3 Ingredients Oily Skin Should Fear

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Continuing on from ‘3 Ingredients that Love Oily Skin’, here are 3 those of us with oily skin should stay away from.
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What it will be called on pack: Lanolin.

Where does it come from? From Sheep. It is the protective coating that waterproofs a sheep’s wool.

Why it’s not compatible with oily skin. Think of this like a wax. Its purpose in nature is to waterproof a sheep’s wooly exterior. When used on your skin, it will do the same, If you can imagine it waterproofing your skin, it’s also going to restrict your skin from breathing. It will trap your skins excess oil, and we all know what this induces, SPOTS!

What does it look and feel like? This looks like a cross between a wax and a putty in its pure form. Oh and it’s yellow. It feels sticky and tacky.


Mineral oil

INCI name:Paraffinum Liquidum

Where does it come from? Crude Oil. Do you remember from secondary school science the ‘cracking’ of crude oil graph? It had all the different materials gained from crude oil, when it’s heated to different temperatures. Well Mineral oil is one of these, ‘distillates’.

Why it’s not compatible with oily skin. Mineral oil is crazy cheap and easily available. For these reasons it’s used a lot in the beauty industry. Natural oils are composed primarily from fatty acids, whereas mineral oils are composed of hydrocarbons.

What this means to a beauty consumer is the natural oils actually have something of benefit to your skin. Mineral oil will just sit on the surface of your skin preventing any moisture loss.

If you have used a cream in the past which left you with that greasy feeling where the cream feels un-absorbed. Likelihood is it had a high mineral oil content.

Mineral oil is an occlusive (you can read more about Occlusives here), this means they tend to block pores. Occlusives are a general stay-away-from for oily skin as they will trap your skins oils, causing, you guessed it – spots!

What does it look and feel like? This is a clear, clear liquid. Its odorless. Tasteless. Which pretty much attributes to what it gives your skin – nothing. It’s actually used as a ‘lubricant laxative’ as your body cannot absorb it. 

Remember in the last post, ‘3 Ingredients that Love Oily Skin’ I mentioned that the ingredients also had a good nutritional value, so if they help us from the inside, they are highly likely to help us from the outside. Carrying on this theme, Mineral oil has absolutely no nutritional value as there are no vitamins or fatty acids in its composition.  




INCI name: Ethanol, Isopropyl, Methanol, Ethyl alcohol (its most ingredients with ‘ol’ at the end)

Where does it come from? Alcohol itself, the kind we are used to finding in drinks is made by the fermentation of sugar. Most of the alcohols we are likely to find in cosmetics are synthesized in the laboratory.

Why it’s not compatible with oily skin. Remembering that oily skin, is dry skin in disguise, will answer this question. Alcohol is often added in formulations to help the oil and water phase mix together and to help create a cream which ‘feels’ like it sinks into your skin quickly.

Alcohols have a low boiling point, which means they will evaporate really quickly once they are on your skin. When they evaporate they will take your skins moisture with them. Taking more moisture away from oily skin, will only cause it to create more oil.

What does it look and feel like? This is a simple one to answer – like Vodka! If you put a little on your skin, you will experience a ‘cooling sensation’ as the alcohol evaporates quickly.


If you have any questions about ingredients in your skincare regime – let me know! It’s a jungle out there with all the many choices. I hope these posts can help you to make an informed decision about your skincare ‘diet’.