Avi Clear's also a pretty pricy acne treatment. Test out Avi Clear and you're about to sink $2000-3000. So you need to know - does Avi Clear really work? before you dive in eh. Here's the real-deal acne science of Avi Clear.

Does This FDA Approved Acne Treatment Really Work?

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“You can say that I am obsessed with my results! And for someone who has tried everything and had acne for 20+ years…this truly works!” (ref – Avi Clear reviews).

There are rave reviews for Avi Clear – a new FDA-approved acne treatment… ‘that truly works!’.

But you know just as well as I do, sometimes clear-skin promises are empty. And can often leave you feeling helpless and hopeless again.

Avi Clear’s also a pretty pricy acne treatment. Test out Avi Clear and you’re about to sink $2000-3000.

So you need to know – does Avi Clear really work? before you dive in eh.

Here’s the real-deal acne science of Avi Clear.

Make sure you read right to the end for a balanced review of Avi Clear.

[psst – by the end of this Avi Clear reviews blog you’ll have answered the question – is Avi Clear right for me? And – what should I do next to heal my acne?]

By the end of this Avi Clear reviews blog you'll have answered the question - is Avi Clear right for me? And - what should I do next to heal my acne?

What is Avi Clear? How Avi Clear Works

If you’ve not heard of Avi Clear laser treatments before or if you have but you’re not clear on what Avi Clear actually is – it’s super simple I promise you.

Avi Clear is a new laser treatment for acne. 

Lasers are beams full of intense energy which means they can cause anything from microdamage (which can stimulate collagen production for anti-ageing) to big damage – meaning they can kill off cells in your skin like the cells that are right now making your skin oil (in science we call this sebum and it comes from cells in your skin called sebocytes).

This is how Avi Clear treatments work – they kill off and damage oil-making glands. That’s a big step in fighting acne because acne bacteria thrive in oil. As you kill off oil-making sebocytes in your skin – you take away the ‘all you can eat’ buffet for acne bacteria and so acne bacteria start to starve and die off.

Yikes but also yay.

Avi Clear laser treatments use an especially specific energy level – in laser treatments we measure the energy of a laser in nanometers (nm) you can think of it like shoe size :).

The Avi Clear laser uses a shoe size energy level of 1726nm. At this energy, your skin oil (known as sebum) absorbs a lot more laser energy than water does.

See this science graph below. The red line is sebum and the blue line is water. You have a lot of water in your skin 🙂 – so it’s important how the laser affects water too.

AviClear reviews: How Avi Clear Works

Ref: Journal of Lasers Med Sci. 2022 Dec;37(9):3639-3647.

Do you see the cross-over point there at 1726nm? Where the red line goes above the blue water line? This means your sebum glands are absorbing way more laser energy than the water in your skin is. This is important because treatment can then (somewhat) selectively target your sebum glands. Wahoo. It also reduces overheating of your skin.

Psst – yes you feel heat with lasers – Avi Clear uses a cooling tip to help counter act this.

Does Avi Clear Really Work?

Ok, so I have two answers for you – the black-and-white answer and the in-the-real-world answer.

First, the black-and-white answer. Yes, Avi Clear lasers for many women can lead to a reduction in acne.

This reduction in breakouts and acne happens because the Avi Clear laser damages and kills off sebum-making glands in your skin. This leads to a reduction in acne bacteria growth – because sebum is their food.

You’ve cleared away the all-you-can-eat buffet acne bacteria are feasting at.

Here’s what a clinical trial of Avi Clear on 17 acne patients aged 18 to 36 shows at 4 weeks and 12 weeks after their Avi Clear treatment is finished.

AviClear reviews: does avi clear work? Before and after treatment results

Ref: J Cosmet Dermatol. 2023 Feb;22(2):486-496.

This is an impressive >50% reduction in inflammatory acne breakouts.

However, before you rush out to get Avi Clear or start saving hard for the cost of $2000-$3000, here’s my in-the-real-world answer.

Right now your skin’s making excess oil for a reason. There are extremely well-proven natural causes of this excess sebum. Certain foods for example can power up your sebocytes like rocket fuel. What can make healing your acne so exhausting and confusing is that many of these foods are ‘healthy foods’. You can be following a ‘healthy diet’ when actually you’re eating a diet that’s potently programming your skin to breakout in inflamed, red and angry acne.

Yikes right – I made this same mistake when I struggled with adult acne.

There are 6 different types of acne but these two are the most common. Pustule acne and whitehead acne.

Psstgrab a free copy of my one-page acne diet cheatsheet to get a head start on an acne diet which works.

For this reason, I’m scientifically not a fan of acne treatments like Avi Clear because they aren’t confronting or healing the root or trigger causes of your acne.

Acne is your body’s way of communicating with you. With every breakout you get, your body’s desperately asking you to pay attention to something extremely important.

It’s mandatory we listen because biological changes that cause acne are long-term also being linked to PCOS, diabetes, certain cancers and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Taking a treatment like Avi Clear;

  1. Covers up the root causes of your acne
  2. Is not a permanent cure for acne – eventually your sebum glands will boot back up

Treatments like Avi Clear also allow you to push acne triggers at full force without seeing symptoms in your skin. You’ve shut down your body’s communication pathways and for many women this means;

  • Worse acne in future
  • Hormone imbalances/PMS/painful monthly cramping
  • Poor quality sleep – always feeling low or anxious
  • Brain fog and poor memory
  • Higher risk of long-term health conditions like PCOS, diabetes, certain cancers and even Alzheimer’s disease

Does Avi Clear Work on Hormonal Acne?

You ask all the best and right questions. This is such an important question when you’re searching for Avi Clear reviews, because it speaks to the double-edged sword of acne treatments like Avi Clear.

Yes, Avi Clear can work for many forms of hormonal acne. And I bet you’ve already guessed why (you’re so savvy!). Avi Clear can help clear hormonal acne because certain hormones like androgens (e.g. testosterone) turn the volume up on your skin’s oil-making glands.

Avi Clear laser treatments damage and kill those oil making glands so even though testosterone is telling them to make more and more and more sebum – they can’t.

They’re not listening. They’ve got earmuffs on.

However, Avi Clear does not treat, balance or heal the underlying hormonal imbalances that cause acne. 

Many of the women I work with inside my online acne-healing course Acne Warrior tell me that not only has their skin cleared, but they’re now;

  • Not getting painful monthly cramping
  • Their periods aren’t heavy anymore (they don’t have to double up with a pad and a super tampon)
  • PMS is gone and their mood is balanced and calm
  • Their sleep quality is skyrocketing and they’re actually waking up feeling rested for the first time in years
  • Their energy levels are high and consistent

Just last week a client emailed me to say – People definitely now need to see photos of me before to believe that I struggled with acne!

Isn’t that awesome.

When you heal the root cause of your acne – this is your skin for life – it’s a permanent healing of acne caused by healing your acne triggers.

One which heals the underlying imbalances your skin was screaming at you to pay attention to. That’s why most of my Acne Warrior students also feel amazing after healing their acne.

There’s no point getting clear if you don’t feel great on the inside too eh.

Bottom line review: Yes Avi Clear can work to clear hormonal acne temporarily, however as Avi Clear doesn’t confront the underlying hormonal imbalances which are causing your acne – I can’t in good conscience recommend it.

Your Next Quick Steps;

  1. Download your free copy of my one-page acne diet cheatsheet
  2. Consider enrolling in my online acne-healing video course Acne Warrior which teaches you how to heal the underlying hormonal imbalances fuelling your acne – you can find out more about my instant access course here