Do collagen supplements work for anti aging? Do collagen supplements make you look younger?

Do Collagen Supplements Work for Anti-Aging? Can Collagen Make You Look Younger?

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I’ve just been preparing tonight’s third Younger You session (psst – it’s my 8-week live program based on groundbreaking science showing you CAN anti-age yourself by over 3 whole years with just 8 weeks of a certain approach to eating). In our third session we’re diving into this big topic – Do anti-aging supplements work? Can anti-aging supplements actually make you look younger?

It’s such an important question. 

(You always ask the best questions my friend ;))

And I bet if there’s one anti-aging supplement you’ve been thinking about – its collagen. 

Collagen supplements. Collagen powder. Collagen pills. Collagen drinks.

Are you overwhelmed? I sure am.

There are so many anti-aging collagen supplements to choose from.

But the first really important question is – do collagen supplement’s actually work? And are they worth your money?

Today I’m sneaking you one awesome fact I bet you don’t know about collagen supplements. It’s a teaser for the big science I’m sharing in Younger You – and it’s amazing to see the skin effects of it. Just wait till you see this collagen before and now photo I’m sharing with you soon.

Psst – no peeking ahead – it’s really important you understand if collagen supplements work for anti-aging first.

Do collagen supplements work for anti aging? Do collagen supplements make you look younger? A scientist answers.

Do Collagen Supplements Work for Anti-Aging?

Important to know! Taking collagen whether that’s as a collagen drink or a collagen powder does NOT put more collagen into your skin. This is important to understand. Let me explain a little more.

Imagine you have a green hat. Maybe it’s one you wore for Saint Patrick’s day 😀 one you enjoyed many green Guinness’s in 😀

But say one day you’re feeling super lazy. You’re fantasising about being Sabrina the Teenage Witch because heck all she needs to do is wave her magic wand and taadaa(!) she’s looking like Tyra Banks has styled and dressed her. Instantly.

So you decide to do something crazy. 

You think hey – if I just stay here in bed and eat my green hat, it will permanently re-grow from my head 😂

So you eat the felt, you eat the thread, you even eat the pretty shimmering ribbon around the edge.

But what happens now? Do you;

  • A) Grow a green hat from the top of your head?
  • Or B) Feel a bit icky, like your stomach really isn’t a fan of felt – who knew?! Nothing else happens. You never see the green hat again.

Do Collagen Supplements Really Work?

See eating or drinking a collagen supplement does not lend your skin more collagen (there may be a different way it boosts your skin’s collagen production, but that’s something I go into in more detail in Younger You (psst – join the waitlist here). For now, we’re going to focus on the #1 reason why collagen supplements might really help make you look younger.

It’s because collagen supplements can mega-boost your skin’s hyaluronic acid production. Wahoo.

Just peek at this science quote here;

Orally ingested collagen undergoes degradation to small di- or tripeptides, which are detected in circulating blood 2 h after ingestion… the dipeptide proline-hydroxyproline (Pro-Hyp) enhanced… hyaluronic acid synthesis (3.8-fold).J Dermatol. 2010 Apr;37(4):330-8

Wahoo – how science gooky eh. Let me break down this collagen study science quote for you.

In human speak, this collagen study’s telling us – that when you eat collagen supplements, yes – they get broken down and absorbed by your body. This is big and important because so many things we eat just end up getting flushed through. It means collagen supplements can help change our biology. Wahoo.

One specific peptide found in collagen supplements which goes by a gooky name of proline-hydroxyproline, well it has been found to boost hyaluronic synthesis by up to 3.8x. Wowzer right. That’s huge.

Do Collagen Supplements Make You Look Younger?

Quick recap: Hyaluronic acid is this molecule that lives deep in your skin, it LOVES water and so it locks onto water molecules with magnetic attraction. As the romantic magnetism takes hold hyaluronic acid swells and swells. It expands. It plumps your skin. It reverses fine lines and wrinkles. It makes you look younger (!)

So yes a collagen supplement can help to make you look younger and in my scientific opinion it is 1000X better than using a hyaluronic acid serum.

Because like I spoke about 5 years ago now – hyaluronic acid serums can come with pro-aging side effects.

Crazy right?

The really quick summary is this – for hyaluronic acid to help anti-age your skin it needs to be in the deep layers of your skin. Thing is, hyaluronic acid is a BIG molecule and big molecules don’t absorb deeply. So, to get hyaluronic acid into deep layers of your skin, skincare companies grind it up into teeny-tiny sizes.

Teeny-tiny hyaluronic acid absorbs deeply.

But the thing is we now know that VERY small size hyaluronic acid in deep layers of skin naturally triggers your body to believe something’s wrong. Yikes. So when you have small fragments of hyaluronic acid in deep layers of your skin, your skin’s immune function gets switched on and your skin speeds into inflammation mode – psst – inflammation is aging (it’s where the phrase inflammaging comes from).

Can Collagen Reverse Sagging Skin?

This is why I love indirect boosters of your skin’s own natural hyaluronic acid production. Natural stimulators of your skin’s own hyaluronic acid (like collagen supplements) can help boost those big size molecules of hyaluronic acid in deep layers of your skin.

Here’s what that plumping, lifting and fine-line reversing effect can look like 😀

Psst – this is a test of taking a collagen supplement for helping to reverse eye wrinkles.

Do collagen supplements work for anti aging? Do collagen supplements make you look younger?

This lady took a collagen supplement for 4 whole weeks and this is the result on her eye wrinkles.

Psst – eye wrinkles are beautiful too – if you have them please know this – you are beautiful with eye wrinkles. I also understand you might want to stop or help reverse them. That’s why I’m here – to give you ALL the anti-aging options 😘

Do you see in the after photo how the skin is smoother? How fine lines are plumped and fewer? How the skin looks younger?

Isn’t it exciting?

With such a quick change I’m willing to take a bet this is down to a boost in hyaluronic acid synthesis – not a boost in collagen synthesis.

Psst – be careful if you’re choosing a vegan collagen supplement as they might not get you these same results.

Which Type of Collagen is Best for Anti-Aging?

I can’t wait to share more in our Younger You session tonight, I’m revealing the ONLY two collagen supplement’s I ever recommend for anti-aging. These are the only collagen supplements I recommend because they’re the only ones with BIG proof they can make you look younger.

Because heck yes – as the sexy M&S voiceover would say here in the UK – not all collagen supplements are created equal 😂

Oh and p.s. tonight I’m also revealing the ONE supplement most people don’t take for anti-aging but which a huge 14, 000 person trial shows has a massive effect to help slow aging! Almost no-one I know takes this supplement for anti-aging reasons. It’s completely underknown about.

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