Protect Nourishing Cleanse Balm (90ml)


The ‘Protect Nourishing Cleanse Balm’ is powered by gently cleansing naturals that melt away dirt and impurities collected through the day. Our sensitive skin friendly ingredients respect skins delicate flora to promote a healthily radiant complexion. Skin feels softened, restored and protected.

Free from; detergents (surfactants), soap, alcohol, parfum, fragrance, essential oils.

Apricot Kernel Oil – skin identical fatty acids that rejuvenate skin, lending  anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant protection.
(source of natural vitamin E and essential fatty acids)

Shea Butter – helps to ‘re-fat’ skin protecting from dehydration and dryness. Improves skin softness and elasticity.
(source of vitamins A, E & F)

Colloidal Oatmeal – with antihistamine like action that balances, calms and relieves symptoms of irritation.
(source of avenanthramides & beta-glucan)

Vitamin E – increases skins resilience and ability to defend from environmental stressors.

Full ingredients list; Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter), Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil (apricot kernel oil), Avena Sativa (oat) Kernel Flour, Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E).

Take one pump into the palm of your hands and gently massage into skin. Remove with a pre-dampened cotton pad and lightly pat skin dry.

Also removes waterproof makeup and mascaras.

“I’ve never been a user of skin care products as I always felt like they didn’t benefit my skin however after using the protect nourishing cleanse balm my skin feels amazing. It removes dirt and makeup in a matter of seconds but still leaves my skin soft and feeling clean. Amazing stuff.” – Jo.M  

“I found the Protect Nourishing Cleanse Balm washed away all traces of make-up. I have maturing skin and live in a dry climate. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.” – Susan.A  

“The Honesty Protect Nourishing Cleanse Balm is a gorgeous product and one I’ve really been looking forward to using every night. It is dispensed through a pump nozzle (no digging around in a pot for a blob of balm) and as soon as you start to rub it between your palms it turns into a light oil. I found it so soothing and it was fantastic at removing my make up with no need for scrubbing.” – Lex from Talonted Lex, beauty blogger kicking rosaceas butt!

“I have tried many different cleansers my favourite being the ‘Emma Hardie cleansing balm’ but after trying the protect nourishing cleanse balm I would never go back again, my skin feels soft, fresh and better then it ever has, would definitely recommend.” – Olivia.M 

“Love this product, it makes my skin feel so soft after using it – can highly recommend it.” – Anon

“I love this face cleanser!!! My face felt so smooth and so hydrated.” – Carrie.F

“The perfect synergy of natural meets science, this syrup-like balm cleanser is softening, soothing, conditioning, and most importantly, provides an unmatched cleanse. Taking away make-up with ease, this delicate balm really is an indulgent little miracle worker.” – Lucy L

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