ALSO find Vitamin A and beta-carotene – so let’s get on to this!

First, let’s get on the carrots in skincare. Daucus Carota Sativa, that’s the bit you want to look for on the ingredients list and then it’s going to be called something like root extract/seed extract/seed oil. They might even make it super easy and mention carrot on the front of the bottle!

SOME CARROT SKINCARE FINDS: Yes to! have a whole range of carrot skincare*, Aseop Parsley seed antioxidant facial oil* also has some carrot in there AND there is a brand called 40 carrots, they have carrot, beta-carotene AND vitamin A in this carrot + vitamin C serum., I think that might be a US only, but Jurlique also have an infusion of all 3 in this age-defying firming face oil*.

Anything with a * next to it is an affiliate link.

Now on to that PRO, beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is brighter than BRIGHT, orange! This guy is why carrots are such bright ‘Halloween colour scheme’ beacons. This is the ultimate, super quick way to tell if there is beta-carotene in your skincare… it’s gonna be a shade of orange. That orange shade says fandabolously (oh yea, I just made that up!) awesome for skin, and don’t worry about the colour, it doesn’t make your skin look orange, I promise!

Beta-carotene is found in Sea Buckthorn Oil (Hippophae rhamnoides) and Pumpkin oil (Cucurbita pepo) and sometimes, it’s been extracted from these and turn’s up just named as beta-carotene.

SNEAKY PEAK: Sea buckthorn and Pumpkin oil are great because they combine these Vitamin A’s with a hint of Zinc, this tells you ALL about why you need Zinc + Vitamin A for ultimate skin health. Sea Buckthorn oil is one of the specially chosen ingredients in the Repair facial concentrate that I am working on, its combined with lots of skin-repairing oils AND is formulated to be perfect for spot prone skin types too. If you just signed up for the newsletter, then you’ll be the first to see it!

Vitamin A, ‘oh you skincare hero you!’, if you want to know how to find this skin winner, then head to this post which tells you exactly how to find AND choose the perfect form of vitamin A for your skin.


The great thing about skin is you can tackle it in different ways! If one way doesn’t help, then try another, there’s always hope! Diet is also a biggy when it comes to skin and eating a diet rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene helps your body make the best skin it can. Check out these 10 foods that are HIGHEST in vitamin A, and these 10 food highest in beta-carotene! You can even make ‘fatless’ cake with some of those babies (awesome sweet potato brownies by Lauren!)

Are you a carrot lover, and will you be looking out for these guys in your skincare?