YO! If you are looking for antioxidant, anti-aging and basically protect the ass off of your skin, THESE are the 6 antioxidant skin oils to make sure you have in your skincare!

The 6 Best Skin Oils For Antioxidant Powers

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Skincare scientists love to study nature. Imagine, one night, you leave work and are trekking it over to the bus stop, it’s pretty windy then it starts to rain (it’s as if the rain gods know), by the time you get home, it’s safe to say you still look beautiful, but not quite as you intended when you began your journey home. Well, nature stays out in wind, rain, sunlight, storms… hurricanes, floods… And still looks the same! When something fades (like a painting) or goes brown (like freshly cut apples), that’s a sign of aging. Plants, they stay out all day and all night (dirty stop-outs ;)) and resist fading and aging.

These anti-aging plant skills are why skincare scientists are so interested in just ‘what it is’ that plants have. We give them the name antioxidant as we know they are anti-aging and protective. Let’s get to the best antioxidant skincare oils to watch out for.

YO! If you are looking for antioxidant, anti-aging and basically protect the ass off of your skin, THESE are the 6 antioxidant skin oils to make sure you have in your skincare!

1. Antioxidant Blueberry Oil

Blueberry is a super fruit. Each little berry is bursting with antioxidants as it is round and plump. Blueberries are awesome for you when you eat them and when you put them on your skin, or hopefully a lovely skincare oil version, Smurfs are lovely, but ya know, not quite the look you might be aiming for.

Blueberries have a super powerful version of Vitamin E, they have the normal version too, but it’s the super version which packs a punch. The super antioxidant version of vitamin E is called Tocotrienol and it is up to 60 times BETTER at the antioxidant job. This version of vitamin E is a bit of a newbie, well to us skincare scientists, it’s been around for ‘light-years?’… or just a very, very, long, long time. It’s only recently we have researched and realised how great this little guy is.

What this antioxidant ‘superstar’ skincare oil will be called in the ingredients list: Vaccinium myrtillus Seed Oil.

2. Antioxidant Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran was the go-to ingredient for women in Japan ‘back in the day’.  This is an ingredient with heritage. Women in Japan used to rub rice bran onto their face and even bathe in water that rice had been washed in. The effects? Younger looking, glowy and softened skin, that also was more resistant to hyper-pigmentation.

So what the heck is bran ‘eh? Brown rice is like white rice that still has its shell on (it’s a snail instead of a slug!). That ‘shell’ that gives brown rice its ‘health food’ status is also known as bran. That rice ‘shell’ is where bran oil is pressed from!

Rice bran is an awesome antioxidant skincare oil because it has that powerhouse version of Vitamin E (tocotrienol) and another natural and powerful antioxidant that gets the name of Oryzanol/Ferulic acid ester… but really what does that mean? Let’s just call him OZ 🙂 With these 2 powerful antioxidants, rice bran oil ‘swims effortlessly’ onto the list of best antioxidant skincare oils.

This rice brain oil antioxidant winner will be called: Oryza Sativa Bran Oil.

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3. Antioxidant Oat Oil

It starts to sound a tad strange when you’re talking about something that makes awesome winter porridge, actually in your skincare. Oats have been the go-to, heart-healthy breakfast for a while now and most foods that are magical for our bodies when eaten are also magical when we use them on our skin They aren’t selfish ingredients see, they like to give to our bodies and they can do that whether they are eaten or rubbed into skin.

Oat oil makes the list of best antioxidant oils because this oil combines normal vitamin E with the powerhouse, 60 times stronger vitamin E that is Tocotrienol. Not only that but oat oil also has a natural content of ceramides which are one of the 3 main skin-identical ingredients that help your skin to be healthy.

Oat oil just feels a little low tech, so on a skincare ingredient list you’ll find this one hidden behind the name: Avena Sativa Kernel Oil

4. Antioxidant Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is one of THE most famous antioxidants! This guy has been hanging around for A long-ass time, and he has a lot of antioxidant experience. Vitamin E is so good at protecting and stopping ‘stuff’ from aging that a lot of skincare products have this included also to protect the other ingredients. Not only does he help skin, but he also helps your skincare to stay ‘young’ and active for as long as possible!

Vitamin E and the superpower house version of Tocotrienol will work together to give your skin a bucket load of antioxidant protection. Phew!

Vitamin E has the covert name of: Tocopherol OR Tocopherol acetate or Tocopheryl acetate.

5. Antioxidant Vitamin A – Retinyl Palmitate

Vitamin A has a ‘bazillion’ names in the skincare world. That means it can be harder to spot, but luckily all have awesome antioxidant powers. WINNER. Vitamin A is a super antioxidant that is also proven to REVERSE the signs of aging, like wrinkles. WOWZER. This guy definitely earns his place on the list of best antioxidant skincare oils.

Vitamin A was a ‘freak’ find, this skincare lovely was first used as a spot treatment. Most awesome things are discovered completely by accident, can’t look for what you don’t know ‘eh. Vitamin A is one of these ‘stumbled over’ finds. When vitamin A was trialled as an acne treatment cream, suddenly everyone who used it looked younger. Wowzer, that’s the kinda trial you wanna sign-up for ‘eh.

When you are looking for skincare oils that have a yummy dose of Vitamin A, watch out for these 007 names in the ingredients list: Retinyl Palmitate, Hydroxypinacolone retinoate. (The cheat sheet way to remember – just watch for the ‘Retin’ bit of the name somewhere in the ingredients!)

6. Antioxidant Rosemary Leaf Extract Oil

Have you ever had a Rosemary plant? If you are a little forgetful in watering (like me) then a Rosemary plant is similar to a cactus, you almost cannot kill it. Awesome for the not-so-green fingered of us! Rosemary is SO resilient to almost everything that, you guessed it (!), it is full of protective antioxidants that keep that plant green and ‘fleshy’ all year round.

Rosemary antioxidant is set to be the new vitamin E in the skincare world. See, vitamin E got a bit comfortable with its antioxidant status and he’s been overtaken. OOPS. Antioxidant Rosemary oil is a bit competitive and likes to be the best. This guy even beats the antioxidant powers of vitamins E and C. This is absolutely an antioxidant oil to look out for.

The antioxidant version of Rosemary is made from the essential oil, but it’s concentrated down to all the antioxidant and protective parts of Rosemary. Therefore it gets a new name, the antioxidant concentrate of Rosemary is called Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Extract on the ingredients list. It’s pretty similar to the name that Rosemary essential oil gets which is Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Oil. Just remember for antioxidant powers with none of the skin sensitisation worries, it’s the extract you want to watch for.

Tell me lovelies, which of these oils sounds JUST like your antioxidant best oil pal?