12 Beauty Facts you need in Your Life!

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I had to stop myself from putting an exclamation mark after every one of these facts – as you might be able to tell if you have been following my posts, I am a VERY expressive writer! Hope you enjoy this mixture of strange, crazy, factual and funny beauty facts – let me know which are your favourite!


1. Starting with no.1, did you know, fine fragrances are made from some very strange Ingredients? One very strange and common ingredient is called Ambergris and that is the science-y name to cleverly cloak the fact that it is sperm whale vomit! But don’t worry most of what is used nowadays is a synthetic version.

2. The world record for longest fingernails is 8.65 meters or just over 28 ft! Just how? How do you actually function? I have so many questions for this lady!

3. I love the regime of beauty, watching my friends putting makeup on, watching my mum getting ready when I was younger – all in a non-creepy way of course! When you look back even further it’s crazy to find out what was used as makeup. Some people even died for it! Back in Victorian days ARSENIC was a common ingredient in face powder. Their basic formulation was just 3 ingredients – arsenic, chalk and vinegar!

4. Too much oxygen is actually toxic for you, stay away from those oxygen bars! Air has 21% oxygen in and that is just right for us!

5. Remember those makeup bans at school and how horrifying it was if a teacher cornered you with a wet wipe? Well imagine, back in ‘The day’ makeup was country wide banned and ONLY actors were allowed to wear it (who were mostly men!).

6. Your nose never stops growing. Yes really!

7. I find beauty habits in different cultures fascinating. Did you know most women in Japan wear compression hosiery to bed every night to make their legs thinner (only temporarily of course)?

8. One of the most common ingredients in shampoos and shower gels is what’s used in washing powder to clean your clothes (SLS/ Sodium lauryl sulfate needles).  

9. Fragrance really can make us feel better, it’s proven by brain imagery & saliva studies – yum!

10. The average hair growth is 6 inches a year, over a lifetime (if you were to live an average amount) that would be 480 inches of hair, 12 meters or 40 feet – the height of a 5 floor house (if only!) – imagine our Rupunzel style locks!

11. The Placebo effect is real, for some conditions you really can ‘think yourself better’.

12. If you eat too many carrots, you will turn orange!

Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to tell me which one was your favourite!