A NEW WAY TO CHOOSE BEAUTY PRODUCTS RIGHT FOR YOU… & how to avoid ingredients that just don’t sit right with you

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I stumbled over a FIND last week, a trusty little phone app that has the power of knowledge without the weight of an Encyclopaedia.
A NEW way to CHOOSE skincare.. that is RIGHT for you, your phone could be your new and reliable skincare product scanner!
IMAGINE THE SITUATION. Your last trip to the beauty isles ended up in a cream that broke you out in a rash, pretty pattern, but not what you wanted on your face! Not sure what happened you’ve ended up back in the ‘promised land of beauty’ to find a skin solution, starring at the 100’s of possibilities your just not quite sure how to avoid a repeat performance.

*cough cough* well ladies… and gents. Let me introduce to you CosmEthics!

This trusty little phone app lets you get to know your beauty products better AND select ones that are RIGHT for you.


This app is a library of beauty products, each one has their own ‘bio’ with a list of ALL ingredients. There’s no hiding in this hall of fame. Every ingredient gets showcased. CosmEthics is like a dating website for your skin, you get to suss out each audition before investing time and £’s.

Choose which pre-set alerts you want to select your beauty products with or create your own with ingredients you want to avoid…


This is the great bit, it’s all about you, do you have a specific ingredient that is a no-go for your skin, do you want to avoid those plastic exfoliating balls that will end up turning our beaches into plastic sand pits? Did you hear about a preservative you’d rather just steer clear of?

Well this app, makes that all as easy as pie! Let’s talk how…

IMAGINE: You broke out in a rash last time you used X moisturiser

Scan the product to find it on CosmEthics, then save it to your list so you NEVER make that same mistake twice. Are there any alerts for that product? It might be good to avoid these alert ingredients in your next skincare pick, if you get on better without them, it could be time to show them the back door for LIFE!

If you have suspicions about an ingredient, then you can make a personal alert, say I break out every time I use a cream with olive or sunflower oil in. I can add these ingredients to a personal alert and hey presto! All products with them in will automatically alert you with a purple icon. Simples.

PROTIP: You’ll need the INCI name of the ingredient to create an alert for it, that’s just a fancier name for an ingredient, so Olive oil is Olea Europaea Fruit. Just type INCI name of olive oil into google and you are sorted.

IMAGINE: You have sensitive skin and want to avoid known irritants like SLS

Couldn’t be easier. Add an alert for SLS, and from what I’ve found when you search for products it will automatically suggest top ones WITHOUT these ingredients. OR if you’re in the shop, scan the barcode with your phone (I mean who wants to squint their eyes to read those tiny ingredient lists anyway?) and it will let you know if there is anything you don’t want to use ON your skin in there, including the SLS you created an alert for.

IMAGINE: You are Vegan

WOW, high 5 to you! This is a big commitment to conscious eating and lifestyle, this app can make it a million times simpler and quicker when it comes to choosing beauty. Select the already made Vegan alert and you’re done!

IMAGINE: You love Shea for your skin

Search ‘Shea’ and feast your eyes on all the creamy options popping up in search. Check out which creams get the GREEN tick from CosmEthics and your personal alerts, then choose a fav, and make sure Shea is no.1,2 or 3 on the ingredient list. Higher up, the more goodness in there. #CreamyGod

IMAGINE: You love beauty AND the environment

Whether you love the beach just the colour it is or you are into environment in a big way, this is the alert for you. All you have to do in the app is head to ‘My Alerts’, tick the ‘Plastics’ alert and BAM it’ll automatically flag any products that contain plastics or those micro plastic exfoliating beads. It take’s the hard work out of making environmentally friendly choices, because life is fast and you want to LIVE it.

The bottom line is this is crazy simple, download, install, login with Facebook and personalise away.

Useful alerts on the Cosmethics skincare application for android and iPhone



My personal approach to skincare is that you should treat it like nutrition for your skin. Take 2 cans of ‘tomato pasta sauce’ from the supermarket… they look exactly the same, they say ‘tomato pasta sauce’ they look red, they are both 400g and they are in a jar. SNAP. Then you look at the ingredients, one has a measly 20% of chopped tomato, and there’s lots of additives in there… spoons full of sugar, salt, artificial flavouring. The other can has 80% chopped tomatoes with the rest being tomato sauce.

If you’re looking for a sauce which has tomatoes in it, I’d go for the one packed with ‘em. It’s the same for skincare, I want a cream that isn’t going to break me out, that means I want some ingredients that help with that, so witch hazel or salicylic acid, then I want the rest of the cream to be spot prone skin friendly, for me that’s avoiding oils like olive and sunflower that are packed full of ‘oleic fatty acid’, that just does A LOTTA stuff I don’t want happening on my skin.

This app makes choosing the right ‘tomato sauce’ for your face a breeze. It’s the restaurant menu to your beauty regime.


There’s a huge library of products on here, the one easily forgotten for skin effects is MAKEUP! We choose it cause it does ‘pretty things’ so ingredients take a back seat.

Some colorants are known sensitizers, so that might mean one day your eyes stream after using mascara, or eyeliner… or eye shadow. A ‘sensitizer’ is any ingredient which the more you use, the more it’s likely to give you a reaction to it. It’s like the pressure building up in a can of soda left in a car on the hottest day of the year (!) all seems well, until the can can’t hold no more and it goes POP sharing its juices with your upholsteries #TrueStory.

There’s a known list of sensitising colorants on CosmEthics, so all you need to do is add this to your alerts and scan away any beauty picks to check whether your eyes will be sparkling or competing with Niagara falls.


A great little armoury to have up your sleeve when looking for beauty products that are right for you. Love this idea and I am excited to see the app evolve. It’s out for Apple AND Android! #AndroidLoyal. Give it a Go and Let me know what you think..

How do you choose beauty products right for you? …because your skin is as special as YOU my lovely!