3 Beauty Brand Favourites

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3 BEAUTY brand favourites
So I wondered if you could tell which brands these where from my montage of the brand colours above? – ha. What a girl can do with Photoshop! I have to admit when it comes to choosing beauty brands I probably approach this a bit differently, for me I look at the ingredients on back of pack first, then I look at the claims on front and decide if it’s what is called in the industry as “marketing puffery” or if it’s going to do something for me. With that said, I have picked 3 of my current favourites.

1. Kiehls

Price range: Mid to expensive. Kiehls is definitely a treat for me!

Key selling point: Natural! Smart formulations.

Founded: 1851 in New York. Strange to think my great-great-great-great grandparents and assorted relatives could have also used Kiehls beauty products!

Where did they come from? Kiehls started life as a pharmacy and apothecary! With their heritage in medicine both man-made and herbal they went on to make the Kiehls beauty range where they have definitely made use of all that science. The company was brought by L’Oreal in 2000 but so far seem to have hung on to their founding values.
KiehlsIngredients: Well, being a geeky scientist, Kiehls sold me with their anatomical skeleton dressed in lab coat attire greeting you at the front door of every branch – haha! Their ingredients are natural, natural, natural… and their whole ethos is transparency. The product design is based on showcasing all the really good ingredients on the front of pack (which is hard to find any other brand out there who does this), they make it super easy to understand by bracketing the human names and when I look through the lists, they are all food for skin, rather than containing materials which will cover up a problem for a little while and then make it worse.
My Favourite product: Midnight recovery concentrate.


2. Lush

Price range: Budget to Mid.

Key selling point: Fairtrade partnerships and all the products are freshly made on site – they even name them with a little sticker, “Cheryl made this on 3March15”.

Founded: 1994 in the UK.

Where did they come from? The founder of Lush, originally started as a formulator and supplier to The Body Shop. Deciding to take the values of The Body Shop and stretch them that bit further into fresh AND natural cosmetics that do good for the environment.

LushIngredients: Again these guys are super natural with the bonus of being freshly made. They tend to have a lot of products without preservatives (these are only the non-water based products, as you definitely always need a preservative with water!), which is great if your wanting a more natural and less chemical routine. I googled this and Lush claim 60% of the products are preservative free. I also love the scents which give me a needed wakeup call in the shower or relax in the bath post work out!

My Favourite product:  Mango bath melts.


3. The Body Shop

Price range: Budget to Mid.

Founded: 1976 in the UK.

Key selling point: Beauty products with ethics! The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick was an active campaigner against animal testing and this was the ethos of the brand, which in 2009 was made compulsory for all cosmetics in the EU.

The BodyhopWhere did they come from? Anita Roddick was the founder of The Body Shop, borrowing the concept from a store in the US on the side of a car body shop selling scented soaps and lotions – and that’s where the name came from, literally a car body shop. The inner feminist in my hoorays for a women founding her own business in the 1970’s!! (The Body Shop was also brought by L’Oreal in 2006 – when you look at who owns what in the beauty industry you start to realise the size of L’Oreal!!).

Ingredients: Smart formulations with key ingredients and a strong emphasis on naturals. I also love that their claims are not out of this world. It is a little cringe being a scientist and seeing all these crazy names flooding into the market place, like Bioeffect, Prevage and acti-nutriative, ok so I just made that last one up. But you get the jist, they are names that sound really sciency but actually mean nothing. I will definitely be writing a post on this soon so you can be a savvy consumer – keep your eyes peeled! But getting back to the Bodyshop, this is why I love them, they tell it how it is. Vitamin E eye cream, rather than age defying, skin plumping, caffeine boosting and regenerating magic cream in tube – haha!

My Favourite product: Warming mineral mask and Banana shampoo (ok so that’s 2, sorry, it’s hard to choose!).

What are your favourite beauty brands?