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I'm here to help you finally start healing your skin from acne, spots & pimples in a quicker amount of time than you thought possible.
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I'm willing to take a bet that right now acne is ruining your self-esteem and confidence.

You feel ugly. You feel insecure. You can't bear the sight of your skin.

Every 'miracle' cure you've tried works for 1 to 2 months then STOPS working completely and sometimes is even making your acne worse.

You're trapped in a see-saw of oily-dry-oily-dry, you feel desperate to transform your skin, you're shouting help me! but no-one is.

(well, apart from the not helpful advice of don't touch your face so much, drink more water and forget about it, it doesn't even look that bad)

After so many attempts at getting your skin to clear up - you're convinced NOTHING is EVER going to work.

You can't even bare to take the bins out makeup free, let alone visit the gym. How can life be this way?

You desperately want to fix your skin, it's out of control, but right now you feel helpless.

I'm here to tell you there is hope. In fact, there's a lot of it. Your skin doesn't need to be this way forever. And you don't need medication to fix it. 

Sarah's acne clinic review.

I can honestly say trusting my skin to Cheryl has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve always struggled with acne and when I hit my late twenties it was out of control. I tried everything - dermatologists, accutane, antibiotics, every prescription and over the counter topical you could imagine. Products would work for a few months and my acne would come back with a vengeance. I stuck with the routine Cheryl gave me and almost immediately saw great results. Fast forward a year later and my skin is the best it’s been ever! I rarely get an occasional pimple and it’s usually gone so much quicker.

... She’s the only person I trust to give me the proper tools to take care of my skin. Thank you Cheryl for giving me confidence and helping me achieve such great results!

Sarah Bredesen
Sarah's acne clinic review.

After nearly 2 years of being on prescribed medication for acne, with my skin getting gradually worse and my stress and anxiety a real issue I decided to start to research my condition.

I turned to looking into the science of my condition, and thankfully found a podcast that was discussing female hormone health. I was fortunate enough to be listening to an episode on which Cheryl was a guest - my life changed from then on!! I contacted Cheryl and I have never looked back.

Finally, I had found someone who was more interested in the root cause of my acne, rather than just treating the symptoms. She was very honest about the commitment and time it would take to turn around, but also so informed about every stage of my new drug-free treatment. She has taken me through a complete turnaround in my general hormone health, nutrition and I seriously cannot express my gratitude to her!

I am now just over 6 months into my treatment and not only is my acne practically non-existent, but my general skin health on my face and other areas of my body, plus my digestive health, hormone health and balance is so much happier!

My spots have cleared up in stages! Firstly a reduced amount of large swellings and redness, then lots of tiny small under the skin and some larger red swellings. I've now had almost a month with no spots at all! My skin seems less reactive and red. My melasma has reduced a lot (still a small amount but a big improvement). The skin on my face just looks fresh now every morning, I’ve never had that before.

It’s made such a big difference to my day to day life. Before I had days when I felt frantic about my skin, I kept going to the loo when I was out to check my coverup was still in place. My acne was constant and consuming me day to day. Now it’s so lovely to not have to think about my skin or worry about it. Thank you so much.

This has been a life changing experience for me, one that I initially thought would only get rid of my acne! But I can honestly say I have learnt so much about my body that I feel totally blessed to have made these permanent changes for the good of my health in so many ways.

I cannot recommend this process enough - and I cannot thank Cheryl enough 🙂

Beccy Phillips, Warwickshire, UK

Welcome to the Acne Clinic My Friend

We're here to do things differently. Click play below to find out more;
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Do Not Give Up. There Is Hope.

If you’re feeling completely helpless and out of control with your skin right now know that;

1) You are not alone
2) There are changes which can help heal your skin
3) I am here to help

These Acne Clinic reviews & progress photos are proof it can happen for you too.

ImageThis is what 2 months of working with me in the Acne Clinic can do.
The acne clinic review.acne clinic review
The acne clinic reviews.
Acne clinic progress photos before and after
Acne healing progress9 month acne clinic results9 month acne clinic results before and after
I first felt very uncomfortable with the idea of sharing pictures of myself in my worst state, working with you has made such a big difference for my skin, that it would be only the right thing to do. Actually even all these first pictures I purposely don’t picture my entire face since I feel so uncomfortable. I hope indeed that other people can see that step by step we can create improvement which is really exciting, and also that you really really know what you’re doing! Very grateful that I found you as a guide through this skin journey!
ImageImageHonesty For Your Skin, The Acne Clinic before and afterHonesty For Your Skin, The Acne Clinic before and afterHonesty For Your Skin, The Acne Clinic before and after
Acne clinic before and after
Cheryl is my go-to resource for anything & everything skincare related. Being a women's health nutritionist, I know a lot about healing skin issues like acne from the inside out, but I didn’t know much about addressing them topically, until I met Cheryl. I’ve had my own personal struggles with acne, but since implementing the skincare products/protocol Cheryl recommended I noticed MASSIVE improvements very quickly & I no longer deal with regular breakouts, congestion, rosacea & excessive oiliness. I am now constantly recommending her services to my clients because my results were so impressive. Thank you Cheryl!
Vivien Allred, Manchester UK
My skin feels much healthier than 3 months ago! My skin has never been that soft and it feels very hydrated, when I compare it with pictures from 3 months ago my skin looks much smoother since the small pimples have almost completely disappeared, today I have zero breakouts which makes me very happy 🙂
Rebeca De Wolf, Belgium

Why the Acne Clinic Is Different to Everything You've Tried Till Today...

1Science Supported Acne Help. How crazy is this - over 90% of people living a western lifestyle will experience acne at some point in their life1. Yet there is a sink hole sized lack of credible, accessible, science supported acne help. How do you start trying to get rid of acne? How can you take back control of your skin? It's incredibly hard and incredibly expensive to get acne help. Most specialists will lock you into a course of medical grade salicylic acid face peels (>£595) or blue light treatments (>£990). There's no need for this in the Acne Clinic. Why? See reason 2 below.
1. Arch Dermatol. 2002;138(12):1584-1590
2Find Your Root Cause & Fix It. Spoiler alert. You will not get rid of acne long term with only skincare or acne meds. Yet most anti-acne advice is solely skincare focused or soley medication focused. If you've sought help in the past and been offered acne meds or maybe even been on them - alarm bells should be ringing. Both cover up the underlying cause of why acne's happening. Right now your skin's speaking. We'll start healing your skin from acne only when we decipher what it's shouting. In the Acne Clinic I'm using science to identify your skins underlying trigger causes. This is how you get rid of acne for good.
3Non-Intimidating Acne Help from The Comfort of Home. We're here to do things differently. I know that sitting in the cold harsh light of a dermatologist's office, spilling your guts to someone who's never had acne before and just doesn't get it - hurts, it's petrifying and intimidating. I'm here to make this process an ease for you. I've had acne before. I get it. We chat by phone, you'll share photos with me, you have my full email support. Getting rid of your acne can be a process you enjoy. No harsh skincare. No judgement. No embarrassment. Simply feel supported, encouraged, empowered and hopeful again.
4We're Working With Your Skin, Not Against It. Anti-acne skincare can be wildly harsh to your skin, turning it red, pink, raw, dry, flaky, cracked, hot and insanely sensitive. One of the most popular 'solutions' is Benzoyl Peroxide face washes, gels and creams. These are oxidants. They 'age' your skin. They destroy your skin's microflora. Yes - your skin has one just like your gut. Long term use can make acne worse plus shatter your skin health. In the Acne Clinic your long term skin health is my #1 priority.
ImageAcne clinic resultsAcne clinic progress photos/review.Image
Start Doing Right By Your Skin From TODAY.
Your Acne Clinic Coach
Cheryl Woodman is a scientist, skincare expert and award winning skincare formulator. She runs the Acne Warrior Acne Clinic which you can access anywhere in the world.

Hey there my friend I'm Cheryl a scientist, skincare expert & award winning skincare formulator.

I know first hand what having acne feels like. How it dents your confidence, wrecks your self-esteem, dominates your life. I get it. I don't want you to suffer like I did which is why I'm here teaching you how to finally start healing your skin from acne - in a quicker amount of time than you thought possible.

I will always remember the day a pharmacist told me there was nothing that could be done, that I'd just have to accept and live with acne.

It was like a dagger plunging straight into the core of my heart. It lurched. I felt a wave of panic cruising through my veins.

No. No. NOOO. I can't live this way. There has to be something that can work. Help me, just help me.

Trying to avoid what I'm sure was way too much emotion for him to handle, he thought for a second, leaned into his back room and said 'Here. Try PanOxyl face wash. But be careful, it can bleach your skin'.

I bought that weighty glass bottle and never used it. I said to myself Cheryl, you're a scientist. You can do better than this. There must be a better way, you just have to find it.

And so I dove into dermatology textbooks, scoured science journals for the most up to date acne research, even re-trained as a skincare formulator. And with educated changes to my skincare, diet and lifestyle within a year, I'd kicked butt to my acne and oily skin.

I didn't believe it could ever happen - now I'm living proof it can.

It's shocking how few photos I have of 'that time'. I found this grainy one on Facebook. I'm surprised I didn't hit untag. I'm wearing makeup in this photo and it's a big group picture taken from a distance. Even still, you can see those big, red inflamed cystic chin breakouts.
Here my acne's healing and I'm left with micro breakouts. I have makeup on in this photo so what you're seeing is the 'covered up' version.
Here's a recent, makeupless photo of what my skin looks like now.
95% of the time my skin is clear. If I don't follow my own advice for too long, I'm human 🙂 I get a few cystic pimples. I can heal them in under 3 days now.
Small breakouts not uncontrollable cystic acne.

How the Acne Clinic Works In 6 Simple Steps

1You Apply. Before I can help heal your acne, I need to understand if you're willing to commit to key skincare, diet and lifestyle changes and what you've tried till today. How are we going to do this? 1. You apply, 2. You'll automatically be sent an Acne Clinic application questionnaire plus the Acne Genius quiz (7-10 minutes to complete), 3. I'll be in touch by phone/email (you decide which is best) to see if we're a good fit and to chat through your Acne Genius quiz results.
2 I Have a Heart to Heart With Your Skin. Your skin is unique and needs to be treated this way. Acne breakouts can be triggered for multiple reasons. I need to get to the bottom of what yours are. We're doing this in 2 simple steps; First you'll complete an online food tracker for 1-2 weeks. Second you'll complete an in depth online Acne Clinic questionnaire. This is a safe space where you can tell me anything.
3 We Schedule Our First Coaching Call [45mins]. We start with extra questions to help me understand your skin health in depth plus I'm beginning to explain 'the acne science' I believe is most likely the trigger cause of your breakouts. Then step-by-step I'll show you how to help heal these. Usually, this is by a combination of health-promoting skincare, diet and lifestyle changes.
4 I Create Stage One Of Your Acne Attack Game Plan. I'm arming you with a personal to you skincare routine, a healing flare-up plan, a 2-week acne diet plus targeted extras to help heal the trigger causes of your acne. Your skin healing steps are shared in PDF form so you have an easy step-by-step acne healing plan to follow. I'm answering any questions you have by email.
5 Time for Action, Then a Review in 3-4 Months time. Healing your skin is a process. I'm checking in with you once a month - I'm right by your side. At the 3-4 month mark we'll schedule our second full review [45min call]. Again we're diving into skincare, diet and lifestyle - making educated science-guided changes to further boost your skin health and get you the clear skin you deserve.
6Time to Keep On Going, Then Another Review In 3-4 Months time. By now I'm exceptionally sure you'll be seeing fantastic results. Clearer skin, feeling in better control, fewer breakouts or even that active acne is gone. We schedule our 3rd, final review call [45mins] where I guide you through extra changes to help push your skin to even better health plus improve the resilience of your skin so even if you have a rare breakout - it heals fast. This is our last 1-2-1 in the Acne Clinic, however, if you need me, I'm here for you with extra bolt-on 1-2-1s.
Brittany's acne clinic review.

Cheryl is an angel. Very happy I found her to help with my skin issues. There are so many products out there, where to start?

It really takes patience and commitment but I'm noticing a big difference with the pimples and acne. I rarely get them, my cheeks remain smooth which is fantastic. I'm looking out and being patient for changes in the dark spots on my cheeks, but I have noticed improvement.

I'm hopeful and excited for continued results...

Brittany Williams
Sarah's acne clinic review.
Five months ago we purchased the SKIN COACH ME PRO [now known as the Acne Clinic] for our 20 year old daughter who was struggling with sensitive acne prone skin and whose confidence was in the toilet. Working with Cheryl has been a delight and the transformation to see the shine back in our daughters eyes is a testament to the knowledge and constant support from Cheryl. You truly are a skincare guru!
Leanne Getson-Ballan
Acne clinic review
My skin generally feels a lot stronger and more balanced. The acne has subsided a lot - still the odd spot but not as vicious and persistent and widespread as before. A great improvement in dryness - it feels a lot softer too.
India Luff, Sussex, UK
Acne clinic review

My face has really cleared up! It used to be a total oil slick by midday and that really regulated as well - I get a bit oily around my special days but nothing compared to what I used to deal with. If I do get a spot it's around my period and it disappears really fast. One big bonus that I totally wasn't expecting is that my forehead wrinkles smoothed out, really happy about that too. The hyperpigmentation I had is also fading away really fast, another couple of months and it won't be visible at all anymore I think.

So all in all, thank you so much, it has made a huge difference for me - I don't think about myself as a person with acne anymore and when I look into the mirror I notice that I'm having a bad hair day...or maybe have food stuck in my teeth that no one told me about...but definitely not yet another crop of spots that popped out of nowhere like it used to be.

I even get compliments on my skin which still shocks me 😉

Nina Kovac, Krakow, Poland
The Acne Clinic 4 month progress photos
Acne clinic review
I was getting married and had quite bad acne. Big spots under the surface all the time! You suggested some dietary changes and some skincare products and I’m happy to say it really worked! The big spots are gone (yay!). I feel I’ve gotten a handle on my acne. Thank you! My skin has really improved.
Roxanne Tibbert, London, UK

8 Reasons to Join The Acne Clinic Today

  • If You Keep Doing What You're Doing Nothing's Going to Change

    Searching Google for acne help is not going to help heal your acne. You can't Google for what you don't know yet. Let me be your guide.

  • The Latest Acne Research

    Psst - doctors don't even get time to read this stuff - they're too busy with back to back appointment times. I'm using the big, powerful voice of science to help heal your skin.

  • 360 Anti-Acne Approach

    This is not just skincare or just diet or just lifestyle - the Acne Clinic is holistic and complete, help treat multiple causes of your acne.

  • Stab In the Dark to Educated Trial & Error

    Save precious time and money on anti-acne skincare & strategies which just don't work (or are actively making your acne worse).

  • Feel Back In Control of Your Skin

    Together we're going to discover why acne's happening to you plus what science says will and can help heal it.

  • I Get It

    I've had acne and I've conquered acne. I want you to do it in a quicker amount of time than it took me.

  • No Prescription Needed

    Stay off acne meds, get to the root cause of your acne.

  • From the Comfort of Home

    Step by step help and 1-2-1 support no-matter where you are in the world.

Paul - acne help review.
Just wanted to say a big thank you!!! From using the products that you outlined, I have seen a massive improvement in my skin! I’ve been trying for 10 years to find the products. I can finally look in the mirror and be happy!!! Thank you again.
Paul Orgill
Khadijah acne help review.
My acnes have reduced tremendously. I cannot thank you enough. =).
Khadijah Saidi

Get Started In the Acne Clinic Now;

Note; Access to the Acne Clinic is by invitation only. I only want you to enrol in the Acne Clinic if it's right for you. On clicking below you'll instantly be taken to a quick online questionnaire and quiz. This is how we're finding out if the Acne Clinic has the help you need.
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The Acne Clinic Is For You If;

You've tried a ridiculous amount of anti-acne skincare but nothings working - you're feeling defeated and down about your skin.

You hate looking in the mirror and feel like acne's sucking away at your confidence.

You're confused about why you have acne and just want some simple control back.

You're ready to make healthy, long-term changes which with time & commitment are science proven to help heal acne.

    The Acne Clinic Is NOT For You If;

    You expect to get rid of acne over night. Long lasting clear skin change takes time, dedication, commitment and complete self-honesty.

    You want a quick fix/want to take a pill to get rid of acne quick (highly likely to only be a temporary fix/cover up the root cause of your acne) - comes with risky side effects and does not work for everyone.

    You're not ready to commit to or try a new approach to your skincare AND diet - you're pretty darn sure it's not going to work for you so what's the point in trying?

      Imagine What It's Going to Feel Like To;

      Psst; These are real life results.
      • Have minimal premenstrual spots

      • Feel confident enough to leave home in just low coverage makeup

      • Take down red, angry and painful breakouts in weeks

      • Heal the heartbreaking cycle of cystic chin spots which finally go only to come back again in days

        Together we can put a stop to this.

      • Feel confident and in control of your skin

        Like you actually want to look in the mirror, like people at work will actually start taking you seriously.

      • Get healthy, happy, balanced skin

        Calm that oily T-zone of yours, relieve congestion, stop worrying about looking really shiny in photos, never have to photoshop out your acne, ever again.

      • Be seeing smaller, less visible pores

        A happy side effect.

      • Getting more good-skin days

        Ones which last, ones which soon become your new norm.

      STOP Covering Up The Root Cause of Your Acne.

      Start Healing it Instead.

      Frequently Asked Acne Clinic Questions

      "Pharmacists, doctors and even dermatologists are often only educated in what medication can help stop acne happening - instead - I want to provide you with steps to help heal the root cause of your acne without having to take acne meds or birth control."

      Get Started In the Acne Clinic Now;

      Note; Access to the Acne Clinic is by invitation only. I only want you to enrol if it's right for you. On clicking below you'll instantly be taken to a quick online questionnaire and quiz. This is how we're about to find out if I can get you the help you need.
      Pay In Full
      One time payment of £347
      Apply Now
      Pay Monthly
      3 monthly payments of £137/m
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