Hi, I’m Cheryl, the scientist behind Honesty for your skin…
(yup that’s me over in the piccy *winks*)

‘N I’m wondering if you’ve ever found yourself in one of these situations…

Have you ever strutted your way into your local skin store determined to find a solution for your skin sensitivity/acne/eczema/rosacea *insert other skin complaint here*, only to find yourself baffled by a bazillion pretty looking bottles?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in your skincare and if it’s going to do the amazing things it says on the bottle?

Do you find yourself watching beauty adverts ‘n thinking to yourself, ‘yup you look very beautiful and I want me some of that, the science sounds super fancy, so it must work… right? Does it? How would I know?’…

If the answer my friend, is yes, then you have just stumbled over your partner to becoming a skincare savvy…

Honesty for your skin, is all about…

  • Dealing out the real science behind skincare ingredients & why (or even if!) they work.
  • Helping you to ‘clean eat’ for your skin, you won’t be falling for any sugar coated raisins again ‘eh *winks*.
  • Empowering you to make great (science backed) skincare decisions just by looking at the ingredients list.
  • Helping you understand what your skin is trying to tell you if you’ve suddenly gotten acne or eczema or another skin condition you’ve never, ever suffered before.
  • Showing you how to read between the lines of skincare claims and/or just make some crazy goddam sense outta the back of those labels!
…want to get a speedy start?

I thought you might *winks*, so I made you a full (and free!) guide that will help you understand how to design a great skincare routine. It’s inspired by one of the ‘top 10’ questions I get asked most, ‘Can I use skincare from different ranges?’‘I heard you shouldn’t mix X with X, have I been cancelling out my skincare all this time?’

The ‘How to Cocktail Your Skincare Like a Pro’ guide, will show you what you can mix ‘n what you shouldn’t… plus the great steps you can add to your skincare routine to maximise it.


Got it? Great, with that free guide, you’ll also get a ‘members only’ link to the secret library section of this site. The Honesty Library is where I add all new downloadable’s that partner up to blog posts ‘n help boost your journey to skin savvydom.

With our new found friendship…
You might want to know a little bit more about ‘My Story’

I started my career/’journey in life’ as a Masters qualified scientist (one who always wished I could change that ‘masters’ to a ‘miss’ and still have my credentials recognised *winks*).

After I graduated I remember that ‘did I just look at Medusa’ feeling of stone shock. The one that happens when you realise you actually have to figure out what the heck you want to do with your life.

‘n so, I stumbled around for a little while.

I started off in the drug industry working on medicines for everything from ‘chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder’ (a disorder where people find it hard to breath), all the way through to medicines for fat loss.

It wasn’t quite for me, ‘n so I wondered onto…

Making and designing polymers (materials like plastics) that emit light… you might have some of these in your TV already, and one day you might even be rolling up your TV to move it to your new house *true story*.

But, again, it wasn’t quite for me, I was getting closer though…!

Then I ended up heading into an industry called ‘fast moving consumer goods’ or FMCG for short. It’s basically a fancy phrase that just means anything you buy in your day to day life.

It was here I worked on formulations for everything from Airwick (air fresheners), to Durex (not explaining that one *winks*) to Veet (hair removal creams) to Clearasil (treatments for spots) to Scholl (treatments for feet) to a lot of other random brands you might have even used yourself.

It felt more like me, it was relatable, usable science!

I started to see and understand how to choose spot treatments that worked (I suffered from horrific cystic chin acne at the time!). How to choose between 2 moisturisers that claimed the same thing, but had different ingredients. ‘N how to avoid ‘honey traps’ that have better marketing than substance *winks*.

…and so being like a truth telling ‘4 year old with an undeveloped social filter’ *smiles*, I started Honesty For Your Skin.

I started this blog you’ve landed upon to help you do all those things too.

To get you avoiding the ‘honey pot’ marketing, to help you feel like you have control over pesky skin conditions and to give you the tools to choose great skincare.

Somewhere along this journey, I also *cough* quit my dead cert day job to develop ingredient conscious skincare. The kind that I always wanted to recommend to my readers, but that I could rarely find.

(here’s the whole story)

This is where you find me at now, a truth-telling, skincare entrepreneur who wants to help you care for your skin, in the best way that you can.

Whether you’re looking for advice on skin conditions like acne, eczema or rosacea, or if you want to know how to choose skincare that’s best for you (you are perfectly unique after all *winks*) or even whether you found me because you were searching for ingredient conscious skincare. Whichever it is, I hope you find something that helps to make your relationship with your skin a healthy, ‘look forward’ to kind *smiles*.