8 Overlooked Ways to Improve Skin

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I heard a scary statistic, the average household change the bed sheets once every 3 to 4 weeks. My first reaction… WHAT? Bleuh! Pause 5 seconds, and I realised on a couple of BUSY occasions I have gone 3 weeks, I hope to god not 4! We spend a third of our life rolling about in bed sheets. Whatever’s on our skin, oh yea, that’s ending up all over your bedsheets too. Sebum, dead skin, hair, dirt… and not just yours! Yes, I have at times attributed a break-out to the boyfriend, because it’s obviously not my fault! Changing the bed sheets more often will help your skin stay healthy.

2. SUN

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine! You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking sunshine is the devil for skin, sunscreen PR has gone into over drive. Balance is our friend. Our skin needs a little dose of vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Thanks to advances in science you could live without sunshine. There would be some serious health issues and the potential of looking like Gollum crawling from his cave. oH my Precious! A little sun, gives you much needed vitamins.


What bliss! Why is it that having someone else’s hands all over your body is just so damn relaxing? We all know Monica loves it! Where would we be without a Friends reference? Massage is a great way to improve the tone of skin anywhere – face, body, legs, bums n tums…! Massage gets the juices flowing, it boosts circulation and with that comes a rush of good stuff.

Exercise is another great way to boost circulation. Way more energy involved, but it’s worth it. After you’ve panted away the red glow, skin looks healthier, more toned and has a glow like J-LO! The science is this. Blood carries lots of goodies all around your body. Sometimes it needs a little help to get to all the places it needed. Don’t we all! Persistent cold hands and feet are a sure sign that your circulation needs a little helping hand. Blood brings oxygen, ‘colour to the cheeks’, healing goodness and is the life force of your skin! It might make us squeamish to see the veins popping from our inner wrists, but that stuff is pure gold!

Heard of the vampire facial? What a name ‘ey! It uses the same principle, cause a little trauma to the skin and there’s a rush of blood. Your body brings it’s A1 defence. You might be practising the fire alarm drill but your body is in disaster mode. Getting your ‘juices’ flowing is powerful skincare.


So many ways ‘things’ end up on our faces. Hair is another. Hair has its own sebum which it makes to give your locks super gloss. We have also likely added some hair oil or leave in conditioner to help that shine on its way. #ShineAddicts. Not satisfied until our reflections are seen! Your face didn’t plan for those added extras, so it might get its knickers in a twist and tell you about it. Cue breakout. Tying your hair back can let your skin find balance!


It is our fuel. If your diet is unbalanced it’s like trying to run on Diesel when you have a petrol engine. A varied, nutritious diet will show skin benefits. Don’t forget, it’s not balanced unless there’s chocolate too! Obviously!


It’s what we say to men with wandering hands! Have you ever realised how much you touch your face? Try not touching for the next hour. That’s like saying don’t look HERE! Do you feel the urge, god I do, ha! Hands are no.1 culprit of germ spreading. We do EVERYTHING with them. Open doors, cook, eat, touch our hair, shake hands, pick up post. That’s enough to make you a germaphobe! What’s your ‘intense in thought’ mannerisms? Do you rub your temples, scratch your neck, play with your lashes? When we zone out, restless hand syndrome kicks in! Washing hands more often and consciously controlling our hands, helps skin.


Whether it’s the ‘blowers’ in your car or the low humming of the AC unit. These bad boys are slowly pulling moisture away from your skin. We are slowly turning into desiccated coconut! Your going to need that AC if your in 30 degree heat, there ain’t no way I’d be sleeping in that without a STRONG breeze. Phew. It can slowly creep into spring and autumn without us realising they are still switched on. It’s the car vents, the air recirculation in large office spaces, the air filtration in the kitchen, the dyson fan sat on your counter. We are surrounded, not even Bruce Willis could get us out of this one. Seek some time outdoors, or switch the car vents off. Avoiding air circulation and AC helps skin to stay hydrated.


It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing ladies. Food, Water and Sleep are not optional. We can’t cheat the clock on this one, as much as our bosses would love us to. Sleep time, downtime for our minds, but busy times for our bodies. All night they work away to rebalance hormones, store away energy and balance vitamins. Whilst you’re asleep the bodies busy filing and regenerating. Less sleep, means more stress to the body. You know what that means, aging! If there was ever a reason to get more sleep, this is it!

Which Overlooked skincare methods do you already use? Which are you going to give a whirl?