What foods can make you look younger? Is banana good for anti-ageing? Are grapes good for anti-ageing? What are the best anti-ageing fruits for your skin? Psst – it’s not grapes. Even though they contain potent anti-ageing resveratrol. Find out more here in this blog.

5 Best Ever Anti-Ageing Fruits, These Are Science Proven

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Nom, nom, nom. Anti-ageing fruits are the best kind of food.

The kind of food you can love eating.

The kind of food which can make you feel fantastic for eating it.

A sweet treat you don’t have to feel guilty for.

Yes, please.

Give me more.

Making your diet look like a rainbow vs. a just milled potato patch is always, always the best move for anti-ageing your skin.

However – not all fruits are created equal.

Imagine the perfect cup of tea. What does yours taste like? Is it strong as a builder’s cuppa? Or as delicate as a 30-second dunk? Is it black tea? Earl grey? Or maybe even peppermint?

All of these flavours you’re experiencing as you sip the perfect brew are a consequence of different chemicals. Antioxidants, polyphenols, acids, salts, sugars.

This is what matters when it comes to finding the best anti-ageing fruits, my friend.

The first step to anti-ageing your skin is to eat lots of natural and brightly coloured foods and fruits.

The second step to anti-ageing your skin is to bumper pack your diet with anti-ageing fruits and foods which are bursting at the seams with age protecting nutrients.

Imagine having 3 money bags sat in front of you right now.

All are the exact same size and all are the exact same shade of gold.

They’re the same height and weight and material.

And yet one of these money bags contains 1 million pounds, the second contains just a penny and the third has nothing. Zilch.

You can shake them all you like – but until you open them up until you see their insides, their contents – you can’t tell a thing.

Can you see how the same is true for anti-ageing fruits? How some are going to be packed with anti-ageing antioxidants and others are going to have way, way less?

How one fruit might be jam-packed with resveratrol (think red grapes) but because resveratrol isn’t bio-persisting i.e. your body gets rid of it super quickly, grapes might not be the best anti-ageing fruit for you?

Okay, okay, so there’s a little sneaker for you. Are grapes good for anti-ageing? Spoiler alert – they’re not the best. Want to find out which 5 fruits are? Me too. Let’s get going…

What foods can make you look younger? Is banana good for anti-ageing? Are grapes good for anti-ageing? What are the best anti-ageing fruits for your skin? Psst – it’s not grapes. Even though they contain potent anti-ageing resveratrol. Find out more here in this blog.

1. Persimmon Fruit/Sharon Fruit

Have you heard of it? Don’t worry if you haven’t, I didn’t clock the humble persimmon fruit till 6 years back when a work colleague who’d just relocated from America had been exploring the shelves of our local grocery store.

I picked up this Sharon fruit last night – omgosh it’s the best, do you eat them?

Err… Sharon fruit? I mean my auntie’s called Sharon, I hope you’re not eating her 😉

The Sharon fruit aka the persimmon fruit is one of the best anti-ageing fruits for this super reason;

Persimmon fruits contain high amounts of antioxidant carotenoids.

Psst – carotenoids are what give fruits and vegetables yellow, orange and red colours.

And there are over 600 different types of them.

They’re one of the best antioxidants for your skin because they’re oil soluble.

Guess what your skin’s top layers are made from?

You’ve got it my friend – oil.

For antioxidants to have the most protective anti-ageing effects for your skin – they need to be exactly where UVA light is hitting your skin first. This way your skin can help stop ageing UVA light from ever destroying your skin’s beautiful collagen fibres.

Guess what – levels of carotenoids are much, much higher in your epidermis than in your dermis.

In human speak, this means age protecting carotenoid levels are naturally highest in the very top layers of your skin. Exactly what we want.

The anti-ageing powers of persimmon fruits make perfect sense because; carotenoids are a member of the vitamin A family – and guess which skincare active is the gold-standard for anti-ageing? Vitamin A. Aka retinoids or retinol. Get the extra savvy on this in my 5 best antioxidants for anti-ageing skin download, get yours here for free.

Super tip; be sure to chew your persimmon fruits well because studies show that;

“The particle size of uncooked food modulates carotenoid uptake. The bioavailability of carotenoids from pureed or finely chopped vegetables is considerably higher as compared to whole or sliced fresh vegetables.”Arch Biochem Biophys. 2016 Apr 1;595:125-31

Aka in human speak – the smaller your chew up your permission fruit the more anti-ageing carotenoids your body has the potential of absorbing. Hooray. There’s a super tip aka super hack for this which I share with all of my skincoachees interested in anti-ageing. 

Psst; extra, extra science fact I think you’ll find super interesting (and a reason to love this anti-ageing fruit even more) – a particular carotenoid Sharon fruits are high in – one called β-Cryptoxanthin was studied in 2014 to show it can help reduce body fat and ‘abdominal obesity‘.  And that when vitamin A receptors are turned off – this effect reverses. Super interesting eh.

2. Blackcurrants

The humble (and maybe the even better) alternative to the blueberries. Could it be?

One way to understand if the food you hold in your hand right now is a fantastic anti-ageing fruit is to know how jam-packed it is with antioxidants.

Remember those money bags?

The blackcurrant one is bigger.

It really is.

Studies show us 2 things;

  1. That the oxygen-radical absorption capacity (ORAC) of blackcurrants is extremely, extremely high – be sure to read my note on ORAC down below
  2. That blackcurrants contain mass amounts of phenolic actives – psst – phenolic antioxidants are being studied to be some of the most powerful

It’s time for a blueberries vs. blackcurrants face off.

Which is the best anti-ageing fruit? Take a peek at these figures down below and then you tell me;

The ORAC of blueberries = 4669

The ORAC of blackcurrants = 7957

The total phenolic content of blueberries = 311

The total phenolic content of blackcurrants = 1202

Wowzer – did you see that? 1202. One thousand two hundred and two micrograms of phenolic actives in 100grams of blackcurrants.

This is powerful stuff for your skin.

Extra note about ORAC. In 2012 the united states department of agriculture (USDA) stopped reporting ORAC value for foods.

They told us this was because

1) it was being abused by supplement companies and

2) because the ORAC test is performed in a test tube and the same thing might not happen when you eat the food.

This is very valid because we know this – your body absorbs different nutrients at different rates – plus it holds on to them for different amounts of time. That’s why although resveratrol is an exiting phenolic antioxidant – it’s not the best because your body can’t hold onto it for long. It flushes through quick.

Even so – understanding a foods ORAC value can be super helpful for understanding it’s potential. Think of it like taking an exam. Just because one person scores an A grade and another scores a C grade – it doesn’t mean the A-grade student’s going to go on to be the most successful, but it does mean they might have a better start in that particular subject. There’s so much more at play here – gradings just an indicator.

Psst – 2 of the most important antioxidants for your skin are carotenoids and flavonoids (these are a type of phenol) – so if you bear this in mind in combination with ORAC – you’re in superstar territory.

3. Cocoa

Yes my friend, it’s a fruit and it counts too. Give us the cocoa.

Cocoa contains copious amounts of the best antioxidants you can find in anti-ageing fruits – polyphenols.

These are potent antioxidants. And I’m saying potent with a capital P here.

Cocoa’s like an expresso coffee.

You need less and it’s still epically potent.

Cocoa makes this best anti-ageing fruits list because antioxidants help stop your skin from getting age spots, from being sprung by fine lines and wrinkles and even from becoming dull and sallow looking.

Antioxidants are the bomb for anti-ageing.

Polyphenol antioxidants are some of the best.

Cocoa my friend has a total of 3663 micrograms of polyphenol antioxidants per 100 grams.

Remember how blueberries have 311? And that’s already a stand out rating.

Some average figures are 96 for 100 grams of nectarines, and 250 for 100 grams of apple, and 101 for 100 grams of mango.

Studies also show high flavanol cocoa powder can protect your skin against sun damage. Yes, yes, yes. This is fantastic because sun damage is the biggest ageing factor under your control.

Know this – you need to regularly be eating cocoa and all the foods on this best anti-ageing fruits list to get benefits. For example, this study which shows cocoa can help protect your skin against sun damage shows protective effects only after 6 weeks of supplementing.

Psst – if you have rosacea-prone skin cocoa isn’t a best anti-ageing fruit I recommend you eat lots of  – don’t worry too much about this, when you come SkinCoach with me I’ll be picking out the key anti-ageing diet changes which will have the absolute most benefit for your skin type. Hassel saver and a brain saver because the worst thing would be to try everything and feel super overwhelmed eh or even to try out changes which can aggravate your skin type. Yiksey right.

4. Avocado

Yes it has a pip. And that pip makes avocado fruitilicious.

It’s a particularly important fruit for anti-ageing your skin because it’s full of healthy fats. And these fats can help your body to absorb carotenoids and fat-soluble vitamin E.

Psst – vitamin E is the most abundant fat-soluble vitamin in your skin. Aka it’s important.

Remember how your skin’s top layers are almost all oil-based?

And how it’s best to stop sun damage on the very top of your skin so it can’t get deeper?

Imagine being given a starring role in Game of Thrones (omgosh – go you – congratulations) and then being given a shield which isn’t the normal, traditional hold on the outside kind, but a fancy-schmancy don’t have to worry about carrying, buried deep inside you shield. Yikes right. Not what you need when a man on horseback’s pounding over the ground at rocket speed with a sharp-edged, slicing sword.

Avocados themselves contain both vitamin E and vitamin C.

Super important because studies show that supplementing individually with vitamin E or vitamin C – doesn’t show any extra skin protection against oxidants like UV light – but that when these 2 are combined – presto. You’re sorted. This is exciting.

Psst – vitamin C is also a collagen builder – the skin protein which helps you resist wrinkling. Fancy getting your collagen-building hit in 1 healthy, happy fruit? Keep reading my friend, you’re about to discover it.

5. Kiwi

Containing close to 100% of your RDA for vitamin C. The humble Kiwi – who’d have known.

Without vitamin C your skin my friend would literally fall apart, breakdown, turn black and start weeping blood.

This is called scurvy and today it’s super unlikely you’re ever going to suffer.

Vitamin C is vital for your skin health because it breeds healthy collagen.

And through this list of best anti-ageing fruits protecting your skin’s collagen levels is our #1 aim.

High and healthy collagen levels equal smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

Low and unhealthy collagen levels equals fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, sagging skin, lazing skin and sleep wrinkles which stick like embarrassing toilet roll to your high heels on a night out. #MostEmbaressingToiletTripEver

Extra – vitamin C is not just a collagen builder it’s also a fabulous collagen protector – something it does best with you guessed it – vitamin E. A power reason for making sure your diet has healthy fats and healthy fruits.

There you have it my friend – 5 of the best anti-ageing fruits. Now’s time to get acting. Tell me which one you want to be eating more of in the comments below… oh and if you have a friend you know would love this knowledge bomb – please do use that green button below to share on. You are awesome.