A super skin loving way to cleanse.


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Oh my GOSH guys… I am so excited to share with you today, a super loving way to cleanse your skin. Cleansing is super, super important for healthy skin, it can be THE pinnacle of your way to beautiful, glowy super awesome skin. Today, let’s talk, ‘THE’ commonest cleansing mistakes, what cleansing CAN actually do for skin and tadaaaa! introducing to YOU my awesome pal, ‘The Natural Cleanse’ which is all about ingredients that give #hallelujah.

A SUPER skin loving way to cleanse your skin. Say GOODBYE to face tightness and oh hello super glowy skin!

Cleansing CAN make your skin clean, hydrated, glowy, smooth and softened. It CAN also leave your skin stripped of protection, dull looking, dry and rough. How can 1 thing give you such different results, crazy right! The number 1 mistake when it comes to skin cleansing, is to opt for foaming face wash and the next level down, face wash. See these face cleansers have something in them called surfactant, the most common and well known is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS for short). SLS is a known irritant that LOVES your skin’s natural oils and selfishly doesn’t give back in return. You wouldn’t put up with that in a boyfriend, so why should you in a cleanser ‘ey!

Your skin’s natural oils are its protection. When your skin loses it, it gets dry ‘n dull and is prone to skin infections, irritation and more. If you use a face wash, then a moisturiser is absolutely essential to give summa that back to your skin. In an ideal world, your moisturiser would be pumping your skin up to its darn right awesomeness, not getting it back to normal again. This my friend is the WHOLE story behind, ‘The Natural Cleanse’.


The trick to skin loving cleansing is to choose a cleanser that gives more to you, than you give to it. In this situation that is just A-OK, and a perfect ‘ME’ treat for your skin. This is the concept behind ‘The Natural Cleanse’ which I have been working away on. 100% Skin loving, naturally effective, skin balancing and soap ‘n preservative free. Oh AND made here in the UK!

So…’What’s in the bottle’ ya’ll? THE question when it comes to choosing a skincare product that WORKS and is AWESOME for your skin. The Natural Cleanse is super simples, there are 4 awesome skin lovers to thank for how super soothing this skin cleanse is.


What the heck is Colloidal ‘ey? Collodial is the secret to unleashing Mr.Oatmeal’s powers for your skin. All that BUZZ word means is the oatmeal is super SUPER crazily fine! If it wasn’t for me telling you here, you probably won’t notice when your cleansing. Oatmeal is a bit of a GOD when it comes to skin. This hero ingredient is one I mention ALOT, and that is because it does a LOT! #Multitasker.

The FIRST reason colloidal oatmeal is THE BOMB is because it puts a stop to unbalanced skin. Your skin is naturally slightly acidic, that’s part of how it protects itself. Sometimes skin goes on a little wander and when it comes back, its pH is all upset. Skin with a pH that has wandered from healthy is prone to dryness, itchiness, redness, pimples, phew, you get the picture ‘ey. Skin pH is super important and oatmeal gives unbalanced skin a ‘Spice Girls’ hand of ‘Stop right now, thankyou very much…’.

Back in the day… like way way back in the day, an oatmeal bath was THE way to soothe irritated skin. It’s one of those ‘old wives’ tales that has a whole lotta science and truth behind it. Studies have shown that when oatmeal is put onto unbalanced skin, it INSTANTLY gets skin pH back to normal. How awesome is that, there’s no hanging around for this guy, he KNOWS it’s rude to keep a lady waiting *wink wink*.

Cleanse your skin with oatmeal to help balance skin pH.

The SECOND reason colloidal oatmeal is awesome – a little marvel called beta-glucan. Maybe you heard of this guy already? Beta glucan is the reason porridge lowers blood-cholesterol and helps you keep your heart healthy. That is just dandy, but what does this dude have to bring when you cleanse your skin? Beta-glucan, see he kinda likes to CHAT, and he ‘communicates’ with your skin, activating skin’s built in immune system. Once your powerhouse is activated, skin speedily makes its way back to its most awesomest form!

MORE: Oatmeal is ON my list of ’10 awesome ingredients for sensitive skin’

To look out for this skin lover in other skincare lovelies, watch for Oatmeal covert name: Avena sativa (oat) kernel flour. First Aid Beauty have an awesome oatmeal rescue mask* with this skin hero in there.


The second ingredient in ‘The Natural Cleanse’ is Shea Butter. Oh you skin hero you. Shea butter is ab-solute-ly NOT a selfish cleansing ingredient. See this is where cleansing is a minefield. When you cleanse your skin with a face wash, there are these ingredients that like to get all loved up in EVERYTHING, dirt, oil… your skins natural protective barrier. They can’t tell when the ‘dirt of the day’ and your skins defence end and begin. That means they end up stripping away your skin’s natural and protective sebum/oily layer. Without protection.. well you can guess where that skin story ends!

Shea Butter to cleanse your skin PLUS nourish, never get that tight feeling again.

Shea Butter is a skin conditioner, shea butter softens, soothes and makes skin all glowy! Shea butter is the reason ‘The Natural Cleanse’ will never, like NEVER EVER leave your skin feeling tight, dry and ‘skin conscious’. This means you double whammy the cleanse with skin moisturising! Shea butter ALSO has something in there called steric acid, this is why shea butter is awesome to cleanse your skin. Steric acid will remove ALL traces of makeup, and any ‘hard-work-juice’ you’ve picked up in your day. The great part is how well it does this AND that it still gives skin conditioning to skin.

Wanna look out for Shea Butter in skincare? The watch for the cover name: Butyrospermum parkii.


Apricot Kernel oil is a really lovely light oil. This third ingredient gives condition to your skin. Apricot kernel oil has an arsenal of skin identical fatty acids PLUS skin vitamins. #YUM. This guy also helps to cleanse your skin in a super skin loving way – because that is what ‘The Natural Cleanse’ is all about. See there are 2 ways [an’ only 2 ways] that things dissolve, that’s either in oil or water. Most makeup really likes to get involved with oil, and literally will just wipe through makeup like crazy easy.

The best bit is, Apricot Kernel oil can never strip your skin of its natural protection, it is just scientifically impossible.

Apricot Kernel oil to cleanse skin naturally.

You’ll find this skin lover named as Prunus armeniaca kernel oil in your skincare ingredients list.


The final ingredient in The Natural Cleanse is… drum… roll… VITAMIN E! Antioxidant superhero, soothing, softening, skin loving and skin protecting. You awesome skincare gurus will already know a lot about how awesome Vitamin E is for skin. Vitamin E will cleanse your skin in the same way as Apricot Kernel oil, but its real purpose on your skin is to be an antioxidant, which is fancy terms for anti-aging.

Vitamin E to help cleanse skin and be an awesome anti-oxidant.

Vitamin E has many names, and you’ll find Vitamin E hiding under Tocopher-(then something else here!!), like Tocopherol, OR Tocopheryl acetate.


If you have used a balm or cleansing gel before then ANY way you have used them, you can use ‘The Natural Cleanse’. I do have 2 awesome recco’s for ya though, I wouldn’t leave you hanging there *wink*. The Natural Cleanse comes is in a trusty bottle, so there’s no mess when your using it. It also means there is no risk of water getting in and making things go a bit ‘nasty’ in there.

A natural way to cleanse your skin. 100% natural cleanser with soothing Shea Butter AND Oatmeal.

Awesome way no.1 to cleanse your face. Splash your face with water. Add a small (a little goes a LONG way!) amount to a dampened cotton pad and gently wipe (cicular motions are great!) over where-ever you want to cleanse. Done? Then just wipe off with that cotton pad, or use some good old water.

Awesome way no.2 to cleanse your face. Splash your face with water. Add a little of ‘The Natural Cleanse’ to your hands where it’ll start to melt, melt it however much you want and rub all over where ever you want to cleanse. Use a cotton pad to remove and Voila!



“The perfect synergy of natural meets science, this syrup-like balm cleanser is softening, soothing, conditioning, and most importantly, provides an unmatched cleanse. Taking away make-up with ease, this delicate balm really is an indulgent little miracle worker.”Lucy

“”I’ve never been a user of skin care products as I always felt like they didn’t benefit my skin however after using the natural cleanse my skin feels amazing it removes dirt and makeup in a matter of seconds but still leaves my skin soft and feeling clean. Amazing stuff.”Jo

“I have tried many different cleansers my favourite been the Emma Hardie cleansing balm but after trying the natural cleanser I would never go back again, my skin feels soft, fresh and better then it ever has, would definitely recommend.”Olivia


Sound just up your street? The FIRST 10 get P&P on me! Whahooooo… Head to ‘The Shop’ to get your natural cleanse sorted my pal, and make sure to use the code ‘shipping.on.me’.

(I know some of you lovelies reading this will be sea’s away from the UK, right now The Natural Cleanse is registered in the EU, which means I can sell in the EU and not yet across the pond!)

How to cleanse your skin


Just as ‘The Natural Cleanse’ isn’t selfish I couldn’t write this post without ALSO recommending some other awesome, skin giving cleansers. That just right ‘ey!

Number 1. The ICONIC Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. [£14.00/100ml] This cleanser is basically like a moisturiser, and when I say that I mean formulation wise it IS a moisturiser – awesome right. This is a VERY gentle cleanser that soothes skin and gently, gently eases of makeup and dirt. It also has Cocoa butter in there, which works really similarly to Shea butter, with it being the 3rd ingredient on the list, you can bet theres a lotta this good guy in there.

Number 2. OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel*. [£28.00/100ml] No skin irritating SLS in sight, and rammed FULL of skin vitamins that help get skin in TIP-TOP condition.

Number 3. Elemental Herbology Purify and Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm*. [£30.00/75ml]. This cleanser has an awesome blend of natural oils to moisturise and cleanse your skin. It is also a mild exfoliate with added orange peel powder, so slam dunk 2-into1! I would recommend this for normal to dry skin types, but not for oily/spot prone types as the oils are VERY giving. 

(Anything with a * next to it is an affiliate link)