Can you reverse wrinkles? Get rid of fine lines? Do anti-ageing creams work? I think you’re going to be shocked by what the science says.

Can You Reverse Wrinkles & Fine Lines?

In Anti-Ageing & Protective Skincare by Cheryl Woodman MChem

Just give it to me straight. Do I need to make these new wrinkles and fine lines my best friend forever? Will they only get ‘worse’? Can you reverse wrinkles and fine lines? Is there hope?

I hear you, my friend. While I’m a strong advocate for wrinkles being ‘smile lines’ and ‘awesome experience lines’ – I also get that skin ageing might well be your biggest concern right now.

And being proactive about wrinkles and ageing is not a bad thing.

It’s not vain.

It’s not anti-feminist.

It’s #SelfCare.

And you so deserve it because you, my friend, are amazing.

Plus skin is your biggest, live, vital organ.

If you could see your heart every day, you’d take extra care of it too eh.

And p.s. – this is huge – very recent studies show taking fantastic care of your skin might also help prevent other killer forms of body ageing. Aka heart disease and more.

I know this sounds kind of crazy. Just wait till you read the science I’m about to explain.

So… Can you reverse wrinkles and fine lines?

The answer my friend comes in tripod form. Are you ready for it? I’m so excited to guide you through…

Can you reverse wrinkles? Get rid of fine lines? Do anti-ageing creams work? I think you’re going to be shocked by what the science says.

1) The Simplest Way You Can Reverse Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Spoiler alert. Yes, you absolutely can help to reverse wrinkles and fine lines.

This in itself might sound like a bold claim to you right now, especially if you’re new to anti-ageing skincare. However, it is truth. Wrinkles and fine lines both have the potential to be reversed by the right anti-ageing skincare.

Science has proven it.

Skin modelling studies have proven it.

Clinical trials have proven it.

There is however a disclaimer. 

A p.s.

A by the way.

And that is this.

If you have significantly deep-set wrinkles, skincare alone will not reverse your skin’s experience lines till they’re 100% erased.

There’s a difference between reversing and reversed.

Skincare absolutely can help, however, you’re always going to be in the driver’s seat in a low-grade gear.

But, if you catch fine lines early enough (read more about when you should start using anti-ageing skincare here) then there’s strong potential you can actually reverse fine lines before they stage a permanent sit-in on your skin.

And one of the very simplest ways you can do this is so incredibly overlooked.

In fact, I think you’ll laugh at it.

Maybe even dismiss it a little bit.

To explain, I’m reintroducing you to your 5-year-old self.

Right now you’re at a friend’s birthday party. The takeaway gift bags are hanging on the fence and you’ve already spotted the one with your name on. Wahoo.

There’s even chocolate cake being cut.

And apple bobbing.

And… the best bit… a humungous bouncy castle.

Your 5-year old self lives for this stuff.

And you can’t get enough. You’re bouncing, bouncing, bouncing. Throwing yourself around right now like you’re free as a bird. Well, kinda. We’ll skip over the parent’s bit 😉

But then something happens. The air pump switches off. The bouncy castle is being taken away. And you say no.

You say, no, no, no, no… and begin to stage a protest.

You refuse to leave the bouncy castle with your arms firmly crossed and an angry frown on your face. How could they?

As you sit there refusing to move for 100 years, the bouncy castle gives out around you.

How could it? You’re here to defend it’s right to be here but with every breath out, it’s shrinking, wrinkling, collapsing, disappearing.

The air is going and your castle of fun is no more. In fact, it’s got wrinkles (!)

Your skin my friend is so much like a bouncy castle. Because when it’s hydrated and well-conditioned aka has a protective oil barrier – it’s plump, springy and bouncy. Aka wrinkle and fine line resisting. Air is being blown in.

However, when your skin’s dehydrated or dry – it’s all of the opposites.

Psst – tight feeling skin is a sign of this. As is flaky patches of skin, itchy skin and redness.

Meaning one of the most ridiculously simple ways you can reverse wrinkles and fine lines, or I should say, can help reverse wrinkles and fine lines is by keeping your skin barrier in fantastic condition. This means using the right hydrating serums – these can literally help plump away fine lines. And always, always following with a skin suitable moisturiser (which could also be a face oil).

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Can you reverse wrinkles – Tripod leg #1 summary; The best and simplest way you can help reverse fine lines and wrinkles is to keep your skin barrier healthy. This means using the right hydrating serums and the right moisturiser and avoiding common traps like over-exfoliating or overwashing your skin. These wipe away your skin barrier as quick as a toilet flush.

And p.s. doing this, looking after your skin barrier health, was in 2019, in humans, shown to reduce blood levels of inflammatory molecules. Which is huge because pretty much any kind of ageing or disease is impacted, worsened and in some cases solely caused by inflammation.

How does this work? The theory is that because skin is your largest organ if it’s leaky, it absorbs an incredible amount of what it shouldn’t be absorbing. Like a sponge vs. a shield.

As this happens your body’s immune system is alerted and inflammatory actives get released. They swim out into your entire body and cause low grade, unnoticeable to the naked eye but persistent stress.

Us scientists call it inflammageing.

2) Get Rid of Wrinkles & Fine Lines By Boosting Collagen

Collagen is the protein which keeps your skin smooth, plump and wrinkle free.

It’s vital.

You literally could not live without it.

If someone were to right now vanish away all the collagen you have it would be like removing all the tread from your favourite pair of jeans.

Collagen is your skin’s god.

And over time, if you don’t worship it enough 😉 collagen levels can dramatically decline.

Not only that but the collagen you have can get tough and hard as old boots.

But here’s the magic.

Use the right anti-ageing actives on your skin (psst – grab a free copy of my 5 best here) can actually re-boost your skin’s vital collagen threads.

Some studies even show this can be up to an 80% boost for certain types of collagen. 

Huge eh. Massive.

Can you reverse wrinkles – Tripod leg #2 summary; Yes, yes, yes you can and to do it you need to be using the right anti-ageing skincare actives. Specifically, actives which protect the vital ‘scaffolding’ threads of your skin. Aka worships your collagen.

3) The Best Way to Help Reverse Wrinkles

Take a read of this fact. Let it absorb in for a minute;

“Collagen I formation was 56 percent less in the papillary dermis of photodamaged skin than in skin protected from the sun.”N Engl J Med 1993; 329:530-535

Don’t worry, if this all sounds a bit too sciency.

That’s why you have me 🙂

Collagen 1 is a specific type of collagen which we know plummets in ageing skin.

Papillary dermis is just a specific layer of your skin.

And photodamage is what happens when the sun shines it’s rays on you and you’re not wearing sun protection… or you’re not wearing enough of it. Yiksey.

Have you guessed what the best way to help reverse wrinkles is yet?

I bet you have eh.

It’s sunscreen.

Regular SPF.

The right broad-spectrum protection.

Because here’s the shocking fact, not only does sunscreen help to protect you against the biggest cause of fine lines and wrinkles, but recent studies also show it can help to reverse them too.

Shocking eh.

Turns out SPF (without anti-ageing actives) is also an anti-ageing cream.


Take a peek at these study results where the participants used SPF 30 every day for one whole year;

“Skin surface and pigmentation attributes (texture, clarity, mottled, and discrete pigmentation) improved the most (40%–52% improvement from baseline at Week 52)… which is highly clinically relevant. All other photoaging signs (crow’s feet fine lines, skin tone evenness, overall skin tone, and overall photodamage) improved 18%-34%.”Dermatol Surg. 2016;42(12):1354-1361.

In this study some women saw up to a 34% decrease in signs of skin ageing like crow’s feet – that’s another word for fine lines and wrinkles.

The bottom line of it is this – SPF is powerful stuff. If you’re not wearing it, you’re actively pro-ageing your skin.

Can you reverse wrinkles – Tripod leg #3 summary; oh heck yes you can. And you can even do it by using creams which aren’t technically or traditionally ‘anti-ageing’. SPF is your skin’s best friend.

The verdict stands strong. You absolutely can reverse wrinkles and fine lines. It is possible. And it’s also highly likely to have a spectacular amount of side benefits for your all-round body health too. Wahoo. There’s more to win here than just getting smoother skin.

Now’s time to take action my friend. Here’s your next step to reversing wrinkles and fine lines;

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