I once stood right in your shoes. Well... if they're a size 6 I did ;) searching for anti-ageing tips. Being won over by the latest and greatest anti-ageing serums. Hanging on my best friends words, telling me the only thing I should be eating is strawberries because oh hello antioxidants. Then I became a scientist. These are the 5 anti-ageing tips I wish I knew sooner.

5 Anti-Ageing Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner

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I once stood right in your shoes. Well… if they’re a size 6 I did 😉 searching for anti-ageing tips. Being won over by the latest and greatest anti-ageing serums. Hanging on my best friends words, telling me the only thing I should be eating is strawberries because oh hello antioxidants.

For a while there, strawberries were the answer 😉

And if I dipped them in dark chocolate, they were the answer to so much more.

Truth is my friend, finding anti-ageing tips which work is like trying to find a fashionable outfit for 2070.

Ponchos? Flares? Jeggings? Heck… will we all be wearing astronaut suits by then?

Me… I’ll still be in activewear 😉

So comfy.

You can’t know what’s going to be fashionable in 2070 just like you can’t know what your skin’s going to look like 10, 20, 30 years from now.

Which makes it really hard to find anti-ageing tips which work.

How do you know they’re working?

Yikes right.

And psst – some anti-ageing tips will actually make your skin age quicker – I’m explaining more about that soon.

The bottom line is the only anti-ageing tips you should be following like they were Channing Tatum walking down your street are anti-ageing tips backed up by science.

As a skincare scientist and an award-winning skincare formulator, today I’m sharing the 5 anti-ageing tips I wish I knew sooner.

I was ready for these 10 years ago 😉 are you ready for them now? Let’s get to this eh.

I once stood right in your shoes. Well... if they're a size 6 I did ;) searching for anti-ageing tips. Being won over by the latest and greatest anti-ageing serums. Hanging on my best friends words, telling me the only thing I should be eating is strawberries because oh hello antioxidants. Then I became a scientist. These are the 5 anti-ageing tips I wish I knew sooner.

1. Stop Washing Your Face So Much

I know, I know. I get it. This is going to feel crazy weird to do. Because since the day we started using skincare it’s been cleanse, tone, moisturise. Cleanse, tone, moisturise.

Don’t do it my friend.

There is so much going on here.

Too much to explain in one blog post but I’m going to pick out one of the most important anti-ageing reasons why you should stop washing your face so much.

This is an anti-ageing tip I bet you haven’t heard before.

Here’s the thing. Your skin has a pH level.

All that means is how acidic or how alkaline your skin is.

Acidic is like a lemon.

Alkaline is like bleach.

And your skin isn’t neutral. It doesn’t sit on the fence. It’s chosen a side and that side is acidic.

It’s super happy here.

Super happy and healthy. Studies show us that when you stop washing skin so much (psst – water is pH7 and hard water is > pH 8.5), skin pH naturally re-acidifies itself around pH 4.2-5.

But the more you wash skin, the longer it takes to do this and the higher your average skin pH gets.

This matters because skin that has a healthy pH level is well hydrated, conditioned and wrinkle resisting.

Skin that has a too high pH level aka a more alkaline pH level is broken. Literally, your skin barrier (the acid barrier makes up part of this) cannot function at full capacity.

It’s like turning up for work when you’ve had 3 hours of sleep.

And this means dry, dehydrated and eventually flaky, sensitive, reddening skin which ages quickly.

Just think how fine lines look so much more obvious when your skin’s dehydrated.

Anti-ageing tip #1; in my scientific opinion and years of SkinCoaching women like you, you should wash your face just once a day in PM.

2. Expensive Skincare Is (Usually) Not Best

Spoiler alert – don’t be sold by advertising, be sold by active ingredients.

Ever watched an anti-ageing skincare ad that makes you feel like there’s a secret you’re missing out on? That they know something you don’t. That if you don’t buy this anti-ageing cream your skin will be missing out big time?

La Mer is a classic example.

Steeped in intrigue.

Made by an astrophysicist.

Used by celebrities.

And I do not recommend you ever use it. 

What I mean to say is you won’t be doing your skin harm, however, you can get much better anti-ageing skincare for less than half the price… once you know what you’re looking for.

Because this is the biggest anti-ageing tip of them all. Ignore advertising, the only thing you should be looking at on those super sparkly, beautiful looking bottles is the active ingredients list.

It’s just like buying food.

And don’t worry my friend – I know they can be super intimidating. Which is why I have this handy cheat sheet list of 5 best anti-ageing actives which you can download for free here. These are the words you should be looking for on that active ingredient list.

While there are other anti-ageing actives which are fab, these are the mummies and daddies. The well-proven, over and over again science-supported anti-ageing actives.

Anti-ageing tip #2; pick anti-ageing skincare like you’re at the supermarket, look at the ingredients list and make sure an anti-ageing caviar cream actually has caviar in it. Jokes 😉 you don’t want caviar – that’s not a well-proven anti-ageing active – instead, you do want to be finding at least one of these 5 best anti-ageing skincare active.

3. Anti-ageing Skincare Isn’t Just About What You Put On Your Face

It’s what you put into your face too 😉

Food. Diet. Nutrients. Chocolate.

Anti-ageing skincare is outside-in and inside-out.

If you don’t have both it’s like trying to get abs by going to the gym 7 days a week and eating 3 pizzas a night.

And while my teenage best friend was right – strawberries really are high in powerful anti-oxidants.

If you’re eating them after a KFC – you have bigger fish to fry.

Psst – treats are so allowed. It’s all about what your average day to day looks like.

And also please, please know – not all healthy foods are anti-ageing, some healthy-looking foods can cause ageing.

Sugar is a big example.

Yes, it’s true. A big amount of sugar can give you wrinkles.

And you can get big amounts of sugar from cake just like you can get big amounts of sugar from fruit juice. 

Fruit juice looks healthy and yes in comparison to cake it is.

But it’s also still really high in fast releasing sugars.

And please know this is coming from the girl whose teenage breakfast was Coco Pops followed by Nutella on what my dad calls ‘plastic bread’. There’s absolutely no judgment here.

Anti-ageing tip #3; the best anti-ageing skincare routines take into account skincare and diet. Anti-ageing foods are powerful allies.

4. Daily SPF Is the Cheapest Anti-ageing Cream Ever

In the entire world. In existence. And it’s one of the best kept anti-ageing secrets. If you’ve been looking for ways to reverse ageing naturally this is the one tip you must follow.

Because studies show when SPF is used every day for a year not only does skin not age any further but skin age actually reduces.

How crazy is this?

By using an SPF which by the way did not have any extra anti-ageing actives in it – skin age reduces.

This is highly likely due to stress reduction. Every day your skin shields you from your environment. It’s fighting a silent war for you. Its biggest enemy is UVA light. A kind of higher energy light which is about the same strength all year round.

And it’s a potent collagen destroyer.

Psst – collagen is the skin protein which keeps your skin plump and wrinkle resisting.

And when you use SPF every day it’s like putting a shield on top of your own skin shield.

Even when you’re the best at what you do, everyone needs help and support sometimes. Your skin’s the exact same.

Quick extra tip – not all SPF products give the same level of anti-ageing protection, so if you want to get an anti-ageing skincare routine with the best SPF for anti-ageing your specific skin type, then I’m here to help.

Anti-ageing tip #4; make SPF a key step in your best anti-ageing skincare routine.

5. Start Anti-ageing Skincare Slow & Low

Here’s the deal. You really can start anti-ageing your skin too young. And if you do this when your skin doesn’t need the extra help – it can end up pro-ageing your skin.

I talk all about at what age you should start using anti-ageing skincare products in detail here.

Because it really does matter. Too much of a good thing aka too many high strength antioxidants in your anti-ageing skincare can end up ageing your skin.

I know It’s shocking eh.

I’ve seen this first-hand in the lab.

Because just like you can put antioxidants on skin to help stop your skin from ageing. As skincare scientists, we do the exact same thing as we’re creating new skincare products. We put in antioxidants to stop the formula from going-off.

Which means all the goodies get to love your skin. Not their bottle. Wahoo.

But – more is not always better.

In fact, more antioxidants can end up having a pro-ageing effect on a cream or lotion or serum.

It can end up making that serum or lotion or cream go-off aka go brown aka oxidise aka age.

Too little makes it age. And too much makes it age.

There’s a sweet spot here.

And when your skin’s young and antioxidant high, using the most potent anti-ageing skincare could do your skin harm.

Which is why I always recommend you start slow and low.

It really is sometimes too soon to start anti-ageing your skin.

It’s like mansplaining when your skin already knows exactly how to do something itself. Probably better 😉

Anti-ageing tip #5; make sure your anti-ageing skincare routine supports your skin’s natural biology and always start slow and low with anti-ageing skincare actives.

I wish I knew these 5 anti-ageing skincare tips sooner and I so hope I’ve shared them with you just in time 🙂 Will you let me know in the comments below which of these anti-ageing tips shocked you the most and why? Oh and if you have a friend who’s addicted to strawberries, be sure to use that big green sharing button below to forward them this blog with love from us both. You are so awesome.