6 Kitchen Ingredients to Make Body Scrub

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6 Kitchen Ingredients to make Body Scrub
There is nothing I find more satisfying than making something myself.. I love it!.. and even better if you actually use it.

Body scrubs are oh sooo easy to make and you can pretty much just raid your kitchen cupboard for all the bit and bobs you need. Below I’ve listed out 6 key ingredients (ok so, I may have crammed in more than just the 6) which you can mix up to custom make your own scrub!

So you’ll need to blitz these in the food processor and you probably won’t need many of them, as they are pretty firm they will give you a good exfoliation (btw, I would not recommend using this ingredient on your face, see my post on ‘To Exfoliate or not to Exfoliate’. Take a small handful of unwanted nuts (they are pretty expensive right!), and blitz away until you are happy with their consistency, more blitzing means a more gentle exfoliation.
These are perfect as they will dissolve in water so you don’t have to spend your night washing out the bathtub! But also remember as soon as you put them in water, they will dissolve away, so use them out of the tub (but over if you see where I am going with this.. I am no longer sure). 
You can use pretty much any in your cupboard, olive oil is very good for the skin. You could also use Almond or Avocado.. or even sunflower. A little tip, if you want a boost of conditioning for your skin, add a little coconut oil (this is solid at room temperature, melt a little bit in a bain-marie and mix in with more of another oil and it will be liquid!). Coconut oil is an intensive body butter and will really help with your skins condition.
Like salt or sugar, but it won’t dissolve away in the bath. Good if you want to scrub in the tub, maybe not so good if you are a lazy cleaner like me!
Again an amazing natural exfoliator, they also add a little scent to the scrub too! mmm coffee (love the smell, hate the taste, unless its full of sugar). If you have any essential oils kicking around you could add these too – make sure they are essential oils and not fragrance oils as these may irritate your skin.
Aveeno!! This is the ingredient their whole branding is based on – Avena sativa… is the scientific name for oats! (Oh why do we make it so complicated!). They are known to have a calming effect on skin, actually helping to bring back your skins natural ph/acid balance. This is one for the blender too, make a nice fine powder and add it to your scrub mix.
SO..  Home made body scrubs here we come! Let me know if you try it out…