3 Ingredients that Love Oily Skin

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You will only find oils recommended here which are good for you skin based on scientific reasoning and clinical trials. They are also tested on my oily skin, so I can vouch for these first hand.

Many of us who have oily skin will know it can be acne prone. Oily skin makes more sebum. As there is more sebum, the chance of blocked pores increases. If you fit into this group, which I do, you should try to choose oils in your skincare which are higher in Linoleic acid than Oleic. Studies have shown in general acne sufferer’s skin is deficient in Linoleic acid. Well let’s correct that balance with some ingredient lovelies.


3 ingredients that love oily skin - www.beaucience.co.uk
Hemp oil

What it will be called on pack: Cannabis Sativa 

Where does it come from? I used to have a great Hemp hand cream from ‘The Bodyshop’. Writing this reminds me I should get some more! The number of people who made a joke about it being cannabis was quite funny in itself.

Hemp oil is derived from a plant which some species of can be used to make cannabis. However the oil itself is pressed from the seeds, and only from plants having minute concentrations of cannabis – the regulators have been on this one!

Why is it special for oily skin? Hemp oil is full of fatty acids. Fatty acids are great moisturizers that work with your skin. Hemp oil’s claim to fame, is that is contains the highest level of ‘poly unsaturated fatty acids’ of all natural oils. It has also been clinically proven to alleviate dry skin. Here we should remind ourselves that oily skin, is just dry skin in disguise. Following the rule of Linoleic acid, it has up to 60% in content.

What does it look and feel like? I have all these oils in ‘neat’ form at home, so I have tried them individually. Of course when they are diluted in a formula the properties of the other ingredients will blend. This oil is green in colour, it’s really easily absorbed and there is no sticky or coated feeling.


Evening primrose oil

What it will be called on pack: Oenothera Biennis

Where does it come from? It’s cold pressed from seeds. Seeds of the Evening primrose plant, which un-usually only open in the evening.

Why is it special for oily skin? Evening primrose oil has a linoleic acid content of around 75%. If that wasn’t enough to sell you this oil, it also contains Vitamin A and Salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid works as a chemical exfoliate, encouraging skin cells to ‘turn over’ and therefore causing fewer blocked pores. It also has what is called ‘Bacteriostatic’ properties meaning it stops bacteria’s from reproducing, its essentially a gentler form of a bacteriocide (think pesticide).

Vitamin A is prescribed as an anti-acne medication, here it is not in a strong enough quantity to have that medicinal effect, but it will help in the general embodiment of this oil to reduce sebum production and stop bacteria’s from finding a home in your pores.

What does it look and feel like? Pale yellow. Really runny and quickly absorbed – put a teaspoon on and it takes 5 seconds to rub it in.


Rosehip seed oil

What it will be called on pack: Rosa Mosqueta

Where does it come from? Only native to France, this oil is taken from the seeds of a rose plant.

Why is it special for oily skin? This oil is a great fit for oily skin. You will probably be reciting this already, it has guess what… lots of Linoleic acid. It also contains vitamin A, and high levels of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant oil, this means it will help stop oxidative damage (aging).

What does it look and feel like? Slightly thicker than evening primrose oil, but still really runny. Its light yellow and again very quickly absorbed with no greasy feeling after.

Hemp and Evening primrose oil can also be used as dietary supplements or as replacements for cooking oils. I always think if it can be cooked with and has nutritional value for my body, then there’s a strong probability it’s going to be good to the skin.

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