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Beauty tales are a bit like a good gossip. They require some de-dramatization. We aren’t apologising for that, life is just much more fun in full colour. I mean, there’s this great hair oil I’ve discovered and it’s grown my hair to locks the length of Rapunzel. Literally inches of growth overnight. Girl talk for, I found a great hair oil, you should try it! Time to call time on 6 of the gossip skincare myths.

1. Dry Skin Before Applying Cream as it Dilutes The Product

What makes you, you? Before you get to personality, wink wink, there’s 65% water of you there. That means it’s pretty darn important. Quoting Bear Grylls, because he is just dreamy, you can last 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. Would absolutely NOT want to test the food concept, watching ‘The Island’ was enough to experience that vicariously.

The skin suffers dehydration like a deflated beach ball. It doesn’t take long for skin to become grey, saggy and slow to recover from a pinch. Water is super important to keep all those skin cells PLUMP.

It often feels like a chore, glugging down on the water (not wine, we wish!) is one of the best ways to keep skin youthful.

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Skin needs encouragement to drink up before water evaporates. Creams are a great way to help skin drink up that water. Most creams will have over 50% water content, using them on-top of wet/damp skin, increases the amount of water absorbed into your surface layer skin cells. There ain’t no deflated beach balls around these parts!

Moral of the story, don’t dry before dipping into the moisturiser.

2. Factor 50 Gives You Twice The Protection of 25

SPF, sun protection factor has to be one of the least well explained concepts on the beauty shelves. Turns out, its one of those sciency measuring scales that doesn’t make much sense to anyone who isn’t wearing a white lab coat.

This myth is the reason why factor 30 is the recommended protection.

What does it all mean? Factor 30 tells us that 1/30th of the lobster pink causing sun rays will reach your skin. That’s 96.7% protection. Pretty good ey? Factor 50 means 1/50th will reach your skin. Sounds impressive, she shouts “my sunscreens better than yours”, realistically it offers 99.5% protection. For 20 more degrees of SPF you get 2.8% more protection.

The cheats guide is this, factor 50 is pretty much the maximum. Higher SPF ratings are more about making people feel super confident in their protection choices. Strut that stuff!

3. It’s Not Clean Unless It’s Squeaky

Sometimes we go at our face like obsessive compulsive cleaners – have you watched it? #TVgold.

It gets brushed, buffed, scrubbed, picked at, rubbed, patted… slapped! Well, hopefully not that often.

Traditional cleansing solutions encourage the squeaky clean ‘book of thought’. Loaded with these things called surfactants, they can remove EVERYTHING on our faces. Hopefully leaving behind an eyelash or 2.

Traditional cleansing causes all sorts of mischief – oil springs, flaky dry skin and THAT tight feeling.

Here’s the thing, a little bit of oil is a good thing. Our skin has a naturally protective oil layer called ‘sebum’. Removing this is like forgetting to put a rain coat on in a thunderstorm.

Pause before you get to the point of squeaky ‘no-return’.

4. White Spots on Nails Means You Need a Cow Load of Milk

This is truly an old wives tale. I’d love to track these tales to patient zero! What it really means is your nails have been in the wars. It’s the nails version of a bruise. Gotta give it to the nail, it’s a much better shade than the purple, blueness our skin sports.

5. You Shouldn’t Pick Spots

There’s a time and a place for everything.

Spots are our bodies trying to eliminate stuff that ain’t supposed to be there. It’s like waste discharge. It’s never a good idea to just let it ferment.

There are some rules here. 1. Clean hands, 2. Only if their Ripe, 3. Wash your face first. There’s also this thing called a comedone extractor. It stops you from pushing the spot juice down into skin, and helps your release them to freedom.

For those red beasts your best tactic is to try to ‘surface them’, drying solutions like witch hazel are a good shout. These guys are not pick-able until there’s ice cream on-top!

Spots are like that scab you have an unhealthy urge to pick. When the time comes, it will ‘fall’ off of its own accord, or with a little wash in the shower. Think of spots like this, when they are ready, go for it, when it’s easy to release their juices is when picking is ok.

Such a yummy topic! Moving onto one much yummier… chocolate.

6. Chocolate Gives You Spots

Thank god this one is a MYTH. I think that needs to be said again M-Y-T-H!!! I mean who started this rumour, the broccoli brigade?

The truth in this tale is that a poor diet shows. If you ONLY ate chocolate, very tempting I know, you’d likely breakout. You’d also likely be moody, lethargic and pretty sick.

The skin tells a thousand tales. Sleep too little and you’ll look ‘grey’, drink too much and the same. If you’re challenging yourself to live off of pot noodle alone, it’s not going to escape the skin.

Moral of the story – balance is your best friend. Treating yourself to chocolate is practically prescribing yourself a happy pill. Eaten in moderation there’s all sorts of benefits to this yummy food.

Over to you Lovelies. What Skincare tales have you heard?