Get started anti-ageing your sensitive skin without it getting red, hot, burny, angry, splotchy and irritated. I have 3 simple, science proven steps you can follow. I promise you don’t have to age like a pug dog.

Can Your Sensitive Skin Handle Anti-Ageing Products?

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Every anti-ageing sensitive skin product you’ve tried makes skin red and angry? Red spots, itchiness, bumps like mosquito bites, burning skin, splotches, flushing, dry patches.

It feels like the worst pick and mix station eh. Your sensitive skin can be as reactive as a man banned from watching football for 24 hours 😨🙈

All you want to do is correct and prevent ageing without causing sensitivity.

But you’re fearful and worried.. you’re beginning to think anti-ageing skincare just isn’t for your sensitive skin. You’re ready to admit you’re stuck with the few products you’ve found that work for you (ish).

Stop right there my friend, I’m here to tell you, you can have your anti-ageing skincare for sensitive skin and your skin can LOVE it.

It can, it can, it can.

Today I’m inspired by one of my beautiful clients, as we began working together when she was feeling completely lost and hopeless about anti-ageing her sensitive skin…

“I’m 31 and would love to find some anti-aging products but everything seems to irritate me. When I asked my most recent dermatologist for some recommendations she said my only option is Botox. When I saw my previous Dermatologist about what to use on my skin she said Vanicream and never wear makeup.”

After a few months, she’s feeling a completely different way 😀

“To have a product recommendation and to put it on and then it feels good and even a week later my skin is doing even better… it’s making me so excited to try each new thing. I really like each new product you’ve recommended. It took a short amount of time to feel and see noticeable changes in my skin. Before my skin had these red itchy patches, everywhere was super flakey and I felt so embarrassed. Now I don’t feel that way anymore. I wasn’t expecting to like all of the new products, I’ve never had that experience before.”

This client of mine has a super reactive, hyper-sensitive skin type. If her skin can handle carefully, scientifically chosen anti-ageing skincare, yours can too 🥰 I promise you… and these 3 key anti-ageing sensitive skin steps are THE most important to follow. This is how you choose anti-ageing skincare your sensitive skin will love.

Psst, here's how to get started anti-ageing your sensitive skin without it getting red, hot, burny, angry, splotchy and irritated. I have 3 simple, science proven steps you can follow. I promise you don’t have to age like a pug dog :D

1. Anti-Age Your Sensitive Skin With the Right Anti-Ageing Actives

Do you love chocolate? Silly question right 😂 well imagine in front of you right now you have;

  1. A Swiss slab of shining, shimmering, slightly melted dark chocolate.
  2. A white, salted caramel slab of chocolate.
  3. And a 100% cocoa chocolate bar.

They’re all chocolate. But you’re absolutely going to find one of them 1000 times yummier that the others. For me – it’s without a doubt the slightly melted Swiss chocolate.

I’m drooling just writing this 😂

And your sensitive skin is the same way. It’s not that your skin can’t handle or can’t love anti-ageing skincare. It’s only that you need to find the right anti-ageing actives for your super sensitive (can’t watch the football) skin.

Let me show you exactly how this works.

Maybe you’ve heard vitamin C is awesome for anti-ageing your skin?

Psst – oh yes it is.

Maybe you’re hearing it can;

The right vitamin C serum can truly help get you all of these anti-ageing skincare benefits.

But – it could also get you red, reactive, hot, inflamed, splotchy, burning skin… if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Scenario one’s like choosing chocolate you know your sensitive skin can love.

Scenario two’s going like going straight to the 100% cocoa chocolate bar – way too intense for your tastebuds right now.

See here’s the deal with anti-ageing sensitive skin – you need to start with gentle vitamin C actives.

Did you know there’s more than one type?

Let me share just a handful with you so you can see what I mean.

The most commonly used type of vitamin C is super potent and also super irritating, it goes by the name of ascorbic acid.

But there are also these other, super sensitive skin-friendly forms of vitamin C (yes, yes, yes), forms that go by names like;

  • Ascorbyl glucoside
  • Sodium ascorbyl phosphate
  • Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate

These are sensitive and skin-friendly, they’re calming, soothing and even hypersensitive skin types can love them. This is anti-ageing sensitive skincare your skin can handle.

Psst – I talk you through how to choose the best anti-ageing vitamin C serum for your sensitive skin type, step-by-step inside my online course AgeLock – you can check it out here. Inside you’ll use my secret skincare ladder plus my secret skincare library to start with the most sensitive skin-friendly vitamin C serum for your awesome skin 😀 You’ll use it to get calm, healthy, happy, younger skin that looks smoother 😀.

How to anti-age your sensitive skin with AgeLock.
STEP 1 to anti-ageing your sensitive skin: choose sensitive skin-friendly versions of anti-ageing actives, for example NEVER use an ascorbic acid serum, always opt for sensitive skin-friendly forms of vitamin C, and make sure you’re following this next bit when you choose them…

2. Get The Right Concentration Of Anti-Ageing Actives For Your Sensitive Skin

This is so, so important.

Imagine sprinkling a tablespoon of salt over a mug of butternut squash soup.

Gross right!?

Now imagine sprinkling a pinch of salt over your butternut squash soup.

It’s got that awesome naturally sweet but slightly salted taste that gets tastebuds excited. It’s delicious. Warming. You want more.

This awesome salt is only awesome in the right concentration.

The exact same is true for finding anti-ageing skincare your sensitive skin can handle – you need to know its concentration of key anti-ageing actives.

Psst – I do this bit for you inside AgeLock where you’re about to find my concentration ladder of sensitive skin-friendly vitamin C serums. Enrol here to get started now >

Start anti-ageing skin the sensitive way with AgeLock.
There are many ways, as a scientist, I’m able to tell the concentration of anti-ageing actives in skincare but for you there’s one really simple way you can get started with now. You look for a declared concentration on the front label. A bit like this one from The Ordinary;

While there are a heap of The Ordinary products which are designed for an extremely specific skin concern/skin type, there are also a small host of best The Ordinary skincare products which will love almost anyone's skin. That are potent and sensitive. They work wonders without side effects. If you are bamboozled by The Ordinary skincare - this list of 5 best The Ordinary products will give you the perfect starting block.

It tells us there’s 2% hyaluronic acid inside this anti-ageing serum. Although psst – I’m not a fan of hyaluronic acid serums for anti-ageing sensitive skin, you’ll find out exactly why to steer clear inside AgeLock.

How to anti-age your sensitive skin with AgeLock.
STEP 2 to anti-ageing your sensitive skin: choose a low concentration of a sensitive skin friendly anti-ageing active. If your skin can not only handle it, but also loves it, you’ll then slowly work your way up my secret anti-ageing science ladder.

3. Choose Anti-Ageing Serums With a Sensitive Skin Friendly Formula

A formula your skin can handle and love. This bit can be the hardest bit to get right. But I promise you, you can do it… it’s hard in the beginning and then once you know what to look for it’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy (and of course, it’s even lemon-squeezier for you if you’re already enrolled in AgeLock, inside my online course I’ve done this bit for you and you’ll choose the best formula for your special skin type from my secret anti-ageing skincare library).

Even if you get the first two steps to anti-ageing skincare your sensitive skin can handle spot-on – this final puzzle piece can destroy your skin.

It can leave you feeling lost and hopeless again. Like anti-ageing skincare just isn’t for you. That it’ll never work and you’ll be stuck ageing like a pug dog – you might as well just accept it.

I’m so sorry if you’ve experienced this. Honestly, it’s the worst. It can feel like you can’t trust even skincare DESIGNED for sensitive skin.

But I promise you my friend – there’s always a reason why your skin has reacted and once you know why – you can be sure to avoid any anti-ageing skincare product that contains this trigger in future.

The biggest and most common triggers for sensitive skin types are (write these down now);

  1. Essential oils – yes they’re natural but they’re oh-so irritating to your skin, even if you’re using one of these 5 best anti-ageing skincare actives from my free anti-ageing cheatsheet, essential oils can wreak havoc on your skin
  2. Added fragrance – usually on your ingredients list as parfum
  3. Flavours – sometimes called aroma on the ingredients list
  4. Colourants
  5. Alcohol – strips your skin’s protective barrier meaning your skin’s immune system’s naked to the world and therefore super reactive

Psst – alcohol is actually a super common trip hazard in anti-ageing skincare. It’s used to thin anti-ageing skincare formulas so they absorb faster and deeper into your skin.

Ever used a de-greaser on your kitchen stove? It’s made from solvents like alcohol and it strips through grease like a Pac-Man who’s been starved. Nom, nom, nom.

The thing is your skin’s top protective, shield-like layers are almost 100% fat (grease) based.

So alcohol eats them up and then your skin’s bare enough to visit a nudist beach 😱

It gets embarrassed reactive because your skin’s now so bare, anything and everything’s swimming through. Pollution particles, allergens, dust, bacteria. This is bomb after bomb to your skin’s immune function.

Bottom line: you want to get started anti-ageing your sensitive skin with the best anti-ageing skincare that’s free from bits like essential oils and alcohol. And that also has one of these 5 best anti-ageing science actives that I’ve listed out for you here in my free anti-ageing cheatsheet.

STEP 3 to anti-ageing your sensitive skin: choose anti-ageing skincare with a sensitive skin-friendly formula – pro-tip, sometimes ‘natural’ isn’t best here because natural skincare’s often packed full of essential oils.

What’s the last anti-ageing skincare product your sensitive skin reacted to? Tell me in the comments below.

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