Yes, You Absolutely Can Kick Butt to Hormonal Acne – here’s why

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Hormonal spots, hormonal acne, chin breakouts… ‘the hormonal beard’. Whatever you want to call it – you my friend are an absolute super star for wearing yours with as much confidence as you can throw at it.

Here… take that chin pimples.

Now give me back my confidence ball, you are most definitely not allowed to keep it 😉

THE #1 question I get asked pretty much every day is this;

Can I get rid of hormonal acne?

OK, let’s level for a second, usually it doesn’t sound like this, usually it sounds more like;

But I have hormonal acne – this isn’t going to work for me. Help. There’s nothing I can do. I’m so sad about this all, I feel trapped and lost. How can I just ignore it and deal?

My friend if this is you right now, I’m sending you one ginormous hug straight through this ether line.

OK – You know me too well – it’s more like 10. Brace yourself beautiful.

Truth is – there are a bazillion things you can do to tackle hormonal acne.

There really are!

Breathe that in for a second my friend.

Hormonal spots can be flushed.

Hormonal acne can be skyrocketed to Saturn without a star map to find its way back.

Hormonal breakouts can be broken up with… for good… not even flowers and a milk tray box is gonna persuade you to take Mr Breakout back.

And this is for one super overlooked reason.

Psst; We’re delving into this head first very soon.

It’s a science factoid not many people know.

And it’s based on this bottom line;

You have the power to change your hormone levels on a DAILY basis…

You can help change them today, Tuesday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday. Next month, next year or never.

The difference is – when are you going to take action?

Because the hormones you have in your body right at this very moment in time, right as you’re reading this with me now, are coming from 3 insanely different sources. Some you can’t control and some you darn well can.

Are you ready for this knowledge bomb?

Hormonal Acne; The 3 Places Your Body Gets/Makes Hormones From

Think of these like shops. You have the in person kind – a Topshop store. You have the I will never see you kind – the online ASOS store. And you have the gone under I will never see you ever again kind but boy did you make my childhood fab – HMV store of your dreams.

This is like the 3 insane different places your body makes hormones from.

For a quick second lets flip to the science (I promise I’ll come back to shopping soon!).

Your body my friend, is making hormones and taking hormones from these 3 super different places… and they’re all stacking up on one another like Jenga blocks;

  1. Gonadal – aka sex hormones
  2. Adrenal – aka where hormones like the big S of stress leak out of, aka the hormones that make you decide whether to fight a tiger or flash away at Usain Bolt speed because  ASOS have 75% off EVERYTHING
  3. Dietary – yes my friend – hormones come from and are made because of what you eat today, tomorrow, Monday, Sunday… – get your free copy of my one-page acne diet cheat sheet here. It’s a list of science-proven yes, no, and sometimes foods so you can start an acne diet which works to balance your hormone pronto.

Ref; Clinics in Dermatology (2008) 26, 93–96

Your gonadal hormones (new entry for most hated word to say out loud ;)) are like a HMV store – it’s super hard to get at them without huge risk of serious, medical side effects from over associating with time traveller wannabes, Doc Brown, Marty Mcfly and the DeLorean.

Your adrenal hormones are like ASOS – you can get at them for sure, you just have to wait a while for amazing changes to happen aka the postman to arrive. Plus sometimes you can feel a bit helpless as you have to wait and try not to get stressed/hyper excited/jump every time the door bell rings. Nothing worse than someone telling you to NOT get stressed eh. As published science papers tell us;

Stress is known to increase the output of adrenal steroids.Semin Cutan Med Surg. 2008 Sep;27(3):188-96

…and this can help give you hormonal acne because – translation bracketing mode turned on – you are amazing for following all of this science – go you!;

Corticotrophin-releasing hormone (aka stress hormones) targets the sebaceous glands (skin oil comes from here) and induces lipogenesis (aka makes your skin make more sebum) by enhancing androgen bioavailability (which are linked to causing acne) and by stimulating the conversion of DHEA to testosterone (another androgen).Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2016; 9: 241–248

For now my friend, we park this topic for another day. There are lots of super ways you can tackle hormonal acne and hormonal spots by helping to re-balance your adrenal glands – but for now, we move onto the shopping you can do RIGHT now. The Topshop store to your hormonal acne. And the one which is crazily, ridiculously, insanely easy to overlook – food aka dietary hormones.

Hormonal Acne Diet; Why It Works… but most people don’t believe it

If right now you went out and asked 10 people where hormones come from – weird looks aside 😉 I bet you 9 out of 10 are going to say everything associated with that 1st box – puberty/sex/periods/ovulation/birth control/your body makes them you can’t do anything about them.

It’s like the obvious red glacier cherry stuck lovingly with chocolate sauce to the best chocolate fudge cupcake you ever saw. It’s the beacon.

…and because you eat food every day. Like when you didn’t have acne and now when you do have hormonal acne – it feels like food can’t be the starting whistle of your skin’s acne race. Plus acne happens a crazy amount during my period and that’s hormonal – so I have hormonal acne and hormonal spots – there’s nothing I can do it’s definitely my – don’t make me say it (!) gonadal hormones.

My friend I 100% get this. It makes incredible sense eh.

But – here’s the beautiful thing.

Hormones are stackable!

Do you remember? A bit like Jenga?

And also a bit like fake tan.

One layer might have you thinking – what the heck I paid £20 for this and it did not say milk bottle shade +1.

Whereas 3 layers is going to have you saying – Just got back from globetrotting didn’t cha know 😉

But 5 layers is going to have you screaming – HELP – I’m Tangoed!

Hormones my friend are the exact same. They build up in layers and if your layers are as thick as Nutella must be spread on chocolate toast, then your acne risk is greater during the stackable moon of your period.

You Can Take Back Control of Hormonal Spots & Hormonal Acne

…and my friend – the amazing and beautiful bit – you don’t have to risk your inside health by taking medications to cover up the cause of what you could be fixing yourself. Huzzah. The natural treatment to hormonal acne.

Acne diets work*.

(The p.s. asterisk bit -;) when done in combo with other big puzzle pieces.

Stick with me my friend, you’ll soon be learning all about these currently hidden from you science facts. I’ve got your back.)

Acne diets work because of two super simple factoids;

  1. Food causes your body to mass release hormones – 2 of which are being linked like super glue to acne
  2. Food CONTAINS hormones – especially the kind which comes from animals – they’re hormone making machines too


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Acne diet is to your hormonal acne or hormonal spots what cocoa is to chocolate cake.

You absolutely need this major piece of your skin puzzle.

Let’s take a look at which exact hormones have links to causing you acne;

Hormones implicated in acne pathogenesis include androgens, estrogens, progesterone, insulin and insulin-like growth factor-1, corticotropin-releasing hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone, melanocortins, glucocorticoids, and growth hormone.Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2016; 9: 241–248

Did you spot those 2 most linked with food and diet?

Go you my friend, you are super savvy!

Fact; When you eat food your body mass releases insulin.

And alongside insulin another hormone comes belly flopping into the mix – insulin like growth factor-1 aka IGF-1.

PLUS – some animal foods directly contain these guys. Meaning you could be consuming acne causing hormones straight from your diet. Your body is the vessel not the machine. You’ve been hooked up to a drip.

Why Some Foods Can Skyrocket Hormonal Acne

My friend – your skin has many different kinds of friendships. It has ones which are like an acquaintance – your skin welcomes them in, sits down for a cuppa and has a good ol’ natter.

THEN – there are THE ones – your skin doesn’t even bother to welcome, it throws itself at them, launches into hugs and kisses, shrieks in exclamation at the fact it’s been 5 hours since you last saw each other and locks on hard, never to let go again.

The hormones which are causing your skin acne – sit on different parts of this friendship ruler.

There’s testosterone – it’s an androgen. It’s your skin’s acquaintance.

And then there’s Dihydrotestosterone – going by the nickname of DHT. How gangster. It’s your skin’s BFF.


DHT has 5 to 10 times more affinity for the androgen receptor than testosterone.Semin Cutan Med Surg. 2008 Sep;27(3):188-96

DHT is super powerful stuff.


Your skin contains a key aka enzyme which fits into the lock of testosterone and turns it into DHT.

It’s called 5-alpha reductase. Let’s call it FAR – has a better ring to it don’t cha think 😉

When FAR’s working its butt off, your skin’s victim to massive androgen boosting aka FAR’s helping explode your hormonal acne.

Double whammy fact;

Some skincare can help stop your skin’s FAR enzymes from working. Phew right. Volume of hormonal acne turned down.

Or is it?

Here’s the deal breaker;

Some foods directly contain DHT.

Wowzer right.

There’s no need for a fancy key to your skin’s lock – certain foods have open access. Always. Your skin’s door is 100% open, 100% of the time. Get your copy of my free acne diet cheatsheet to make sure you’re not eating them.

Yes, You Absolutely Can Kick Butt to Hormonal Acne – here’s why

Do you see my friend? Do you see how hormones can happen to you put that you can also happen to hormones?

Straight back at you acne causing hormone – take this (!)

Confidence balls coming atcha.

If there’s 1 simple fact I want you to walk away from here knowing it’s this;

You can have MASSIVE control over hormonal acne, hormonal spots and the breakout beard.

Hormonal acne does not mean you have acne and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Hormonal acne does not mean you have to live with acne as your best friend forever.

Hormonal acne can be helped and you don’t need a pill to sort it.

Instead there are big changes you can make to diet, skincare, lifestyle and more. Changes which are proven to wind back hormones linked to causing acne. Aka to blitzing hormonal acne and hormonal spots straight off your face. Some are like sprinklers, slowly ticking over to build you back super healthy skin and others are like a power hose attack.

My friend, you are amazing for living life so elegantly with acne/in spite of acne/because of acne. If you want to take steps to help start healing your skin. It can be done.

Hope battery re-installed 🙂

Now come ask me your questions in the chat below. Tell me all about your skin journey. Where are you right now and where do you want to get to?